There was a knock on the door before it opened.

Thelma walked into the room and stared at Kafui.

“will you stop disturbing me, it’s my day off and you wont let me have peace, if you are bored you can come sit in the hall with me to watch movies”.

Kafui looked at her for a full minute. “it’s surprising that you say you are protecting me and yet you treat me like rubbish, like some prisoner”.

Thelma looked at him and at the ceiling. She knew she had to treat him right, that was exactly what the boss had ordered, and yet she was tired of him complaining all day when they were actually protecting him.

She had started working for the boss eight years ago, she was a good man…..for a crime lord

Her job usually consisted of providing guns for hire, dealing in drug and money smuggling, so many crimes and yet she never got her hand dirty, she did all her work through people.

Whenever there was a contract, she shared most of the information with her top six employers which she was part of.

But this particular case had been kept confidential. Everyone had been assigned to a part of the case, and she had only allowed the top six to work on this case.

Her part was to protect Kafui and though it looked easy, it wasn’t as easy as it looked.


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She was the only temporary nurse who had left the hospital at the time Kafui disappeared.

The police had gotten footage on her and were investigating her.

She hadn’t been arrested yet because she had eyes within the police department, she had eyes everywhere.

The boss valued her because she was a very resourceful employee and had never failed the man.

She was actually the next in command to the boss and yet even she had never met him.

He however treated her like his girlfriend. She remembered he had gotten her the car she was driving now on valentine’s day.

She felt like she was falling in love with her invisible boss, whenever she needed something all she had to do was ask and she’d have a driver come deliver it or she goes to the shop it was ordered from to pick it up.

She made sure she never disappointed or offended the boss.

She looked at Kafui again. “I’m sorry if I haven’t treated you like a guest, you are not a prisoner, you are a guest, please join me in the hall let’s watch a movie”.

Kafui looked at her for a few seconds and walked out of the room ahead of her.


Patrick sat on the floor, he was waiting for the knock on the door again but it didn’t come.

He stood and went to the window, there was no one there, he opened the door and looked around, still no one.

He went back to the room and locked the door. He entered his bedroom, swallowed an asprin and sipped on some water.

His head was aching like  someone was drumming on top of his head.

He closed his eyes and opened it. He went back to the hall and knelt on the dry part of the floor.

He tried not to think as he mopped the floor, he looked at the blood red water but he didn’t want to think about it, right now, all he wanted to do was die.

He mopped all the water and went to the kitchen, he thought of where to pour the water.

It would be better if he threw it in the garden, close to where he had just buried his wife but he wanted to do it once and for all so he picked up another bucket, poured fresh water in it, poured some parazone into the water, some Dettol, some omo, practically everything he could lay hands on that he felt could take the stench of death and blood out of the room.

He went back to the hall, it looked better than it had at first, most of the redness was gone.

He went back to the kitchen and picked a small scubbing brush for the places where there was still redness.

He knelt on the floor and cleaned up the whole place. When he was done, the floor was sparkling clean.

His headache was almost gone so he didn’t plan on getting it back by wondering who killed his wife, he couldn’t take that now.

He lay on the floor for a few seconds, refusing to think, refusing to hurt, refusing to cry.

After a while, he rose and picked up the bucket of water, he went to the kitchen and looked at the bloodied water in the other bucket.

He carried it to the door and was about to throw it when something caught his eye, he staggered and started trembling.

He lowered the bucket slowly with all the strength he could muster, he didn’t understand, how was this happening, what was going on, he walked backwards and fell.

His wife’s body lay on the heap of sand he had buried her under. Her body had been exhumed.

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