Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 80


Idris listened as Konami was moving towards him from his right with something waving in in the air.

Konami wanted to strike Idris but was very surprised when Idris ducked and evaded his move. He moved back a little and knew that it was his sound that gave him away. He quietly sneaked towards Idris and this time he was able to give Idris a massive blow.

Idris fell down, he hadn’t regained his vision yet and was still very curious to know Konami’s next move despite the pains he was passing through. Konami saw he had gotten Idris weak. He smiled. He wanted to attack Idris with his finishing move, *Hammer fist strike*.

He folded his fist, shifted back a little and was running towards Idris with full speed. Idris heard the sound of his footsteps on the ground and instantly knew that something wasn’t right. He realized Konami was about to deliver his finishing move on him.

However Idris had a plan on his own, he clenched both of his fists together and waited for Konami to come closer. When Konami was close enough, Idris was fast enough to attack Konami with his own finishing move *Arm sword* as he clenched both fists together delivering a massive blow straight to Konami’s head.

Konami hadn’t expected this move from Idris and he fell down unconscious, Idris wanted to find his way out of the room but the powdery substance Konami threw at him had gotten deep into his system, he fell down.

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Idris and Konami both woke up simultaneously in the sick bay. Idris looked at his side and saw Konami. He wanted to strike Konami but luckily for Konami, their hands were cuffed to the iron bed.

“You lucky b—–d” Idris said to Konami who was terrified. Just then captain val walked inside the sick bay and they were instantly quiet.

Captain Val removed the handcuffs from their hands and starred at them for a while before speaking.

“You two should follow me” he said and they instantly obeyed. They walked down to a hall where the rest of the shadow agents were gathered. captain Val sat down while Konami and Idris where left standing.

“To say I am disappointed in the both of you is an understatement. You know fighting in the shadow base is prohibited and for the two super shadow agents to be fighting themselves is a big shame”

Konami and Idris were looking at their feet as captain val kept on talking. Other Shadow agents were listening with rapt attention.

“Now I will be straight forward before giving out punishment. What was the cause of the fight?” Captain Val asked as he was looking directly at them.

“This b—–d..”

“Don’t use that word” Captain Val quickly corrected Idris.

“Konami tried to steal my, well he succeed meddling into my love affair with Natasha. I let him go Scot free but what I won’t tolerate is Konami assaulting my younger brother”

Captain Val looked at Farouk and found a plaster at the right side of his face.

“Hmm, so Konami what do you have to say for yourself?”

“I didn’t meddle into anybody’s love affair and his brother was inside my room, trying to steal something perhaps” Konami lied.

The whole Shadow agents gasped as Konami was through with his own side of the story. They knew that he was lying.

“Bring in the Items you saw in his room” Captain Val now said smiling. Farouk stood up as he took a bag by his corner and walked towards Captain Val.

He stopped right before captain Val and brought out two containers. On one was boldly written WASH perf and the other didn’t have ant label but a skull resting on two crossed bones were drawn on it.

“That was what Farouk was doing in your room, he knew you were up to no good as he took permission from me for a search in your room. Let’s get straight to the point, who gave you these illegal items?” Captain Val asked.


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