45 DAYS Episode 20



Effe’s gloom persists as they drive along. She sits huddled in her seat, slipping in and out of dozes as Chris drives.
She is a good surgeon, and always delivers more than her best efforts when she dons surgical gear and picks up surgical instruments.
She is a professional who knows that sometimes some battles in the theatre just can’t be won, and she is strong enough to move on when the unfortunate happens.
But the other day she has experienced a vulnerability she has never experienced before.
The Siamese twins had been having it tough. There had been no hope of their survival.
Seeing their innocent pretty faces, she had been touched somewhere deep in her heart.
The other baby will be fine, but she had lost the other one. Try as hard as she could, she hadn’t been able to save the tot.
Maybe it is a mixture of the strong emotions she has been experiencing these past days, and the fact that she is also in desperate need of a child.
She had spent a wonderful evening with Chris at a recreational garden, and he had later dropped her off at home, but she had not been able to sleep.
She knew, as the night approached, that she was too restless to be alone, and so she had called him again, and he had come to take her out.
She had not asked where they were going. He always surprised her, and she loved it. She begins to doze again and suddenly the car comes to a stop.
Hm. Almost.
Good. We’re here.
She sits up slowly.
Your place?
She looks round. It is quite dark. She looks at the time on the dashboard of the car. It is approaching 10.00 p.m.
She does not recognize where they are. There is an arch-like structure in front of her, and it is the entrance into a place which is fenced by walls so high she is startled.
It reminds her of prison walls, although this wall is covered with the most beautiful stone designs she has ever seen.
There is a sign on each side of the arch that says:
Chris? Where are we?
He smiles.
(with a chuckle)
Come with me and see.
He is parked at a marked parking space in front of the building. He gets out, comes round the car, and opens the door for her.
She gets up and stretches, and then sees the beautiful neon-lit sign at the top of the arch:
(in an awed voice)
What is this place?
Steve locks the car doors with the remote. He walks with her to the entrance of the arch.
The doors are glass, but there is a Security Post at the entrance. A large security man appears from the booth and faces them.
Hello, welcome to WaterWorld.
Thank you, Boss. May we go in?
The man’s smile vanishes and he looks grim suddenly.
May I see your membership card, please?
Chris looks at Effe and smiles sheepishly.
I don’t have a membership card. Mr. Bernard Kutin told me I could come here anytime and spend some hours here.
The security guard begins to shake his head.
Mr. Kutin? The owner?
Effe is beginning to feel a little bit uncomfortable.
What’s this place, Chris? And who’s this Mr. Kutin? Another man whose wife you know?
I know him and his wife. I’ve been buying kelewele and hausa kooko for his wife when she was pregnant. I had to drive to Odorkor almost every evening to buy his wife hausa kooko and kelewele. Mr. Kutin told me I could come here anytime.
But that is not done, Sir! You need a Membership Card to enter. It is for members only.
Mr. Kutin told me I could come here anytime. Call him and ask him.
Effe takes Chris’ arm and laughs.
Let’s get out of here, Chris. You should’ve called this Kutin ahead of time. Now it seems we’re embarrassing ourselves.
Suddenly a car approaches the entrance. It is a very beautiful and sleek Mercedes Benz. Chris and Effe step to one side.
The car stops and the window rolls down. The man inside is dressed in an expensive-looking black suit and white shirt with a matching black tie. He is thin and has a shock of iron-grey hair.
Aha, Mr. Katoto, you can help us out here. This gentleman says he’s a friend of Mr. Kutin. He’s here without a membership card.
The man glances at Chris, takes in his T-Shirt and jeans with disdain and flicks his wrist to look at his watch.
Hello. I’m Annor Katoto, General Manager of WaterWorld. I’m afraid you need a membership card to enter WaterWorld. And it is very expensive.
Chris throws up his hands in exasperation.
But Mr. Kutin said I could come any time. Call him and ask him!
Chris, please, stop making a scene! Let’s go to your place, or take me home, please.
Listen, young man, even if what you say is true, Mr. Kutin is out of town. He’s in Paris as we speak. Now, if we had even been able to call him, he would’ve directed us to give you a place at the Economy Tower. All the Economy Towers and the Regular Towers are booked. What is left is the Premier Towers and the Executive Towers.
So why can’t we have the Premier Towers?
The security guard laughs. Effe is now getting very embarrassed. She grips Chris’ arm hard.
Chris, please! Let’s get out of here.
Young man, the Premier Towers are a thousand five hundred cedis a night. If you can come another time, maybe.
Why don’t you just call Mr. Kutin?
(his voice now harsh, angry and filled with disdain)
Why don’t YOU call him, young man?
Chris shrugs.
Okay, fine, I will. I didn’t store his number. It’s on the card, I guess.
He takes out his wallet, opens it, flips some compartments, and then he retrieves a very beautiful gold-laminated card.
At the sight of the card the security man gasps, and Mr. Katoto’s face is suddenly filled with panic.
He gets out of his Mercedes quickly and takes the card from Chris.
(voice now gentle and a bit unsteady)
Why didn’t you say he gave you a Gold Pass? Please, did you bring any luggage, Mister….?
Chris. Chris Bawa.
Sorry, sorry! I’m extremely sorry. Open the gates, Mr. Danso!
Yes, sir!
The security man presses a button, and the big bar across the entrance lifts up, and the huge glass gates slide open.
Mr. Katoto opens the back seat of his Mercedes.
Please, do sit down. Did you bring any luggage?
Effe and Chris slide into the back of the sleek Mercedes.
Mr. Katoto climbs in behind the wheel, and drives through the entrance.
Effe looks at Chris for a long time, and when he looks at her she smiles, and doesn’t bother to hide her profound admiration.
She has never been this impressed with any man in her life. He is looking at her with a goofy expression on his face, and she smiles with her heart on her face, and reaches out to grasp his hand.
The car rounds a bend, and she gasps at the sheer beauty she sees.
It looks like a scene straight out of a fantasy.
There are administration buildings, well-demarcated car parks, breath-taking gardens and scenery.
What blows her mind are the buildings on the water.
It is a rather large expanse of water, maybe a man-made lake.
The buildings are mostly made with glass, and they are standing right on top of the water on metallic stilts.
The lake is well-lit with romantic colours. The buildings are not too tall, but they are demarcated by beautiful fantasy figures that rise from the lake.
(with amazement)

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My Lord! Are you sure we’re in Ghana? This is the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen!
(smiling a pompous smile)
Are you glad we came here?
She looks up at him and raises a hand and touches his face tenderly.
You’re a very bad boy, Chris Bawa! I love it!
Mr. Katoto drives on a well-lit street along the waterfront, then goes in a curve to another waterfront and then he stops.
He opens his door.
Please, come with me.
They also get out.
Effe sees that there are lighted glass booths along the bank of the lake, and little canoes fitted with outboard motors.
A smartly-dressed young man emerges from one of the booths.
Waow. I love this place!
Mr. Katoto addresses the young man.
Attah, kindly take our guests to Executive Tower Four.
Yes, sir, Mr. Katoto!
The General Manager turns to them and smiles sheepishly.
(in a humbled voice)
You can stay for as long as you want, please. You should’ve told me you had a personal gold card from Mr. Kutin. I’m sure you wouldn’t tell Mr. Kutin that we gave you a bad reception.
Well, I for one-
Effe clamps a hand on Chris’ mouth and smiles as she addresses Mr. Katoto.
You did what a good manager should do, Mr. Katoto. And we’re most pleased with your help. We would let Mr. Kutin know what a great assistance you gave us.
Thank you, thank you, Madam. Have a great stay. Let me know if you need anything. Perhaps you would care for something to nibble on? I recommend our special chicken, beef and lamb nibs.
Hmm, my mouth is watering already. We would appreciate that very much, thank you!
Mr. Katoto beams with satisfaction, shakes their hands, gives the gold card back to Chris, and then helps them get into one of the canoes.
Attah starts the engine and drives them across to a secluded C-shaped building on the lake.
When Effe enters, she is knocked for six at the amazing luxurious interior. It is the most beautiful room she has ever entered.
Wow. This is beautiful!
The curtains are classic venetian blinds, the carpet ankle deep and oriental. The L-shaped seats are of the highest quality leather. The whole decor, complete with a mini-bar, is absolutely classic.
There is a dining area, a relaxation area that opens unto a porch over the lake, and a small study replete with shiny oak desk, chair, drawers and other office accoutrements.
An ornate oak door opens into an exquisite bedroom, and the bed itself is from a fantasy.
Designed from an artist’s best dreams, it is round shaped, draped with the softest spreads, and adorned by a breath-taking spectral lace that flows from the four banisters around the bed.
The lights, embedded in the ceiling and from splendid chandeliers in the corners, cast a romantic glow on everything.
The whole right side of the bedroom is glass, giving an amazing view of the lake and its spectacular lights.
At the foot of the bed is a wall-sized mirror.
Effe’s mouth is wide open as she heads to the bathroom and sees the full Jacuzzi and the water closet that looks like a miniature bed.
She goes back with bated breath to the glass wall, and looks at the lake.
She has never seen anything so beautiful.
The bedroom door opens and she turns slowly. He’s standing in the doorway. Their eyes meet, and in that moment they know a magic web has been formed, a web of love that is almost going to be impossible to break.
I love it here.
(with a smile)
It is beautiful, isn’t it?
She nods.
Have you been here before? I mean have you brought another woman here, before, ever?
No. Precious. Mr. Katoto would’ve recognized me, wouldn’t he?
I guess.
There is an awkward tension between them, a strong awareness and charged atmosphere that is almost impossible to bear.
Oh. They brought Meat Nibs. Would care to eat now?
She stares at him without speaking for a moment. And then she shakes herself out of her reverie and speaks softly.
Come and look at this view.
She turns back to the scene. She feels him behind her. His hands touch her waist first, and she shivers, her breath short.
She moves back slowly into him, and his arms go around her, strong, sure, comforting.
Effe closes her eyes and drops her hands to hold his arms. He draws her closer, and she arches her neck back to accept his descending lips, and her eyes are closed.
It is a magical moment in a magical room. She couldn’t have wished for a better place to be kissed.
His lips traces a hot trail down her throat, her earlobes, her shoulder…
She could feel him trembling slightly.
For a moment his arms slacken around her and he tries to pull back, but she turns fully into his arms and drapes her arms around his neck, pulling his head down, kissing him hungrily.
He pulls back.
(breathless, almost crying)
Don’t speak, Chris!
(whispering, urgently)
Effe, my Precious, my love, my breath… Are you sure? Please, are you-
Yes, Chris, oh yes…
He crushes her to him. His mouth bruises hers as he loses all restraints, all inhibitions.
She meets his fervour with a hunger of her own, her hands sweeping his T-Shirt up, her hands roving his hairy and taut belly.
She feels his lips on her throat, his hand coming up, loving her breasts, sweetening her nipples. Blindly he reaches out and unties the sash of the curtain hooks, making the curtains fall over the glass, covering the glass wall.
Effe steps from him. She has never felt such unrestrained, base hunger. She unzips her skirt and steps out of it.
She is not shy, she feels liberated, loved, needed. He comes for her as his jeans come off. They fall on the bed with fervour, helping each other to undress. They both marvel at the depths of the power taking over them. He sits back on his haunches as he looks at her, and on his face is a love and adoration so deep it warms its way straight to her heart.
Her eyes trail him, and rests on his hardness.
(in a hoarse whisper)
Oh, Effe! You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen! I love you, Precious, I love you with every breath in me!
She holds out her arms to him. Her heart is too full of emotions for words.
Only the tears that creep down the sides of her face tell the story of her heart… and they are not tears of pain this time.
She knows, as he draws closer to her, that this is it. This is the cut they all talk about. This is love, as it should be.
Unselfish, beautiful, eternal love.
She has been able to get over the jaws of pain Steve has given her, but she knows – as his hands expertly roves over her body, revealing spots she has never known existed, waking up pleasure zones she has never experienced – that if this man hurts her there will be no recovery.
They give each other as they haven’t given before. They are so engrossed, so fitted, so aligned, so fused in each other that it feels almost spiritual.
She draws him tighter, and he grabs her almost as if he wants to merge their bodies into one.
And then she begins to tremble, and he trembles with her, and she cries out, and he cries with her, and then he screams, and she can’t scream because she can’t stand the power of the volcano that is threatening to demolish them.
None of them has known such force, such total magic, the indescribable pleasure of a mutual orgasm.
They scream now in the throes of mutual ecstasy, breathing harshly on the crescent of the love wave.
They lay panting, unable to speak for a long time, arms still holding each other, limbs still intertwined as if letting go will take a special kind of magic away.
Neither speak though… in a couple of minutes they are both sleeping as deeply as any human can sleep.
And some time after, deep in the night, she wakes up, and reaches for him again.
And later he reaches for her again.
And again she reaches for him later.
And again…
To be continued

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