Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 79


“Common bro, am not sure you wanna do this” Konami said slowly backing away from Idris.

“You meddled into my affair with Natasha, well no problem but what I won’t take is you messing around with my younger brother” Idris said and attacked Konami.

He gave Konami a blow with his left hand, expecting Konami to block it. As expected, Konami blocked his attack but was exposed as Idris gave him an uppercut with the right. Konami flew backwards.

He was just landing on the floor when Idris rushed and raised him up, high above his head. He was holding Konami up high till he spotted a table where he threw Konami to. The table shattered as Konami landed on the table.

Idris wasn’t through, he rushed at Konami with anger but Konami saw him in time. Konami gave him a sweep kick when Idris was close enough to him and Idris fell down. Konami stood up. He raised Idris up and gave him a knock out punch. Idris fell down, Konami repeated the process for three times with the aim of making Idris passed out.

Idris caught Konami’s hand on the fourth attempt, he gave Konami a headbutt and Konami staggered backwards. He rushed towards Konami, jumped in mid air and delivered a drop kick to Konami with both of his legs.

Konami fell down with blood allover his body. He looked at Idris and Idris was just bleeding from only the side of his mouth. He knew he was loosing the fight.

Idris rolled on the floor, sat on his stomach and started delivering punches at Konami. He gave Konami twelve punches, raised him from the ground and threw Konami hard against the wall.

The collision between Konami and the wall was very rough that Konami had a head injury and blood started coming out of his head at an alarming rate.

“Ha” Idris scoffed “I trained you alongside the captain. I know your every moves” Idris said laughing.

“Yeah, you did know all my moves, except this” Konami said throwing a powdery substance at Idris.

The substance touched Idris and was very hot, it got him stunned and the ones that entered his eyes made him temporary blind.

Konami stood up and gave him a blow “You think you’re tough” Konami added another blow “you think you’re wise” Konami gave him another blow “you think you should have it all” Konami delivered two more blows “But know these, they don’t call me Konami for nothing” Konami said as he lifted Idris up and threw him hard against the wall.

Idris groaned. He didn’t care about the collision he had with the wall, he was curious to know Konami’s next move now that Konami had an edge over him.

“Time to end this!” Konami said moving closer to a piece of rod that was kept carelessly on the floor.

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Farouk cursed his idea of inventing the Shadows doors. The door was so strong it could take a bulldozer to bring it down.

He could hear noises from inside and he knew that they were having a fight. Farouk was less concerned about Konami and more concerned about Idris.

“What’s up with you?” Natasha and Jummy asked Farouk who was battling with the door.

“it’s Idris and Konami” Farouk replied.

“Yes?” The both answered.

“They are locked up in this room fighting themselves to death” Farouk replied.

“D–n” Natasha said “Jummy go and alert the captain. We will try and break this door”

“Alright” Jummy said walking away.


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