45 DAYS Episode 19



Chris drives Effe to the Ameyaw-Eden Clinic.
She asks him to pick her up in five hours, and then he leaves.
She operates on three patients. The first two were comparatively easy, involving a tumour removal and moulding two titanium legs for a millionaire who had lost both legs in a motor accident.
The third was a highly complex separation of Siamese twins who shared a common stomach.
It had been very difficult and had stretched past eight hours, so that by the time she finished Chris had been waiting for three hours.
Mrs. Ivy Kedem, knowing her daughter usually does not eat when she has surgeries scheduled, decides to take some lunch to her.
She had been with her husband at the bank to transfer a part of the loan money from Eden Investments to one of their partners in Thailand.
Afterwards they had shared a lovely meal, and returned to the office with new hope. After work Mr. Kedem decided to go home for the day whilst Ivy drove to the clinic to give her daughter some food before going home.
She is told Doctor Effe Kedem is still in the theatre. The kind receptionist says she does not know when she will be done, but she can take the food and keep it for her.
(pursing her lips)
You believe she would be there for a long time?
(smiling kindly)
I wouldn’t be in a position to know, Madam. She was supposed to have finished three hours ago, so I don’t know for how long she would be there.
Hm. Maybe I’ll wait for a while.
Alright, Madam. Kindly have a seat. I’ll be finding out the Doctor’s status from time to time and let you know when you could see her.
Madam Ivy thanks the receptionist, turns and heads for the comfortable chairs, and that is when she sees Chris sitting at the back row fiddling with his phone.
There are quite a number of people in the reception area.
An instant look of deep anger and hatred crosses Madam Ivy’s face.
She moves past all the seats until she is standing close to Chris, who looks up at her and looks into her cold eyes without saying anything.
Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in. A damn womanizer. Get up, Mr. Bawa, and come with me. I want a word with you, but not here.
Chris Bawa carefully puts the phone down on the seat beside him.
He looks at the furious woman standing above him with an expressionless face.
Good Lord, Ivy-
(cutting in angrily, explosively)
MRS. KEDEM to you!
Chris holds up his hands in a submissive manner.
Yes, yes, you’re right. I’m sorry, Mrs. Ivy Kedem. I’m not going anywhere with you. Whatever you have to say to me, say it right here!
Madam Ivy leans down so that her furious face is just inches from Chris’ face.
You know damn well what I’m going to say to you can’t be said here! You either go outside with me, now, or you tell me where to meet you so that we can talk about this damn thing you’re doing!
(face still cool)
What am I doing, Mrs. Kedem? Why do you hate me so much? What in the name of God have I done to you?
I know who you are, boy. I know what you are too! A cheap fraud, an opportunist, a slimy dirty worm who thinks he can squirm his way into my daughter’s heart! I know your type, Mr. Chris Bawa, and believe me, I’m not going to stand and watch you turn my daughter’s life into a nightmare.
Madam Ivy cannot hide her deep emotional turmoil, and her voice carries to the ears of the people sitting nearby, and they look at her with curiousity.
You’re making a scene, Mrs. Kedem!
(her fury spiralling almost out of control)
Do I look like I give two hoots about who’s looking at me? Jesus, Chris, why Effe? Why do you want to take her for a ride? Is it for the money, is it to show that a lowdown turd like you can get into the panties of a sophisticated girl? Is it to prove to yourself that a poor miserable wretch like you can have any woman you want?
Chris looks at her straight in the eyes and smiles sadly.
You have a lot of hate bottled up inside you, I can see. It’s not good to keep things bottled up. You should know better.
Madam Ivy slaps him so hard that even the onlookers gasp.
The whole reception area becomes cemetery silent. Madam Ivy is trembling with fury. It is evident she is very close to becoming very violent.
Don’t you dare tell me about hate, Chris Bawa. You don’t know what real hate is, you bastard! I am not going to allow you to destroy my baby girl.
Chris still looks at her. The look on his handsome face is almost traumatized for a moment, and then he speaks very softly.

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I have fallen in love with your daughter, Mrs-
Again Madam Ivy slaps him, this time harder and nastier, leaving terrible welts across Chris’ left cheek.
The receptionist leaves her desk and approaches, her face is full of panic.
Please, madam, you can’t assault a visitor like that, please! If you don’t stop it I’ll have to call security!
Chris looks at the receptionist with sad eyes.
It’s okay, lady. It’s okay.
Are you okay, sir?
Chris nods and smiles at her reassuringly. The receptionist gives Madam Ivy a baleful, scornful look, and then she goes back reluctantly to her desk.
Chris looks at the fuming Madam Ivy. Her fists are balled tightly, and she is breathing hard, as if fighting to remain calm.
(his voice now menacing)
That is enough, Mrs. Kedem. If you hit me again, I promise you it would be a mistake.
(hissing at him)
What, you will hit me too? Are you going to assault me like you did Jonathan Afful?
Chris shakes his head.
No. That’s the last thing I’ll ever do. I don’t hit women. But if you do it again I’ll tell Effe, and I’ll tell your husband. Like I said, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with your daughter. I didn’t want it to happen, and I don’t know when or how it happened. I’ve not even told her. She’s hurting badly, and I want her to heal completely, and be sure of what she wants. If it turns out that she can be able to love me back, Mrs. Kedem, then I’ll devote my life to her, and I’ll respect you as a mother-in-law. If she loves me back, and wants me, then I’ll love her with all my heart, and you can’t stop me.
Madam Ivy draws very near to Chris. She pushes her face almost into his, and when she speaks it is with deep hatred and pent-up fury.
Over my dead body, Chris Bawa. Even if she loves you, even if she wants you, I’ll make damn sure that you never have my Effe. I know your type, and I know you’re as filthy as you’re despicable. You’ll never have Effe. Do you hear me, Chris Bawa? NEVER!!
She turns round in uncontrolled fury.
Everybody is watching her. She strides to the desk and slams down the pack of food on the desk.
Are you leaving now?
Give that to my daughter!
She pushes the glass doors open violently and goes outside.
All the people now turn their gaze on Chris. He nods, and then he picks his phone again. Those nearest to him see that his hands are shaking.
A few moments later he stands up and shoves the phone into his pocket, and just then Effe comes out through a door.
Their eyes meet.
She looks very shaken. She walks towards him, but a moment later the door behind her opens again and Dr. Ameyaw emerges with an elderly couple.
The doctor calls Effe’s name, and she stops and turns. Dr. Ameyaw hugs her, and then the elderly couple also hug her.
The elderly woman seems to be thanking Effe profusely, but Effe only nods.
Effe then begins to walk again, but when Dr. Ameyaw calls her again she does not stop this time. When she reaches the desk the receptionist stops her and talks to her, obviously telling her about her mother.
She extends the food package, but Effe shakes her head, and turns away from the reception.
She folds her arms across her chest and walks towards Chris. He waits for her, and she stops in front of him.
He sees her eyes are large, filled with unshed tears.
She looks like a little lost girl, and the love he feels for her explodes through his heart and unto his face.
Hello, Precious.
Heard my Mama came earlier with some food.
Yeah. You rejected it.
Not hungry. Did she see you? Was she nasty again?
Chris shakes his head and smiles.
Nah. She was a mother. She was being a real, loving mother. She just told me just how much she loves you.
She nods, tries to speak, and then her whole body begins to shake uncontrollably and tears suddenly burst out of her eyes.
(through her tears)
Oh, Chris! I lost him! I lost him!
Chris reaches for her, her pain cutting him badly. He takes her into his arms.
Hey, hey, Doc. Take it easy! Take it easy! You lost who, Steve?
She can’t stop crying, holding tightly on to him.
No, silly! One of the Siamese twins! I could only save one!
He does not understand what she’s talking about, but he holds her tightly as she weeps.
It’s okay, Precious!
No! No! I tried so hard to save both of them. They were joined at the stomach but the other one was small, so under-developed! Their parents don’t have any children! She got pregnant at forty-five years! When I separated them the frail one died! It was as if that little tot sacrificed his life so that his brother could live. I tried, Chris! I tried so hard!
(tenderly, lovingly)
Hush, hush, my love, my Precious! You did more than your best, because you’re the best. Any other Doctor would’ve lost both. Is that their parents behind you? They’re so happy. Don’t blame yourself so much, Precious. I’m sure they are very grateful to you. At least they have one son to adore.
She clings to him and cries bitterly with a breaking heart. Chris holds her and smooths her hair.
He feels so helpless. He wishes there is something he can do for her, to help her, to take her pain away.
A man’s name is called out. He stands up. He has been sitting beside Chris. He pauses and whispers to Chris.
Is this Doctor the reason why the woman dey tow tow your ears like that?
Chris smiles and nods.
Charley! She be fine rough! Make you no lef am!
Chris smiles again and nods. The man winks and moves on.
Effe lifts a tear-streaked face to him.
Who was that man?
Chris shrugs and wipes her tears away with a thumb, but more tears drip down.
A friend I just made. He was saying goodbye.
Take me away from here, Chris.
You wanna go home?
Effe shakes her head.
No. Not home.
Where do you want to go, Precious?
I don’t know. Just take me somewhere, anywhere I can be alone with you for a while, Chris.
He looks searchingly into her eyes. He has never seen a more beautiful woman in his life.
Without a word, he scoops her into his arms and carries her outside.
He opens the door of his taxi, and she sits down. He closes the door, goes round it, and gets into the driver’s seat.
A moment later he drives away.
He didn’t notice Madam Ivy still in her car which is parked a few meters away from where Chris’ car had been.
She is gripping the steering-wheel so tightly that her knuckles stand out almost white.
You’re going to pay, Chris Bawa! I’m going to make you suffer for this, you bastard!!
To be continued

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