Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 78


Natasha walked into the Shadows hangout room and found lots of shadows there drinking and chatting happily.

“Hey babe?” Jummy said walking closer to Natasha “why the long face?”

“Nothing Jummy” Natasha lied trying to sound cheerfully but failed.

“Common bae, you can share your problem with me, a problem shared is a problem half solved”

“Alright” Natasha said giving in “The problem is…..”

“Natasha, Jummy” Konami called walking towards their direction. He came closer to them and hugged them. The WASH perfume he had instantly took it’s effect on them.

“You smell nice” Jummy said as she was getting turned on slowly “do you mind, to have a nice time with me, just me and you?”

“That will be nice Jummy but I will like to discuss something with Natasha privately” Konami said.

“Common boy, I can give you the pleasures beyond the nine clouds” Jummy said with a naughty smile and a wink.

“Ha ha ha” Konami laughed as he took Natasha to a corner that was a little bit dark “maybe some other time”

As soon as Konami had gone, Jummy started regaining her senses. She felt strange, she didn’t know what made her to say those things or why she developed a sudden likeness for Konami.

“Are you gonna take me to the nine clouds filled with pleasure?” Jack who was nearby asked Jummy.

Jummy turned furiously and gave him a spinning kick right across his stomach. Then she shouted.

“I am ready to take you the eleventh clouds filled with sorrows and bitterness” Jummy said and they all laughed.

Idris walk into the hangout room looking for his brother. He had gotten use to everything going on and was no longer angry. He saw a figure in the dark and thought the person was Farouk so he walk towards the same direction.

“Farouk, Farouk I have..” Idris stopped on seeing Natasha kissing Konami “sorry, thought you were Farouk”

Idris turned back and wanted to leave when Natasha ran towards him and held him tightly. Idris had a hard time getting free from her hold.

“What is wrong with you?” Idris whispered.

“It’s you I love but I can’t control myself. I need your help please” she begged Idris in whispers.

“What do you take me for? A fool. Now you want to say he is using black powers on you right?”

“I don’t know but if that is the only option for now, then yes” Natasha said.

“Fvck off” Idris said pushing her away from him as she walked out of the room. Natasha instantly followed him with tears in her eyes.

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Konami entered his room that was very dark and smiled, he switched on the light and was surprised to see Farouk inside his room.

“You, what are you doing here?” Konami asked.

“What are you doing Konami? I came to warn you to leave Natasha and Jummy alone or else?”

“Or else what?” Konami asked laughing.

“You may be stronger but I am far more intelligent than you”.

“Shut up and fvck off”

“Make me” Farouk said moving nowhere. Konami held him and threw him out of the room with force, He landed outside and groaned. As luck will have it, Idris was passing by then.

He saw what Konami did to his brother and smiled. He pushed Konami inside his room and locked the door throwing the keys into his pocket.

“It seems you have forgotten who I am” Idris said folding his fist “now, I think I will do you good by refreshing your memory”


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