Natasha Reloaded Episode 11


Donflex was sitting in his office with his laboratory scientist professor Johnbull and froshberry his computer engineer/scientist when Alex walked inside with wounds all over his body.
Donflex: what’s the meaning of this?
Alex: *panting* Sir, the mission was not successful.
Donflex: what!!!!!! I thought they said the MADE MEN were the most dangerous killing machine in this country. How is it that they couldn’t kill an ordinary scientist.
Froshberry: hahahaha. Maybe Scientist ken is an extra MADE MEN.
Donflex: shut up froshberry, this is something serious so please, don’t joke with it.
Froshberry: yes sir.
Prof Johnbull: there must be something behind this. Alex, tell us everything that happened there.
Alex: I entered inside the house, was moving close to the target to kill him when an arrow flew inside from the window and broke the electric bulb.
Froshberry: hmmm..
Alex: I was surprised at this and immediately, two men dressed in black, with their hoods on and a little mask on their face jumped in through the window. One was tall and athletic, the other one wasn’t that tall but was very muscular. The tall one came with a bow and arrows while the other came with grenades and little bombs. They were the one that stopped me. Their fighting moves was superb and great. They fought like ninjas and I was lucky to survive.
Donflex: *mtcheeew* so they are other guys out there that are very strong.
Froshberry: *feeling uneasy* can I see any of the arrows the tall one shot you.
Alex: yes, I brought it with me.
He said and brought out the arrow. Immediately froshberry saw it, he gasped. A look of fear and horror befell his face.
Froshberry: SHADOWS!!!!!!
Donflex: another joke again?
Froshberry: no, this is the handiwork of the SHADOWS.
Prof Johnbull: who are the SHADOWS?
Donflex: and how are you related to them?
Froshberry: the SHADOWS are a little team of secret agents. They are highly trained assassins, designed to kill at any instance.
Donflex: how do you know all these.
Froshberry: because I was once a SHADOW, though I didn’t go on operations. I was always in the base, using my computer skills to help the ones that are in the battle field.
Donflex: wait, they are the same guys that you worked for before coming here?
Froshberry: yes.
Donflex: why did you leave them.
Froshberry: Farouk, My greatest enemy. The younger brother of IDRIS. He was the one that caused it. He is the world’s greatest computer engineer/scientist. When his skills surpasses mine, I was removed out of the SHADOWS. The SHADOWS are different from other secret agents, they helped others and fight battles for the good people. No one can ever find their base. No one can recognize them. No one knows of them. Most of their operations are done deep in the night when No one can see them. Hence their name SHADOWS!
Donflex: when you saw that arrow, you gasped. Why?
Froshberry: we are dealing with the top, most skillful, deadly and swift assassin among the SHADOWS, his name is IDRIS. He is known for his archery skill. So good that he was made the head and number one agent amongst the SHADOWS. He can take down two of your MADE MEN by himself. the one with the little bombs, very huge and muscular is KONAMI. The second in command. He is so fast with bombs that he can plant over thirty little bombs in a large estate under five minutes.
Donflex: so they are now protecting Ken?
Froshberry: somebody must have asked for their help. Those two are very deadly. I advice we back off.
Donflex: hmm two SHADOWS can’t defeat all my MADE MEN. I need more information about the SHADOWS, froshberry can you do that.
Froshberry: I am afraid I can’t. FAROUK, the junior brother of Idris made that impossible. I can’t hack into their system neither can I locate their base on the map because when we were removed from the SHADOWS, they quickly changed their base. They are somewhere underground watching everything that is happening allover the earth.
Donflex: how?
Froshberry: they have a satellite in space that monitors every happenings inside the earth. They are well equipped
Donflex: so what should we do because Ken must die.
Froshberry: *thinking* Yes, I have a plan. Idris must go down. At least, it’s gonna be my revenge for what his little bro did to me some years ago and Ken must die . Here is the plan…………………
What is the plan froshberry is up to?
Can they be able to bring down the two top SHADOWS agent?
Even if they can, what will be the fate of Natasha and her parents?
Watch out how the five MADE MEN will battle the two SHADOWS agent, IDRIS and KONAMI in the next exciting and trilling episode of NATASHA [RELOADED]