The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 11


That was it, first thing in the morning he would have that sorted out.
Time to get home, go out and…scout the area.
He had just settled himself into the car when he watched her stroll out and majestically entered the car and it speed off after a couple of minutes
“There goes the feisty little witch Ikena, there goes the witch” he chuckles.
Ikena didn’t say anything.
Brian had received a call from Mr Emeka earlier trying to caution him about his behaviour with Miss Adora .
The guy didn’t know that he didn’t give a hoot, literally he didn’t.
“Brian…you do realise that your father is trying to be lenient with you?

But your constant attitude is a thing of worry..

He says he would do what he has threatened so you shouldn’t play with him and test his patience and that the next time he gets a complain he was going to take away your allowance money and -”
“Bla bla bla blabardash Mr Emeka!!! You whin like a fat old lady. Look, I have heard that a million times, tell my father that if he wants me to stay he should allow me do what the heck I want. Atleast I am here ain’t I? I am here, but must i kiss everyone’s butt too?”
“You are here to work,learn service and understand the intricacies of your father’s business,surely you should be happy your father is giving you first hand experience. ”
Brian scoffs “What does your father do or did if he isn’t alife?”
“He was a mechanic but that isn’t the point ”
“Did you go to the shop to look under the bonnet of a car and deeped your hands in black oil?”
“No but that is besides the Point. I didn’t want to be a mechanic I wanted to be -”
“Who cares, but did your daddy force you or he let’s you be what you want to be?”
“My point exactly. Why did my father want to impose this nonsense on me. I have a life and I want a different path. Make me the CEO if he wants but he should stare clear of my business ”
“You are arrogant and insufferable Brian, you should be happy your father wants to add to what you are,what is your problem,you like the life of luxury but you don’t want to feel the earth and see how it’s foundation is laid ?”
” Mr Emeka, stop yarning dust please , atleast it’s my luxury , It’s my father’s wealth, let me spend it anyhow i want. Infact you work your ass out so i can get things like new cars and gadgets i dont need. That is why you are beneath so don’t think because they gave you the position of Acting Director you think you can ride me ? No sir, stop just stop. You will end up embrassing yourself not me. ”
“Brian, i will not have you insult me. You even insulted the lady, have a bit of respect and stop shaming your parents. She would think you have no proper upbringing”
“Yeah, like her mother told her it was okay for her to hold a man by his collar? What happens to submission, she is below and beneath me, just like you .

See, stop calling my line and telling me rubbish you hear?

Whatever it is it’s between me and my father. Butt out of it…Abba!” Brian was pissed.
“Look at this boy you realise you are talking to me? What nerve?

I don’t blame you sha, It’s because i am working for your father you feel you can talk to me anyhow. Do you know that my first son is your age mate?

He wouldn’t dare talk to an elder that way talk less of his father, you obviously have no manners, that abroad you went to have given you misplaced morals and priorities “….Mr Emeka was obviously angry as well
“Er see Mr Emeka or whatever you call yourself, i don’t have beef with you, so don’t take panadol for someone’s headache ok. Whatever issues you have with me…you should direct it to my father, he has more patience than I do. And if you both have a problem with me? Feel free to fire me. I would welcome it…okay?

Now do have a good evening…” he snaps.. and drops the call.

He had resisted the temptation to go outside and told Mr Emeka how pissed he had made him but he decided against it.
Some other time.
Now barely a few hours later his father’s call comes through.
Here we go..
Father’s Banter 10001
“Brian ikechukwu Andrews ….are you mad??” His father thunders as he says an hello into the phone
Yes!! When his father went complete name on him, he knew he had touched a chord . He smiles
“No father. Infact i am quite sane.

What do I owe this call and your sudden outburst of anger father dear?”…. He was playing with fire and he knew it.
And he didn’t care. He wanted to piss his father so much that he would bundle him out of Ph and send him on his way.. and there was no way he was going to do what he threatened. ..
Well….He was sure he wasn’t going to freeze his accounts and make life miserable for him. Afterall he was his only son.
His love was higher than bis anger and he would never let it go that far.
His father was bluffing and he knew it.
And he was his son, not as though he got another one stashed somewhere for rainy days…
He just accepted to please his mother..

God bless her soft good heart.

But it didn’t mean he should keep quiet like a mouse and get bossed around by fools he ought to be bossing instead..
If his father had placed him in a stragetic position..He wouldn’t had minded that much..
But to PA for some lady, of all people? who was a hot headed girl feisty woman, it was like placing fire with fire.

It would burn.
He sighed.
Why would his father want to degrade him so?
His reason. .”to learn how to serve others so that when you assume your rightful position you would understand the value of service and appreciate it..”

Such bullshit’!
How he wishes he could tell everyone he was the boss’s son. . and watch as they all run down and kiss his feet, and apologise for thinking shit of him.
Especially that John of a guy. ..

He would kick his ass out of the company like a bird needing a kick start to fly…
The dude obviously hated him.

And the feeling was mutual.
He got kicked out of his reverie as his father was shouting through the phone..
“Calm down pops! He deserved it.

Did he tell you how rudely he was sounding to me? Was it my fault that that new girl you hired was as daft as a spoon and couldn’t tell the difference between a PA or a driver?

I felt pity for her and corrected her..

She was a laughing stock already for the staffs..or was it my fault she expected me to kiss her ass and I wasn’t even remotely interested??

Please father be realistic” He was tapping his finger impatiently on the car window.
“If you had been where you were supposed to, done what you were supposed to and being who you were supposed to, did you think that mistake would have happened? ”
“Erm father, that’s besides the point ”
“Look here son, I would have none of this. You better treat Mr Emeka with respect, he is my right hand man there and doing things as ordered by me. You Brian would give honour to whom honour is due and for the lady who is your boss at the moment. .you would act accordingly which means utmost respect, which means do your duties and then get to work, and make yourself useful not only for the company but for yourself. No more insults, no more complains and no more arrogance.

I am this close…this close to shutting down your leisure and fun times and close all your accounts, I wonder how you would feel when you actually do have to work for your daily bread..and if you don’t work, you don’t get paid…”
“But father it’s obvious I am not needed here and I also hate it here why don’t you safe me and them the trouble and let me go?

I got lots of things I could be doing right now in LA or UK. ..why this bloody country and why here and why do I have to slave myself? Didn’t you slave yourself already and made all your dough so that your children …or child ..because your seed could only produce one after you sowed all your wild oats and wasted them all away. offence big guy, you did all this so that i your son could eventually enjoy the fruits of your labour without stress?

I mean is that not how it’s supposed to work? Or is someone thinking backwards. .?”
He was going to go head-on with the old man, he wouldn’t take it sitting down like a kid.
No way!!!
He wasn’t a boy anymore and he wouldn’t be tossed here and there anymore. .

He got a huge rod between his legs to know he is a man…

So he should be allowed to be one..
” Be Careful Brian,be very very careful. The way your tongue go running unbridled would get you falling flat on your ass and i swear you wouldnt like the outcome. I know you son so I am telling you, this rebellious act you are pulling isn’t going to get you out of this one, no it wouldn’t.

And you must be high to think i am going to leave this in your hands and others when you obviously can’t handle it.

So you better learn or you go out there and build your own empire all on your own..

I might as well hand it all to your cousin since you don’t desire to be sensible, atleast he seem to be more sensible and responsible than you are now. You are no longer a boy you say? You think you are a man because of your genital organ? No, a man is a man when he can stand on his own two feets and fend for himself instead of waiting on daddy to get him a rolex or a toy car to drive around.

You want to be called a man and not a boy? Don’t just spew nonsense from your mouth and expect me to catch it.

You want to be a man, act like a man, be the actual man you so gladly talk about.

You see all these I have worked for,this material awesomeness you enjoy? You have to earn it.
Just because you were born into luxury doesn’t mean you would appreciate it when given on a plater of gold. My father did this to me and by God I thought he was punishing me but today I am grateful.

You want all that I have?

Earn the spot light and I will give it to you..
But if you think I would let you go haywire, you are mistaken. This is my last warning to you Brian, there wouldn’t be another .

When i set my mind to do what i want to do, even your mother wouldn’t be able to plead on your behalf, so get your act together, and do your job, or the next time you would be hearing from me son, it wouldn’t be pleasant.”
And the line went dead..
“Fuck this!!” Brian exclaims, his mood sour. Okay, his father just got on his nerves.
He was pissed as hell..
Can’t the old man just let him be and tell him it’s okay, i am sorry for the stress, you are free to book the first flight out of this dump and I will send you millions of naira to live the life that you want. Finish.
And he would be as happy as a fox..
Why did he have to refuse to listen to reason?
Hmmph! !
Things aren’t going as he planned. He thought to himself
“Well…let’s play father, today you got points , so well played. ”
“Drive Ike”
“It’s -”
“You don’t want to piss me off. I know your name and I choose to call you whatever the hell I want. You don’t like it,resign, the next loyal dog of my father might not mind the name calling. You are lucky you aren’t getting a shit load of insults,i hear wilson,that feisty old witch’s driver gets a ear full. Just drive”
“Where to?” He didn’t smile
“First home and then to a cool restaurant or anywhere fancy. Oh I know, that place in GRA, MetroPark or Cubana. Take me there after home.

I feel like engaging my eyes, eat a massive dinner and then I scout some soft body to drown my sorrows in…”
He rested his head and closed his eyes and felt the car moving.
Father , I won’t let you break me.
“Where is this place Wilson?”
“Na Gra”
“Hmmm” the area seemed remotely nice. A few cars lined up the streets, loud music and tons of people trouping in and out of the building, while the men dressed casually and a few all suited up,all the ladies dressed to kill.
I wondered who they intended to kill tonight.
“Is the place safe?”
“Very safe madame, police people full everywhere”
“But I am not a fan of crowd,isn’t there anywhere else?”
“Madam we don go few places,na you talk say e too quiet, e too dry, e too dey open. Now this place get like three to four places wei you fit choose from.
MetroPark dey, Cubana day,GoodFellas dey, go down the road two hotels dey, then the end get Cassablanca …but me I no go like you reach there.. na dey club girls and ashawo borku, before person think you be one”
“Do I look like one?”
“Dem no dey write am for face”
“What ????” I was ready to slap him
“No madame no vex,I mean to say person no go won reason say you no be won because they come in different shapes and sizes so by the time you go there na, person go just assume you be high class prostitute na I dey talk. Dem like to hang around that casablanca well well. So e better you choose between Metro and Cubana. ”
“And here prostitutes don’t frequent? ”
“Erm….Dem fit Dem fit no fit”
“Do you ever try not to use pidgin, it irritates me ”
“Madame no vex,English no be my mother tongue”
“Well you better make it one,it irks me everytime you open your mouth I want to peel away my ears, surely you went to school?”
“I stop for form six ma”
I sigh.
I look down my cloths, I had slipped into a knee length yellow dress, and a wedge.
I didn’t want to stay in, I wanted to go out, eat out , see the night life of Port Harcourt, nothing fancy.
Wasn’t underdressed?
I wasn’t here looking for a pickup, but I definitely didn’t want to come off as being….Un-pickable.
“I wasn’t here for a pickup”

I mutter under my breath again, so who cares if I was underdressed.
I looked good in this simple yellow knee length dress, I just hated the front part that showed a little much cleavage. I should have carried a jacket.
I didn’t want people ogling my fine bosom.
It wasn’t healthy .
And there was no way I was going to be dressed as this girls, how come they left their homes looking like that?
I wondered as a girl passes me , a see through net top with a bra halfly covering her nipples, a short that could be taken for a pant.
I shake my head.
Oh well, I was here to eat, drink a bottle of wine, and relax then go home
Who cares if the girls walked around half naked.
“Make we stay or make we go find another place?”
“It’s fine Wilson, ” I say alighting from the car and heading into the place
“Make I wait for you madam? ”
“Am i supposed to fly home?” I turn to look at him
“Sorry ma, e just na say my wife go dey worry if I no reach house before midnight naim make”
“Well it’s three hours away to midnight, ”
He shuts his mouth,I turn and walk into the building and was enveloped with the sound of beautiful music different song from the one being played outside, an aroma of watering food and had my sights sent on people of all sizes and shapes having a good time.
Someone welcomes me at the door

“Goodevening ma’am what would you like to do? Eat, lounge, party /club or just to relax, we have different halls for all that you want.”
“Erm, okay I would like to eat and just relax”
“Nice choice ma’am, follow me”
She ushers me into a serene place, overlooking the downstairs where I can take in the view of the beautiful place, she hands me a menu
“What would you like to order?”
“Erm…give me a few minutes”
“Okay ma’am ”
She leaves me.
It takes a few minutes for me to order, she returns with my order, and a bottle of a blue-lady wine..
“Thank you so much. ” I say smiling.
I begin to dig into my food and it was magnificent.
Brian a lights from the car but pauses when he hears the driver side door open and close and he following him
“You don’t need to follow me in Ike”
“I won’t let you out of my sight sir, it’s late and who knows what could happen ”
“Nothing Ike,nothing. Look let me have a good time,you wait in the car”
“I would punch you in the face if you try to shadow me and mess up my game for tonight man” Brian says
“I will not interrupt your flirtation with the women or stop you from taking them home, I am just doing my job”
“You can do your job from the car or better still far away from me ”
“I will be across the room”
“Whatever ”
Brian walks into Cubana next to Metro park.
“welcome Sir, nice to have you back sir, where would you like to be tonight?”
“Oh where I can take a good look at a few of the beautiful ladies like yourself . But…first what’s your best meal for tonight? ”
She blushes ” Well I’ll take you to the top, and I am sure you would love the food prepared tonight ”
Brian follows her and gets settled in, he was done with his food and was on his second glass and talking to the fourth random chick for the night when he spotted a girl in a yellow dress seated below him, legs crossed, wine in hand and an impeccable body from the side and when she gets up to look below her when a loud mouthed couple was making a scene did he smile.
Her ass made the love shape..

“Dear Lord, such nice nice piece of creation”
“Sorry?” The lady who was standing infront of him asks, she was smiling from ear to ear..
“No Darlyne, sorry I wasn’t talking to you”
“Oh it’s fine, so what do you say we take this back to your place? ”
There was no way he was going away with this girl when he was seeing that yellow loved shapes ass from all the way up here.
No Devil, not today! .
“Actually, I am married”
“But you aren’t wearing a ring ?”
“Oh ring, it’s with my wife”
“And your wife is at home waiting on you and you are here flirting with a girl?”
“Actually you were flirting with me and I was just indulging you..and no my wife is down there”
“Down where?”
“There” Brian points to the lady below dressed in a yellow dress, her back to them, she turns to look
“So if you would excuse me I need to get back to the wife”
“Asshole” she says
“Erm? No.. I think that would be painful but I don’t do girls from there but thank you” he says sidestepping her and takes the stairs two at a time downst to get to the girl before she leaves
She was still there.
Thank you Jesus!!!
He puts on his best smile and approaches her from behind
“So I wonder what a pretty lady like yourself is doing here seated alone and drinking a bottle of wine, I wonder if I may join you, I promise I am.a good company and you might not be eager to leave me in a hurry” he says
The girl turns and his smile freezes on his face..