Nadia Episode 12


Nadia didnt know when she slept off, but not as suddenly awokened by the strong tap on her back.

”Wey you, open your eyes jhiir, you never well, abeg open your eye.” Nadia managed to open her eyes she was very weak. She saw a plate of pap and one cube of sugar and one slice of bread. ”Take eat make you nor say I use hunger beat you, he pushed the plate of pap to Nadia, Nadia was very weak and hungry and so she collected the food and started eating.

Two other guys stepped in, Nadia didn’t say anything she just assumed it was the entire gang that had come to Rob them.

”How she dey? One of them asked, na she you dey see so o,

“she don release any number for you?” The third one asked,

”no o, she just dey wake up so”. He turned and faced Nadia who was still face down eating, “wey you? See we nor day sabi keep person tay for here o, so make you quick give us phone number make we call them make them pay for your ransom make you for fit go house”

Nadia started crying again.

”Please sir, am an orphan, I have no one, nobody, please let me go I beg you.” Before she could finish her statement a hot slap landed on her face. The big black guy looked at her and said,

”you feel say we dey joke abi, you feel say na play we dey play with you abi. Nor let me beat you o. Just call your papa number or your mama number, just cooperate so that everything go go well and everybody go happy” Nadia explained again, that she was an orphan and had nobody to call. But the guys insisted that she was a liar, that they know her dad so well and how he travels anyhow to different countries, a big business tycoon that rented and furnished such a fine house for his only child.

Nadia immediately realized that they had mistook her for her friend. She tried to explain to them but they were too adamant to believe her, they started hitting and beating her. Her bandage came off and she started bleeding from her nose and mouth. It didnt take much time before she passed out again.

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Its been over two weeks since the sudden disappearance of Nadia, Ruth had gone from one hospital to the other looking for Nadia, she had gone home to mama and together they’ve gone from one mortuary to the other, nobody knew where or who took Nadia. Ruth had become a shadow of herself, she has started going from one church to the other seeking for prayers for Nadia.

Mama called and informed frank that Nadia was missing, and they’ve gone to the police who were also in search of Nadia. Frank suggested that they print her picture and put it in different places around the school and in the town and that was exactly what they did. But still there was no news of Nadia.

Ruth had gradually lost herself, she had stopped going to class, she no longer talks to anybody, she would just sit staring into the empty space. Frank told Mama to move Ruth over to her house so that she can be observed and monitored closely. Ruth was gradually losing her mind. The disappearance of Nadia had more effect on her than she could fanthom.

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Meanwhile Nadia had become terribly sick from lack of care and food. The boys have since stopped giving her food since she couldn’t give them any phone numbers to call, they turned her into their sex machine. Every night each of them would come and rape her one after the other, sometimes she would pass out but they didnt care. They will satisfy themselves and push her aside. She had given up all hopes of getting out of this place alive. And tonight she was feeling dizzy her eyes were heavy, her head was heavy, she felt pains all over, she no longer cried or begged because she knew she was dealing with mean men.

She was expecting them any moment because they never fail to come and rape her every night, she started praying silently to die and join her parents, she couldn’t stand another night of torture, but it seems even death had abandoned her, for the guys came in one after the other staring angrily at her.

She saw her neckchain with the big black guy, she has been seeing it in him for days now, now all she wished for was to touch the necklace and die with it. And so she made up her mind to collect it tonight.

As usual they each had their turns with her and when it was the turn of the black guy she gathered the last strength she had and she held onto the necklace, it was not easy but she managed to collect it from him before passing out once more. By the time she woke up, they were already gone, but the neck chain was still with her, she looked at it and cried,

”mother I am now ready to join you, please take me with you, I don’t want to live anymore, just let me die, please God let me die! Hot tears flowed from her eyes as she shut them tight waiting for death to take her……