Nadia Episode 11


Carry her, carry her let’s take her to the hospital, Nadia could hear the voice faintly but could not open her eyes, her heart was beating fast, she felt the hands carry and lift her up, she somehow knew that she was placed in a car, she didnt want to go with them but she didnt have the strength or power to argue, so she just lay still until they drove off.

The news had gone round that Nadia was hit by a run away driver and some good Samaritans have carried her to the hospital. Ruth who had ran out far into the bush to cry for her life had no idea of what was going on.

After spending some time in the bush and realizing that this was not the solution to their problem, she decided to go back home, she would beg Nadia to forgive her and she will promise to always listen to her from today and never argue ever again with her. Together they would heal. And so she got up and walked towards home. But just before she could leave the school environ, she saw one of Nadia’s course mates who knew her as Nadia’s sister.

”Are you not Nadia’s sister? ” the girl asked, and Ruth shook her head in affirmative. ”Where have you been? Almost everybody has been looking for you.” Ruth looked her for sometime to ascertain if she was talking to her or someone else.

“Who is everybody?” Ruth asked “and why is everybody looking for me?” Ruth asked again. This time the girls shook her head sadly and said to herself

” she doesn’t know”

“know what” Ruth asked again.

”Well your sister, the medical one” she said demonstrating as if to describe Nadia to Ruth, but she interrupted shouting ehn!

“My sister ehn! What happened?”

” Your sister was hit by a hut and run driver and he left her to die and drive off.”

” What?” Ruth shouted, “which sister? Whose sister?/where, when, who,how,” the girl pointed to the direction of the accident as Ruth took off, running to the place. When she got there she was told some guys have taken Nadia to the hospital. Nobody knew the boys or what hospital they took Nadia.

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Meanwhile. Nadia gradually regained consciousness. Her head was bandaged, she looked carefully at where she was, she remembered the accident and the rescue, but this does not certainly look like a hospital, where was she. She couldn’t tell, and so she called,

“hello, is anyone here,” but nobody answered. She tried to open the doors to see if anyone was in, but the door was locked. She could still feel a sharp pain inside her head, and so she went back to the bed and laid down. Hours later the door opened and a nurse walked in, she smiled as she offered Nadia a glass of water.

”Thank God you are awake, your brother was beginning to worry”,

“my brother?” Nadia asked.

“Yes, he brought you here after the accident and called on me to check on you, I had wanted him to let us take you to the hospital but he refused and said I should treat you here. Now that you are finally awake, my work here is done.” She checked her bag and brought out some medicines and gave them to Nadia.

“Take these drugs in two to three days you will be up and jumping.” She turned to leave before Nadia asked.

“Nurse please how long have I been here? And why do I feel so weak and dizzy”,

” its because you had a big injury in your head that is healing gradually, and so you must rest very well so you won’t become unconscious again. And you’ve been here for 6days now” she said before turning and walking away.

Nadia wanted to still talk to her but she already left and so she just closed her eyes and slept off.

By the time she opened her eyes it was morning and felt better than the previous night. She got up and went to the door, hut it was still locked from outside, she started calling out to whoever was there to come and open the door, after shouting for some time without getting any response she became confused, she went and sat at the bed and was wondering how she got there, what brother, 6 days, where was Ruth? How come she wasn’t in the hospital?

Her thoughts was interrupted by the door that was opened. A tall dark and scary looking guy walked in.

”Finally you are awake” he said. Nadia knew she has heard that voice before, but could not remember where.

“Please sir, who are you? Where am I ? Please I want to go home.”

”Shut up” was what she heard. ”Go which home? The money when I don spend take treat you, who won pay?”

Suddenly Nadia recognized the voice, its the same guy who had raped her days back. Fear suddenly gripped her as she stammered……

”Sorry sir, I I I will pay you” she managed to say, the man laughed a wicked laugh,

“pay me with wetin? Anyways, I just come confirm say you don wake as that yeye girl don collect my money go, I dey go for now, better try and think of who you go call to come bail you from hia o, I nor won trade bad market o, better dey crack that your damaged head o, so that I nor go help you damage am pass as e don already damage o”. He turned and walked away.

The pain inside of Nadia’s head increased. What is happening? How did she get here? And what was this man doing here? She knew she was in for big trouble.