Nadia Episode 10


Nadia, Vic and Ruth had been raped, the girls laid still for sometime before Vic managed to get up, she went over to her neighbour and borrowed their phone with which she called her parents, they quickly came over to school and picked her home. Nadia was furious, she was angry. If Ruth had listened to her this wouldn’t have happened, she picked up herself and the pieces of her thorn clothes she turned and looked at Ruth who was still wailing on the floor, and without saying a word she picked her bags and left the house coolval stories.

So many thoughts were in her head, she was weeping inside of her. She had lost her virginity in the most wicked of ways, her mom had died and left her to this wicked world. The only thing her mom had given to her, her good luck chain had been collected from her. Life was worth nothing to her, what kind of life was she living?

All this was Ruth’s fault, if Ruth had followed her home this calamity wouldn’t have fallen on them, she cried even more when she remembered her mother’s dying words to always listen to her heart, to always have a second thought on everything, her mom had promised her that she would always be with her, God had promised her that He would always be with her, but now where were they when she was been beaten and raped by a monster, where was her mom and where was God? She had left Ruth in that house not minding to know if she was okay or not.

But how can Ruth be okay? Ruth was crying and lamenting, saying if she had known she would have followed Nadia, ”see what telenovela has done to me oooo” she cried, why didnt I listen to my sister, why didnt I go home? How do I face my sister now? My pride is gone, my sister is gone, what do I do now? Where do I go now? All the efforts from the neighbours to calm her down failed. She was shouting and wailing and suddenly she stopped crying and started running until she disappeared from sight.

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Meanwhile Vic’s parent had carried her straight from the hostel back to abuja their home town. She was taken straight to the hospital and her dad had ordered that she be given the best medical attention requires. Vic was his only child and he couldn’t afford anything bad to happen to her. He had made a call to the commissioner of police to track down those boys and make sure they are caught and dealt with for daring to raise their filthy hands on his daughter. He would deal mercilessly with them.

Nadia was so lost in thoughts that she didnt see the vehicle coming, before she noticed it, it was too late, the car threw her from the road and she fell and hit her head on the electric pole that was just by the tarred road. She tasted the blood rush from her head in her tongue, she could see the vehicle driving away, she could hear faintly the voices of people cursing at the vehicle, and she could see some persons in shadow form wailing, some were lifting their hands on their heads, others were running around her in circles, slowly the while thing faded away and she soon lost consciousness.