All That Glitters Episode 27


Muna opened the door hingely and was quite surprised by the two figures in front of him

How come

Tamuno was standing outside with a brazen face As if he was here to fight

Next to him halima stood with one hand on her hip

From the Look on her face one could easily tell that she wasn’t pleased with the fact that this Tamuno guy followed her here

Not sure what to make of the situation

Muna opened his mouth and quizzed tamuno

“Why are you here”

He didn’t want to sound offensive

But the sight of tamuno really pissed him off

Why the hell should one of juma’s boy be at his doorstep

He should know better…
Juma’s people and cleansweep don’t see eye to eye…
Worst of all out of school

Its like making a wolf and an alsatian dog breed stay in the same room

*what the hell was he thinking coming here*

Halima noticed the heated tension between the two as they glared at each other intently

She quickly stepped in

“I was just on my way here,,,so we could work on the project,,,but I kinda bumped into him on the way,,,and since he is the third wheel of our team,,,he insisted he come with me”

She blurted out

She wondered why they both looked at each other that way ,,,

Not sure what exactly was the thing they had between them she continued

“Pls just let us in first”

Tamuno snorted

“Well his manners didn’t seem to register that fact”

Muna was about to retort…
Then he looked down and saw that he had been standing at the doorway all this while

He revved up

Then spaced the door properly

Letting the both of them in

They stepped in

And went straight to his living room

He closed the door

And bolted it from inside

He then walked off to them

He gave halima a puzzled Look

Halima took his hand and led him to a corner where Tamuno wouldn’t be able to hear them

“We were not supposed to work on anything today” Muna said

“Yeah,,,I know um”

“Then what are you and Mr bozo over there doing in my house” he said again almost loud

She became sullen

“Don’t talk like that Muna,,,it wasn’t my fault,,,I just wanted to see you so badly,,,that I decided to surprise you by coming,,,but then he came out of nowhere ,,it seemed as though he had been following me”

Muna widened his eyes in amusement

“He was following you?”
He asked her in annoyance,,and without waiting for an answer
He started moving towards Tamuno in anger

Halima quickly stopped him

“Muna hold on,,,whah ,,,where are you going”

He looked at her

“To teach that pervy stalker a lesson”

She flinched and held his shirt

She couldn’t understand why there was so much bad blood between the both of them

She held his shirt tight and drew nearer to him

She had planned to see Muna today

And have a nice time with him

She didn’t want anything that would ruin his mood Or turn him off

Cos she needed him badly

She needed that affection

That care!

He sighed

“You said you planned to see me,,,what is it about,,,nothing serious?” He queried her

She drew in her breath

Then got ready to expose to him

“Yeah I did,,,actually i-”

She stopped and looked up at his face

“The thing is ,,Muna I really-”

She got fascinated and drawn by the way his piercing eyes Peered into hers

He had so much intensity in his eyes she didn’t know when she drew closer

Perhaps to take a closer Look

Perhaps to lock lips

Who knew

But the magnetism was strong and uncontrollable

She got drawn closer

Their faces were so close together


Tamuno’s voice cut them off
“Like are we going to do something or just stand all day moping around”

His voice had a sting of annoyance in it

They both adjusted and went back to the living room

Since this was supposed to be another project event

Muna went into his room and brought out some materials

He placed them on the floor

And beckoned they all sit around

The look of dissaproval never dissapeared from Tamuno’s face

He kept giving Muna side stares

They began to work on the finishing touches on their project

Although Tamuno hardly gave much contribution cos he hadn’t laid a finger on the project since it started way before

He noticed the way halima and Muna flowed together as they all worked

This annoyed him the more

They would go over a theory and halima would wait and tease Muna about already knowing the answer

This would make them both chuckle and infuriate him the more

He kept giving Muna death stares

But what fumed him Was that Muna seemed restrained and unbothered at all by his presence

This really ticked him

They went on and on

Tamuno just kept quiet and observed closely

After long hours of flipping through materials And working out theories

The project seemed tact and ready for submission

The only thing left was The outro

They rounded up

And it was already late

Time to leave

Muna checked the wall clock


He stood up

Gave halima his hands for her to get up

She stood up

But peered into him

“Are you that eager to send me away?’ She peered into him

He shook his head

“Nah,,,but the rules the nightguards have is,,,all gates,,,or in this case-”

Pointing to his door

“All doors must be locked and bolted before 7:30 for safety reasons”

He playfully tipped her nose

Halima smiled and nodded

Something ticked off tamuno’s nerves

She never smiled like that for him

Let alone feel so happy when he touched her

He stepped and grabbed
Halima by the wrists

“Come on,,,its late let’s get going”

She winced as his fingers bruised her elbow

“Ouch! ,,hey ,,,what’s your rush,,,go home if you intend to ,,,we don’t live in the same house,”

She yanked her hand free from his grip And rubbed the spot

Tamuno had an enstranged Look on his face as he peered at her

She turned to Muna and said

“Please I’m a little pressed,,,can I use your bathroom for a while”

He nodded


Then motioned her the spot to head to

He and Tamuno then stepped outside to excuse her

And possibly wait so as they could get going

As they stepped outside

Muna felt the cold night breeze

He breathed it in like a drug

He always loved the cold

It was something he and his brother shared in common

Apart from a long list of other things

While he was still reminising

In like five minutes gone by

His shirt got pulled by the collar and yanked to the wall

Tamuno grabbed him and pinned him against the wall

*of course*

Muna thought

Very typical of these guys

He had been expecting this all day

What took so long

Tamuno pushed his face to him in a enraged manner

Muna could feel his hardbreathing

So predictible

They must always result to their fist

Tamuno’s voice was rough and croaky as he spoke

“Now listen to me you little biracial punk,,,that kele in there is mine,,,all mine and not shareable ,,you understand”

Muna sighed

He looked down at his collar

Where Tamuno gripped roughenly and looked back at tamuno’s face

He calmly asked

“Who do you think you’re gripping by the collar”

Tamuno roughened him again against the wall

Muna scoffed and shook his head

Tamuno ragingly asked him

“Do you think this is funny you stupid little punk!!,,,I will wooze you right here now,,,if you joke around”

Muna started to loose his patience

This was a new shirt

And this idiot was busy giving it new designs

He coarsely said

“Take your hands of my shirt ,,,!”

Tamuno laughed sardonically

“Are you kidding me,,,is that how they thought you to plead”

Muna glared at him directly in the eyes now and simply said

“I wont repeat it again,,,take your filthy hands of my shirt now!”

Tamuno got ticked a little…

But what the hell

He had had enough of the whole thing

He wanted a piece of Muna

He angrily gripped his collar again and tried roughening him against the wall

Muna contemplated whether smashing his face right now Or just leaving it to Tobi

He decided to do the latter

Instead he laxed

Tamuno got so infuriated by his calm and relaxed attitude

*who the hell does he think he is*

He angrily released one collar

And tried to smack Muna

But as he raised his hand

He got stopped!

Someone held his shoulders from behind and pulled him away from Muna

He effortlessly swung Tamuno to the ground

“Now that’s about too far ,,isn’t it,,” Tobi rhetorically asked him as he went and pulled him up to his feet

The shocked Look on Tamuno,’s face was no mistake

“You like dragging people by the collar eh,,,let’s see how you taste your own medicine” Tobi pulled him up by his collar and lurched him towards a wall

The cry of pain was almost laughable

“Ahn ahn why now ,,,this small thing ,,,shebi you’re busy forming macho boss the other time” Tobi teased him

He then dragged Tamuno and smashed him against some empty waste bins

Tamuno writhed around the ground

Tobi sighed

“Awww,,,come on get up my friend,,,I’m not done yet” he mocked him again

Muna just watched in silence

He knew he was already too late when he gave Tamuno a second warning

Tobi had been looking for a chance to get his hands on one of juma’s boys. ,,he could list a few things he had a grudge with them

Who wouldn’t


He could have saved Tamuno from this embarrasment if he had stopped him himself

He gave him a chance to back off but he refused

Now its no longer his issue

*its between you and cassanova* Muna thought in his mind

Soon he wondered what was keeping halima so long

He decided to go back inside and check

Tobi dragged a weak and bruisedTamuno up again


He snapped his fingers over tamuno’s weary eyes

“Don’t pass out on me o,,,we need to talk to someone right now”

Tobi pointed down the road at a man dressed in an atire
The man had a rifle slung over his shoulders And a large torchlight in hand

“You see that nightguard over there,,hmn,,,let’s go to him ,,,you’ll explain yourelf as to why you were molesting an individual of these streets by this time of the night”

He noticed Tamuno dulling his eyes as his head staggered around in half unconciousness

“Hey ,,hey,,I said no fainting o,,,are you deaf”

Tobi sarcastically broke into a song

/eeh,,no fainting baby,,ehh/
/eeh no dulling baby/
/I sAy,,eeh no fainting baby/
/and don’t pass out baby/

“You’ve heard that patoranking song right,,,attaboy,,now lets go before you start to ask me question like “WHO OFF LIGHT””

Tobi dragged him off

Tamuno was half walking and half leaning on Tobi

He could barely make out two plus two at this moment

…from inside the house

Halima stepped out of the bathroom

She walked over to the living room but as she went she passed through muna’s room

It was nice and well kept

She unknowingly stepped in and realised that the place had his scent

A very nice fruity scent

Her eyes wandered to the bed

And her heart skipped a beat

She didn’t know what to make of it

She stood and stared down

She leaned on the wall still admiring his room

From the casual wears he kept in a labelled section

To the stage wears he kept in another section

He had everything in proper sync

From shoes to hats
To materials

Both formal and informal

All in perfect sync

She wondered how someone who grew up alone Was so well mannered

So well kept

And so dreamy

She blushed at the last thought

His belongings were so natural

Small simple,,,and natural

Everything looked just like Muna

“Well ordered!”

She said outloud

She didn’t realise when she said it out

Then suddenly

“What’s so well ordered?”

Muna ‘s voice rang through the air

She froze when she realised him

Standing across the corridor looking at her with that same intensity
As before

If it was possible to define

It would be an understatement as to what she was feeling right now

“So what did the man say”

Tobi shrugged

“Well in his exact words”
“Na so alhaji pikin dey do,,,abeg make una no vex”

Muna chuckled at the way Tobi mimicked the night guard

They had sat down chewing snacks while watching another shippudeen episode

“Is it that you guys always have light or-”

Muna looked at him and queried

“Yep,,don’t you guys”

Tobi chuckled

“If you could call five hours a day light,,,then yeah ,,,that’s all we got”

Muna forgot to ask then the thought came to him

“You said something about Dre,,,cos I know its unsuall for you to just walk over here”” less somethings up”

Tobi nodded
“He sent me to come over and ask you for convenience,,,he can’t stay home tonight cos of-”

Tobi watched muna’s jaw tighten

He continued

“Anyway ,,,he said pls,,don’t lock your door yet ,,he’ll be here soon”

Muna sighed

If there was anything that pissed him off more than mr sam…
It was definitely this…

Why won’t Dre just listen to him

Just one simple move

Muna hoped one day

Atleast Dre would see reason and move out ,,atleast for the time being

He needs space

Muna knew it

And he knows Dre does

*but Dre is just too annoyingly selfless*

Muna sighed again

His eyes were on the tv but his mind had wandered off

He could barely make out the screens on the tv

At this stage

Muna was sure nothing else could surprise him again

Nothing at all

Or so he thought

A quick knock came on the door

He and Tobi exchanged looks

Who could be knocking by this time of the night

Was Dre already here

They both went to the door to find out the individusl

Tobi massaged his knuckles and bundled up his fist

Getting ready incase if it were some unwanted individuals

(As in ,,gentlemen of the night)

Muna curiously opened the door

And once again

He was greeted with another surprise

He took back his words earlier when he said that nothing could surprise him Anymore

This was really unexpected

“Good evening ma” he greeted her

Bowing a little

Sonia’s mom smiled
Brightly as she saw muna’s handsome face

“Oh my beautiful son,,,how are you this evening”

“Very fine ma” he replied

Tobi simply snorted as he stood beside muna

His facial expression changed when he saw sonia cowering behind her mum


He excitedly cried out

*gosh!! Tobi!!*

Sonia inwardly complained as Tobi gave away her position

He was still smiling sheepishly

As sonia glared at him


She’ll get him later

There is something else now

Muna now had a raised eyebrow as he noticed sonia behind her mum

Sonia’s mom brushed her from her back towards her side then said to

“Erm,,,Muna my son,,there is something ,,we need to discuss about”

Again not sure how exactly to react…

Muna spaced the door for them to enter

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