All That Glitters Episode 28


he was still contemplating
he had an enstranged Look on his face as he crossed the road

now at the other side

Muna played the entire issue that happened last night

from crazy Tamuno
then the whole thing with Sonia’s mom

after he had let them in

Tobi and sonia stayed at the corridor

and he was with Sonia’s mom

she had explained the entire reason of her visit

Sonia’s dad who had been outta town for a long while suddenly came down with an illness

now Sonia’s mom had to travel all the way to abuja to tend to him

she could not take sonia along simply because of school

and they had no other relatives here in bongos

that’s where Muna came in

she had asked Muna to please accommodate sonia for a while until she gets back

the thing is Sonia’s mom is very protective of her daughter…

she wasn’t comfortable with her staying all alone in the house

and since muna’s was closeby

she suggested sonia stay there for a while

she was prepared for Sonia’s objection

and as she predicted ,,sonia freaked out of the idea

but after much persuasion

and a little bit of light threats

she was forced to succumb

*she would be leaving early this morning to the park* Muna thought

he had first thought about starting his big brother responsibilities by going to their house and making sure
sonia prepares for school early

but then he realised that for sure…

that mummy’s girl would probably follow her mum to the park

so he decided to just walk to school without her

as he walked he then started a quick flashback to what Sonia’s mum had pleaded with him to
“erh,,Muna,,,please just take of her till I’m back okay,,,erm,, I don’t know how to say this,,but I hope you know she’s like your sister,, so try not to uhm-”

Muna had assured her that no harm would come to her as long as she was in his care
“you know Im trusting you,,,because,,I know you are a good boy,,,even though there are some of your friends that are a little,,(she was glancing at Tobi at this point)…but I watch you very closely,,,you are well mannered,,,you don’t do those kind of stuff of which boys your age do…so pls just watch over her as a sister,,don’t try to,,you know-”

she tried hinting at what she meant

Muna smiled and assured her again

“don’t worry ma,, she’ll be perfecty all right,,,just send my regards to daddy”

she acknowledged

Sonia’s mum was worried apart from the rampant paranormal activities going on in their streets

the increase in street gangs and criminal violence was not something she could contend with

it wasn’t easy but she knew she couldn’t take her daughter along

and also she wasn’t ready to risk leaving her all alone

Muna was a respectable individual in her eyes and the perfect candidate to Look after her daughter…

she knew sonia would be safe with him

safe and sound!
but with sonia…

“for crying out loud I’m no longer a kid” sonia complained for the third time to her friend

jessy groaned in fed upness

“what makes her think I can’t take care of myself,,,its not like she’ll be gone for long,,gosh”

jessy sighed

she placed a hand on Sonia’s shoulder and said

“soso,,,no one says you can’t take care of yourself,,,your mom is only thinking of your safety”

she flinched

“what safety,,,what is there in going to school,,,coming back,,,locking the door and going to bed”

jessy widened her eyes

“you’re talking as if you don’t know the area you live in anymore,,,is there anywhere more notorious with street thugs, than nkwova avenue”

sonia rolled her eyes

“so!,,then I’ll be careful,,,she supposed to enjoin me to be careful,,,instead of colliding me with someone in their own house!!”

sonia cried out In frustration

at this moment

jessy stepped closer and raised an eyebrow at her

sonia had a quizzed Look

she demanded

jessy started
“you know,,,I’m starting to get the feeling that this isn’t about your mom,,,but the main reason ,,you’re freaking out is because you’re going to be spending some hometime with muna,,and the idea is driving you nuts”

sonia blinked and kept mute

“aha!” jessy cried out

she knew each time sonia blinked her eyes rapidly,,,it had to be something about Muna

“admit it,,,you’re worried about spending time with him,,,you’re thinking about things both of you could do ,,alone,,,in a small room,,,on a small a small-”

sonia stopped her from continiuing by playfully pushing her away

“just admit it,,,you’re more excited and anticipating something juicy anytime from now”

“that’s not true” sonia retorted

jessy naughtily clutched her arm and whispered closely

“just make sure you feel me in on the details,,,I want info on everything,,,especially on how good he is on-”

“stop it jess!” sonia pushed her away again

“why not,, see let me tell you now,,don’t fvck up this time around,,,this is a big chance for you to taste the forbidden apple,,,and let me tell you,,,if I were you don’t only taste o,,,carry the entire thing and chop o,,,be greedy,,even if he is begging to rest,,,don’t agree,,do him over and over and over ag-”


sonia yelled at her again

“what rubbish are you saying!”

jessy looked at her in a quizzing manner

“aw come on soso,, stop acting like you don’t get me,,,I mean I’m sure you must have done it a couple times before”

sonia kept mute

jessy widened her eyes
“no way,,don’t tell me,,,you’re still,,,still intact, as in,,still ,,still a virgin”

sonia was quiet

the Look on her face said it all…

jessy’s mouth hung open

it was hard to believe that
sonia is yet to be deflowered

considering the school we went to

filled with hormone raging teenagers and students in their early twenties

and peodiophilic teachers
who seem to lust after their own underlings,not minding the age gap,,almost all teachers,,both male and female…they’ve done one escapade or the other with the students …

it was everywhere everyday

sometimes student on student

or one so called respected teacher like that,,on a young student

it was quite hard to avoid

especially for a pretty girl like sonia

so then

how did she do it?

jessy rung the question in her head

but she didn’t ask it out

instead she started saying

“okay ,,,the truth is,,,its usually awkward and painful on the first try,,,just ask him to go slow and easy ,,and you’ll find out it gets easier on other attempts,,ok”

sonia had a puzzled Look on her face as she stared at her

she then blurted out

“I really don’t know what you’re talking about jess,,let’s just go inside!”

she then walked to the school gate and pushed it open

jessy sighed and followed her friend inside

they had both gone together to see Sonia’s mom to the park that morning

they spent a long while there as her mother wonted to make sure sonia listened to her instructions carefully as they waited for the bus to get full

now as jess stepped in through the gate

she met sonia standing still and looking ahead in amusement

she wondered what prompted her

jessy looked around and noticed that the junior students were busy playing around the school compound…instead of being busy in their respective classes

sonia called on her

“jess,,,this is like 3rd period right”

jessy checked her wristwatch and nodded

“so why are the juniors all about the place”

she shrugged her shoulders

they decided to go towards their block and find out what was the cause for misplacement because asking this overexcited kids would not really give them a clear answer

as they reached the assembly hall…

they both started hearing noises at the back of the biulding

it sounded like crowd murmurs

they quickened their pace and turned left

they now faced the staff office

and lo and behold

every senior student had gathered in their large numbers in front of the staff office

this was quite intriguing

“seems like a kind of protest,,,” jessy said

they walked closer and
noticed some students carrying placards ,,and chanting some rebel tunes

although not the occasional
*wi no go gree o,,,wi no go gree”

but something like that

sonia looked and noticed some inscriptions on the placards




sonia couldn’t understand the entire thing…

she soon saw me standing at a levelled spot with my own placard

she called out

“ken!,,ken!,,whah,,wat is going on”

I beckoned on her to come over to where yahya,,wasabi and myself stood

she came closer and said

“what exactly is going on,,why is everyone outside”

“you’re just coming!,,,didn’t you see the police vehicle outside”

she shook her head

then I told her

“they are trying to expell the guys”

she still looked clueless

“expell which guys?”

I peered at her and said

“as in the guys ,,,john,,Mike,,Muna e.t.c,,,the cleansweeps”

it was like she couldn’t breathe anymore

“what,,wha-,,why,,for what?”
she stuttered

“they’ve been accused of burglary theft,, and they’re about to be expelled and arrested for breaking and entering into the school premises”

sonia was dumbfounded

how was that possible

why would they steal

she knew cleansweep more than anything

more than she knew herself

they’ll never steal a dime


so what exactly was I talking about

she was still recorvering and trying to place two and two together when

jessy called out to her

“sonia!,,did you hear”

she startled

“huh!,,,huh?,,,hear what?”

jess then said

“someone just told me right now,,”

“told you what”

jess then said

“he is back,,,Mr sam just got back”

sonia went blank

if anyone could hear her mind they could be able to hear the loong


this was like one of the most unbelievable news ever

why would he be back

what exactly happened

how did he have anything to do with what was happening to the guys now…

*is that man not supposed to be in jail*

sonia then remembered that Muna didn’t press charges

it then dawned on her again

today is Monday

his two weeks suspension just ran out today…

she staggered a little

no way…no

the thoughts kept running through her brain

she felt a little light headed

just how would this one pan out now!

soon she started to worry

what about Muna

what about their plans for tonight and for everyother night they would have together untill her mom comes back

so it won’t come to light anymore
it wasn’t going to happen as she imagined

*oh please let it not be so*

she silently wished