As he walked away I called out to him and wept bitterly. We had been married for twenty years and now he was leaving, because he had found a younger woman, I screamed and shouted but he didn’t turn “you are going to suffer, even what to eat you won’t get you useless man, money for water will be hard to come by and you won’t even have a place to lay your head” I cursed angrily. Today,  as the taxi I sat in drove by I saw a man sitting at the bus stop looking all disheveled and yet I easily recognized him but I couldn’t stare long for I was ashamed, word had it that he had lost his job, his new wife had died and he had been thrown out of his house by the landlord, he couldn’t afford a meal or even water and now he lived at the bus stop. Just within a year of leaving me, I had used these same lips I had kissed him with sometime ago to ruin his life, I hadn’t punished him, I had punished myself for my four children had become my sole responsibility and how would they forgive me if they found out my curses had put their father in the streets? I greatly regretted all that but alas, it was too late