“Adzo” (The Untamed) Season 2 – Episode 4


Their lives and destiny were about to change, it will only take a miracle for them to get a reason to smile again.

Adzo tried in her own way to console her.

“I don’t know what love is, but I am sure everything is for a reason. Don’t cry dear sis” Adzo said.

Throughout that evening Ruby for the first time slept in the company of Adzo.  After several hours of crying over Fred, she slept finally.

The night was short, Ruby woke up thinking that whatever that happened the previous day was a dream. But she knew how real it was. She woke up to find that she was alone. Perhaps, She thought Adzo had gone back to her room.

Without delaying Ruby went straight ahead to Adzo’s room only to find out that she was nowhere to be found. Her belongings were not there either.

Ruby got worried that she asked all the maids in the house  if they had seen Adzo, but to her disappointment no one had seen her.

She then suspected that her mother was behind this. Ruby’s mother had already made it clear to Ruby that she needed Adzo out of the house that very morning.

Out of  anger, Ruby went into her mother’s room to confront her. The other side of Ruby was beginning to unfold. With all the things that kept happening to her, you couldn’t expect anything less. Anger had consumed her totally. She was not the sweet sensitive Ruby we used to know.

“Mum, where is Adzo, I know you’ve sent her away”  She asked.

Ruby’s mother looked at her and shake her head.

“You have no idea of the one you have open your doors to” Ruby’s mother said.

“Mum, where is Adzo? She is all I ask for” Ruby persisted.

“Well, I don’t know her whereabout.” She answered.

Ruby knew her mother wouldn’t lie to her. She however broke down as soon as her mother answered her.

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click on www.pobsonline.com for more stories

Meanwhile Fred was spending quality time with Baaba and indeed they really seemed happy. Inwardly Fred still thought of Ruby. Ruby didn’t deserve what he did to her. He still had a soft spot for her.

Fred was as confused as you can imagine. Somehow he had regretted his actions and felt guilty for what he had done. Baaba noticed that he was a bit distracted. She knew exactly what to do to get back his attention.  She got that with her continues soft mouth kisses and pampering.

Meanwhile, the disappearance of Adzo was very mysterious. Why would she run away when actually she had the support of Ruby.

According to Ruby’s mother, she had no idea of where Adzo could be likewise the maids in the house. No one saw how she left. If she had ran away, then what could have actually triggered it.

Ruby was caught in the middle, she was moaning her father, her wedding didn’t come off, Fred had broken her heart and now Adzo is nowhere to be found.

She found herself thinking all the time and her mother saw how depressed she looked. Like every mother she began to feel her pain. If the return of Adzo would make her daughter happy, then she was willing to do whatever it takes within her power to look for Adzo.

It’s been two days since Adzo’s disappearance. There has  been no sign of her in anyway. Ruby kept wondering and searching for her.  She kept asking the neighbors if they had actually seen her but the news was always the same.

Aside all this, she found herself also thinking of Fred, her very first love. Many times she had tried to call him but always unreachable. Fred had changed his number. Ruby had no contact with him anymore. The only thing she could think of was to go his house but unfortunately Fred had even moved from there.

Ruby sat the sitting room with her mother when all of a sudden Efe came in with the message that two strange looking people where at the door.

Initially they thought they were family members who came to offer their condolences but upon inviting them in, they were not familiar with them.

However Ruby was able to recognize them, it was Aziz and Mr. Abdul.

To be continued.