The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 20


I got inside, grabbed a yoghurt from the fridge then sat on my bed to reason things. Wow! Sons of prominent men in the country?

Those ashawo musicians?? All want to woo Mirabel???

**Sips** And she’s like trying to woo me? What am doing?? what am I waiting for???


The most important thing is that, she loves me, so … what else is keeping me? Today I talk to her, tell her how I feel and how I appreciate her…

**Finished the yoghurt**

I got myself ready, I refused to take the car so I took a bike and left for Mirabel’s. I dropped in front of the gate, paid the bike guy…

Bike man: Oga U dey enjoy oh…

Me: How u mean?

Bike man: U dey nyansh those rich fine fine girls wey dey inside, U dey enjoy oh…

Me: (laughs) I no know for U oh…

Bike man: Haba! Find your guy something beta nau… we wey no get the opportunity to even touch the gate talkless of… kai mai gida! U get luck oh…

Me: Make U no go work, dey here dey talk talk… take jare I gave him ×3 of his charge

Bike man: Ye wa… nagode,,, thank U very much

Me: Ya yi, san nu… (its ok)

Bike man: Ka na jin hausa? (U understand hausa)

Me: Awo… ka je aiki dan Allah (Yes… go to work I beg U to God)

Bike man: Oga! Byee Byee, thank U very much

Me: Eh hen… bye…

Bike man: Small small oh… He said while zooming off, yeye guy. I knocked on the giant gate, the security gateman came out…

Security: Who are U looking for? Come see where gateman dey speak phonetic

Me: I’m looking for Mirabel

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Security: U? Looking for Mirabel??
Me: Yes

Security: Why are U looking for her?

Me: (provoked) Are U her personal guard? Why the question??

Security: For Security reasons

Me: Do I look like a terrorist or a kidnapper?

Security: Its Ok… just doing my job. Lemme go and inform her

Me: Alright… He closed the gate leaving me outside. The gate opened again after some minutes but the opener was who I don’t like to see. It was Frank, her male bodyguard.

Frank: She don’t want to see U, just leave… Before I could open my mouth, he slammed the gate. That guy is really annoying, I don’t like him at all… Now what do I do? I thought of something when I walked a few steps about to head home. I called Cynthia…

Me: Hello Cynthia?

Cynthia: Hi Victor

Me: Are U at home?

Cynthia: Yes, why?

Me: I’m at the gate

Cynthia: Wow! Come in na

Me: I tried but Mirabel’s guard wouldn’t let me. He said she doesn’t want to see me.

Cynthia: Oh… give me a few minutes, I know what to do

Me: Really?

Cynthia: Yea, just wait there ok?

Me: Ok

I waited for like 15 minutes before she finally came out.

Cynthia: Alright Victor, just go straight to my house, Mirabel is there already. Lola and I will be outside so… take your time

Me: Thanks a lot Cynthia

Cynthia: No, I should be thanking U. Just go go go go go… no need to knock, just go in ok? (pushing me in) I got in, went to Lola and Cynthia’s house… and slowly walked in without knocking. I saw Mirabel laid on the sofa. She looked shocked as she slowly raise herself from the chair to seat… I didn’t say nothing, I slowly walked towards her, squat in front of her, then held her two hands.

Me: Mirabel,,, I know I’ve been on a distance, I know that I’ve wronged U, I know U don’t deserve my negligence, I know been acting weird and mischievous, I know I’ve bee…

Mirabel: Victor…

Me: Shhhhh…. I don’t want her to say anything yet

Me: U see… Mirabel, I dunno if I acted blind or I was so naive to realize how much U care for me but to tell U the truth… I really appreciate everything U did for me, the love, the care, the kindness and the extra love that you’ve shown me… I looked at her, I saw tears dripping down from her eyes yet she was some how smiling…


To Be Continued. ☆