In today’s episode,

Martin appeals to Veronica not to heed to words that come from Nanciyaga and no matter what she does they are never going to be separated and Veronica asks him the things he thinks Nanciyaga can say to separate them and Martin’s answer since it’s a lie, comes with stammering as usual but Veronica assures him that she can’t love anyone apart from him so there is no point worrying about that but if Nanciyaga is to stand in her way, she will have to contend with her.

Claudia meets with Montserrat and Salma and Montserrat agrees to give her a job in her company but all she wants from her is to be discreet and not to meddle in people’s affair so Claudia had no choice than to accept since she needed a job urgently.

Montserrat arrives home to meet a letter from Mariana telling her that she’s left to mina Escondida to catch up with Pablo and bring him back so they can have their wedding.


Julio meets Pablo and he tells him the wicked plan of Manuel towards him and that is to kill him, Ana Perla and Crescencio. Pablo upon hearing this quickly goes to confront Manuel on the issue and tells him that he won’t allow him kill any of his family members and this ends in a fight and fortunately Martin arrives to separate them and after Pablo narrates to him about Manuel’s intention, they arrest him and declare to him that they are taking him to prison. Manuel hearing that quickly tries to withdraw his intentions and says to Martin that he never meant what he said because those words came out of his mouth since he was angry but they still took him away. On their way, they bump into Ana Perla and Crescencio and after telling him, his gets a heart attack and they carried him home to have treatment. Martin insists on sending him to prison and Manuel begins begging Martin to forgive him. Father Juan asks Martin to give Manuel another opportunity since sending him to prison will worsen his case and Martin agrees to forgive him on condition that,  he either chooses to go to prison or work at the mine as an ordinary worker under his (Martin) orders and Manuel had no choice than to accept to work at the mine for his grandfather’s sake. 


Polo meets a young girl and through a conversation concerning an ice cream Polo was about tasting, they get to know each other after the girl Dorita requested that he allows her to have a taste. After polo gave her the ice cream, he takes her home to introduce her to his parents as his new friend and they received her with gladness and fed her seeing how hungry she was.

Nanciyaga continues to shed tears over Martin but Hilary advises her to stop imagining things between her and Martin because it not right for her to want Martin’s love at the cost of Veronica’s pain because one can’t gain happiness by ruining other people’s lives and Nanciyaga thinks her advice is good but she can’t see a life without boss Martin and part of her heart also yearns for Emiliano so she is going to follow which one of them her heart desires very much.

Magdalene and Botel arrive at the pueblo Nuevo hotel and upon seeing Veronica, she becomes too overwhelmed and happy and was even at the verge of telling her that indeed she is her daughter but Botel becomes smart enough and calms her down but Magdalena filled with tears of joy tells Veronica that she has something important to tell her. Veronica then enquires if she’s finally found her daughter and Magdalene answers with great happiness.


Mariana arrives in pueblo Nuevo and she wishes to know the whereabouts of Pablo but the receptionist Romeo refuses to let her know anything since their customer’s confidentiality is their hallmark.

Veronica asks Magdalena about how she lost her daughter or got separated from her and just when she was about spilling it out, Matilde arrives to interrupt her and the topic changed. After several conversations, Veronica begins praising Matilde as the best nanny in the world and wishes that she should have been the mother she never had. Magdalene then becomes so nervous and asks Veronica if she wishes to see her mother again but Veronica answers that she is never willing to see her mother and will reject her as the most despicable person in the world for abandoning her with her wicked father and leaving with her boyfriend without thinking of what might happen to her. Magdalene tries begging her and convincing her not to state those words about her mother but Veronica continues to say that all she feels for her mum is resentment and nothing else.