“Adzo” (The Untamed) Season 2 – Episode 3


She quickly began the arrangement of Adzo’s accommodation. Her first point of contact was Fred. He was her only option. Ruby wanted Adzo temporarily move in with Fred.

She thought that was the only best option at that time.  She then went back to Fred’s room to seek his consent about her decision. She barged into his room without knocking and saw Fred on the phone.

Fred acted very weird and suspicious as he hanged up the phone call upon seeing Ruby.

“Is everything alright? Fred.” Ruby asked.

“Yeah, yeah” He answered.

“Who was that Fred? Ruby asked.

“Ruby, who was who? since when did you began asking me those kind of question. So I get it. I don’t have the liberty any more to receive phone calls right” Fred said angrily.

He wanted to turn the tables around by acting that way just to make Ruby feel guilty but that rather made him look very suspicious. Ruby was very suprised that Fred could talk to her that way. She never expected that from him.

“Fred, why are you acting up? I just asked a simple question besides you have a lot of explanation to do ok, so don’t you even try to put this on me, am way too smart for that.” Ruby said also getting angry.

Things began changing from that moment. Once a lovely couple has all of a sudden turned against each. They should have been married by now, the world should be seeing them as husband and wife by now but here they are now, arguing.

This looked just the beginning, right in the midst of their heated argument, the call came through again. The Phone by then was lying on the bed very visible from were Ruby stood.

The name that appeared on the call screen was very bold. Ruby saw it clearly, it was Baaba, Fred’s ex.  For a moment Ruby had even forgotten her mission in Fred’s room. For now, all her attention was on strange attitude Fred was putting up.

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“Thought as much, She is calling you again Fred” Ruby said. You can imagine the look on her face. She was really hurt.

“What do you even have against this Baaba, Ruby” Fred asked.

“Are you asking me. Fred I know everything about you and Baaba, I was just waiting for you to tell me. I know she is your ex” Ruby said.

One may think that Fred was going to try and make things right by apologizing to her but the worse side of him was just about showing up.

“Yes, She is my ex” Fred said. “And I even regret leaving her for you.”

Ruby was stunned; she couldn’t believe what just came out of Fred’s mouth. She felt it was a dream. What did Fred just say to her?

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“Look, I think I have to be honest with you. Ruby, I was not even sure about this marriage in the first place, I loved you alright but I don’t think you can be a good wife” Fred said

Ruby couldn’t take it anymore, What was Fred saying? Fred was tearing Ruby apart without considering that she just lost her father.

Her emotions froze and her eyes couldn’t hold her tears back. Ruby sobbed really hard.

As if that wasnt enough, Fred went ahead and called Baaba back on phone right in the presence of Ruby.

“Baaba, I just amended my mistakes. Something I should have done long ago. I’m coming over right now” Fred said and hanged up.

Ruby was just mute and her tears kept rolling down her checks. She had no idea of what to do. She just knelt down on her knees and held Fred by the leg.

“Fred, if I have done anything wrong tell me. Don’t do this to me now Fred. I beg of you. I really love you” Ruby sobbed and begged him.

“It’s seems you don’t really understand me, I can’t be with you any longer Ruby. This thing we used to have, has just ended.” Fred said.

He then pushed Ruby away, took his phone and his portable backpack that had his cloths in and left the room.

Ruby kept calling him back but he totally ignored her. Ruby never dreamt of this happening in her entire life. She just kept sobbing hard as she laid flat on the floor.

Adzo came rushing in and saw her there. She helped her up and wiped her tears from her eyes. She tried consoling her but Ruby was really hurt, her heart was totally damaged by what she  knew to be true love.

For Fred, to break up with her at this crucial time showed how heartless he was.  This was only a pinch of what lies ahead of her and Adzo. Their lives and destiny was about to change, it will only take a miracle for them to get a reason to smile again.

To be continued.