The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 19


I got up to check who it was but there wasn’t any hole on the door for me to peep through…

Me: Who’s there?

Voice: Open up It’s a lady’s voice, but I couldn’t remember whose… I opened the door and met face to face with two familiar daughters of eve, Cynthia and Lola…. Mirabel’s friends.

I didn’t say nothing, I just stood in front of my door looking at them while they stood beside their car facing me.

Lola: Come with us (with a straight face)

Me: And why should I do that?

Cynthia: I will go if I were u

Me: Well,,, U are not me and U just can’t come to my place and tell me to go out with U just like that. How would I know if U guys don’t plan to trick me again or something.

Lola: Why do U think so?

Me: Because, U guys did it before and judging from how U guys knocked on my door which looks like a prank made me think so.

Cynthia: U should follow us If U love and care for Mirabel…

Me: Why’s that? What happened to her?? Is she Ok??

Cynthia: Relax nothing has happened to her yet, but we fear that something might happen to her if nothing is done …lets go somewhere to talk

Me: I prefer U tell me here and now They looked at each other for a few seconds then nodded at each other in agreement

Cynthia: Ok

They walked towards me, I opened the door wide for them to go in.

Me: Please tell me now, whats wrong with her?

Cynthia: Do U really care for her?

Me: Of course I do

Cynthia: Do U love her? Me: Huh? Uhmmm…. please tell me what this is all about

Lola: She’s been down for the past few days now. She barely eat or go out with us

Cynthia: She tells us everything but doesn’t want to tell us what’s wrong with her now.

Lola: She looks heartbroken but she never told us that U guys started dating already, what do U think is wrong with her?

Me: Hhmmm…. this is serious

Lola: And apart from U, Cynthia and I,,, she don’t have any other friends

Cynthia: Are U guys dating already?.

Me: No,,, not at all, no. She’s been avoiding me as well. I dunno why but she left here angry the other day. I tried to make it up to her and to know why She’s mad at me but she always leaves whenever she sees me coming to her

Cynthia: Are U sure that U didn’t know what U did?

Me: Well, none that I know of

Lola: Hope U didn’t tried to have s€x with her ‘coz she hates it

Cynthia: Lola!

Lola: What?

Me: I didn’t tried to do that… we just like almost kissed

Lola: Almost?

Me: Yea

Lola: Why almost? what stopped U guys.??

Me: Well Uhmmm… my friends interrupted, they came uninvited

Cynthia: And they didn’t excused U guys or what?

Me: Nop, they didn’t. Thats what they came here for to play (pointing at the video game)

Lola: Seriously?!

Cynthia: What kind of friends that are guys does that?

Me: I dunno…

Lola: What did U and Mirabel do about it? Tell us everything that happened I told them everything that happened that day…

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Cynthia: Oh

Me: What? Was it my fault?

Lola: She’s been doing everything to make U love her too, what’s keeping U? Why haven’t U talked to her?? U are making her look cheap dude! She’s the only daughter of the ‘p… uhmmm… U know, the daughter of a great family. Come on Victor…. geez! I hate nice guys!!

Me: Its not like I don’t want to talk to her, its just that…

Lola: Its like what Victor? Like what?? Out of all guys she opened up her heart for U,,, I mean, there are so many guys who has tried to woo her but she declined them all. When I said guys I mean, minister’s sons, sons of commissioners, senators sons etcetera… even many popular musicians in the country has tried but she declined without a second thought… come on! loosen up, U aint a p√ssy but U’re so tight!

Cynthia: Lola!!

Lola: This is so annoying Cynthia, he’s too nice. I bet he’s never hit it before, dunno how he got that hot and sexy body, aish!

I was shirtless, and She’s been staring at me stylishly all this while. I never hit before abi? Iffa jam u, u go know (In flavour’s voice)

Cynthia: Lola! U will never change

Lola: Free me jare…

Cynthia: Victor?

Me: Yea?

Cynthia: Can U go to the house and talk to her?

Me: I told U she doesn’t even want to see me not less of talking

Lola: Well U have to keep trying

Me: What?

Cynthia: Yes Victor, U have to keep trying. I know Mirabel very well, she’ll want to listen… She truely loves U. We are doing this ‘coz she’s our friend, we love her and we don’t want to see her hurt, lonely and unhappy.

Me: Alright, I will try my best

Lola: Do your best

Me: Sure

Cynthia: Good, we should be going now

Me: Not so fast, I haven’t entertain U guys yet

Lola: Too late, U should’ve thought about that before now

Me: But its not my fault na, U guys got me worried about what U wanted to say about Mirabel,,, that’s why I forgot

Lola: Well, all the same,,, we didn’t come here for a visit

Cynthia: Yes Victor,.we didn’t come here for a visit

Me: Hhmmm…. What about some hollandia yoghurt in the fridge?

Cynthia: Maybe some other time Victor…

Me: Okayy… I walked them out to their car…

Cynthia: Where’s your car?

Me: Huh? My car??

Lola: The ranger roger Mirabel gave U na

Me: Oh! I parked it in there (pointing at Mr. Abuh’s house) for security reasons

Lola: Hope U haven’t sold it?

Cynthia: Lola!!

Wait oh… wetin dey worry that girl sef, her own don dey too much for me to take oh…

Lola: Just saying… geez! (Walked into the car)

Cynthia: Don’t mind her, she’s like that

Me: Its Ok (E no ok at all)

Cynthia: Bye…

Me: Bye. She hugs me then they zoomed off… I don’t really understand what they meant by ‘Your car’ and ‘Mirabel gave U’ but, she rented it for me na.