"My Woman, My Everything" Episode 7 – I hate men who talk a lot


Mrs. Edwards: “yes, room 202, am meeting my husband here”
Fii: Husband? Mr……
Before he could finish speaking Adobea smartly shouted
Adobea: “Fii my tummy”
Mrs. Edward: “Young man, i think you should rush her to the hospital now, let me not waste your time”
Fii: “Thank you madam”
Having said this, they left off. Fii knew that Adobea did that on purpose, to prevent him from exposing Mr. Edward.
Fii:” You did that on purpose right?
Adobea: “This is not the right time for him to go down, now that we know he is married, we have the upper hand. Fii just take me home, i don’t want to be here”
They quickly board a cab and set off to Adobea’s place.
Back in the hotel. Mrs Edward located the room, she opened the door to find her husband on the bed, but to her disappointment he was alone.
Mr. Edward: What are you doing here? I told you i was going for a meeting, hold on, were you following me?
Mrs Edwards nodded.
Mr. Edward: You think am a cheating husband right, apparently the meeting couldn’t come off, i was feeling drowsy so i booked this room just to relax since i can’t drive in my current condition”
He lied. Its sounded true to Mrs. Edward. She was the “easy to be convinced” type.
Mrs. Edwards: “Am so sorry, my husband, please forgive me”
Mr. Edward: “mmm, all along so you don’t trust me? How could you…”
Mrs. Edwards: “Am sorry, let me make it up to you tonight, besides its been awhile since we made love as Couples do”
Its sounded a good deal to Mr. Edward and since he didn’t succeed over Adobea, he could satisfy his lustful pleasure with his wife who was available at that moment and later deal with Adobea and Fii.
Meanwhile, Adobea and Fii had reached Adobea’s apartment, she was scared to be alone after all what she has been through at the hands of Mr. Edward back at the hotel.
Adobea: “Fii, please don’t leave me here alone tonight, am scared on my own.
Fii: “Adobea, don’t worry, am here”
Adobea went to take her shower while Fii sat on the sofa. He saw her album and started going through her pictures.
He realized that Adobea had taken pictures with top popular billionaires in the country, and one of them kept appearing in almost every picture, that was Adobea’s Dad.
Fii: ” Hmm, seems Adobea is really connected”  He said to himself.
Adobea came out of the shower with just a white tower on her. Her fresh fragrance distracted Fii.
Fii looked up at her as she smeared lotion on her arms and legs. She looked splendid. Fii just wanted to grab her and kiss her immediately, but he kept it cool because he knew Adobea was not his girlfriend yet.
The feeling was mutual, the weird silent in the room gave rise to many lustful thought.
Suddenly she came closer to Fii on the sofa, stood right in front of him and said
“I have an answer for you now, but i will tell you mid way through”
Fii: “mid way through what, you are very mysterious”
Adobea: ” just shush ok. I hate men who talk alot”  She said that jovially.
Adobea: “Fii”
She called, and sat on him on the sofa facing each other.
She looked straight into his eyes and held his head. She slowly landed a passionate kiss on his lips.
Fii held her curvy waist as the kiss was getting intense. Their breath got heavier, from a simple passionate kiss came a deep tongue wrestling kiss.
Fii’s hand found its way to her breast, where he began fondling it gently like mango. That moved aroused Adobea, she then took the towel off leaving her half naked with just her pants on. She took off Fii’s shirt whiles sitting on him.
Its was now flesh to flesh, body to body, lips to lips, tongue to tongue. ypu can add yours
To be continued.