My Woman, My Everything" Episode 6 – "Sir, i can't do this please"


Just as at when they entered the room, Mrs. Edwards also arrived at the hotel with the cab.
Fii on the other hand, just stayed putt as He waited for a signal from Adobea.
Back in the Hotel room, Mr. Edward was seated on the bed with his hand around Adobea.
Adobea : “Sir am not comfortable with this”
Mr.Edward: “Have told you not call me sir and don’t give me that excuse, you were comfortable kissing that boy in that manner right. Like i said earlier today you better comply or i will make sure you and that guy are expelled from the school.”
Having said this, He stood up and started undressing himself. Adobea quickly prompted Fii via text message without Mr. Edward noticing.
He undressed himself living his “boxer shots” and singlet.
He noticed that Adobea hadn’t made any move to undress herself.  He got impatient and said
“i believe you are not going to do this in those jeans”
Adobea: “Sir, i can’t do this please”
Mr. Edward got furious, He hated the fact that Adobea was being stubborn and difficult. He couldn’t control himself any longer that he forcefully went on Adobea, tore her top and began to undress her. She kept pleading and weeping, begging him to stop.
Meanwhile Fii was finding it difficult to locate the room even though  he knew the room number, however he eventually was successful amidst the delay.
He open the unlocked door gently only to find Mr. Edward forcing himself on Adobea and trying to undress her.
They both didn’t notice when Fii entered. Upon seeing this Fii wanted to just push away Mr Edward and rescue Adobea immediately, he needed to go by the plan. He took out a digital camera which he had in his pocket and took some shots of the incident.
Adobea saw him and quickly kicked Mr. Edward at his groin to rescue herself. She ran and stood by Fii who had already finished taking the pictures.
While Mr. Edward was still in pain he noticed that Adobea and Fii had outsmarted him.
Mr. Edward : “you will live to regret this, both of you”
Fii: ” Don’t even think about that Mr. I already have evidence, its your words against ours”
As soon as he saw the pictures his face dropped suddenly and began to beg.
Fii realized that Adobea was still in tears and was not comfortable around the scene. He took her by the hand and left Mr Edward who was still begging in the room.
Shortly after they left they met Mrs Edwards on their way.
Mrs Edward had no idea of who they were but was concern because she saw Adobea in tears and in tattered top.
Mrs. Edwards: “Young Man, whats wrong with her”
She asked Fii. He didn’t know the answer to give her, immediately Adobea intervene
Adobea: “Am having a stomach ache and we are on our way to the hospital” She lied.
Mrs. Edward: ” Sorry my dear, but can you please help me locate room 202?
Adobea and Fii got surprise as the room in question here was the same room Mr. Edward booked to carry out his unscrupulous actions.
Fii : ” Room 202?
Mrs. Edwards: ” yes, room 202, am meeting my husband here”
Fii: Husband? Mr …….
To be continued