Veronica and martin enter into a fencing game and whiles about to start the game, Demetrio’s thought continues to run through martin’s mind and thinking of how he died due to a woman who he has concluded as being veronica, anger mounts in his heart and whiles they begin fencing, martin never sees it as a game again but takes it to the next level of trying to murder her putting everyone around into great nervousness especially Emiliano.
After Emiliano detects that martin has taking the game to another level showing no mercy to veronica and almost about to kill her, he angrily rush to push martin away from and ask him if he wants to kill veronica and martin says to him that he is sorry because he promised her before the start of the game that he isn’t going to be merciful to her. veronica then asks them not to fight over her because martin has rather open her eyes in the fencing game that anything is bound to happen so one must always stay guard and Emiliano thinks veronica is saying nonsense since martin almost brandish his sword against her. Veronica a shook hands with martin and he kissed her at the back of her hand and Emiliano’s heart jumps into dismay.
Magdalene continues to get worried about her missing child and feels so sorry for abandoning her during her childhood and due to this she wishes to die because living without her daughter is not worth it but Nanciyaga enters to console her telling her that a pretty lady like her cannot die without fulfilling her purpose on earth so she should rather press on and in due time everything will be well. But she sees through the future that Magdalene’s fate is to suffer.
Martin invites veronica out to have dinner with him as compensation to his hard fencing challenge towards her and veronica accepts but Emiliano never approves of it and warn martin that if he dares hurt veronica he will have him to contend with.
Mariana’s mother Montserrat tells his daughter’s love story with Pablo to Salma and she becomes so happy for her and after Salma chips in that Emiliano insists on loving veronica instead of Virginia as she suggested to him, he puts death ears to her advice. Montserrat then tells her not to put pressure on Emiliano on the person to choose since the more of that rather pushes him to go where she is trying to prevent him from going.
Emiliano’s father Jorge tells him not to give up so easily on veronica just because she is in love with another man but rather should press on to win her love no matter what and he will also make sure to straighten veronica to make her see reason that martin is not good for her and Emiliano thinks it’s impossible.
Martin’s friend Alfredo continues to make martin reason to stop his revenge against veronica since he is now in love with her but he feels so stable minded to do it no matter what because after fencing with her even in aggressive way she still gave out a nice smile without seeming to be angry one bit, and that proves that veronica was the one who used her nice and attractive smile to destroy his brother because he couldn’t resist her.
Jorge goes to speak with veronica that martin is not welcome into their house since Emiliano told him that he almost killed her at the fencing but veronica tells her uncle that he can’t judge a person at a first sight. Jorge tells her again that martin isn’t a good man he would wish for her and veronica continues to defend martin and Jorge tells her that it feels so weird that she will fall in love with someone she barely know when Emiliano is seriously in love with her.
Salma develop the idea to ask martin to mount up a structure in their compound since he is a contractor and engineer, so that anytime he passes by to visit them he can stay to spend a lot of time with veronica for Virginia to also have the opportunity to be with Emiliano and the suggestion seems more of a good idea to Virginia.
Manuel tries to teach the kids on how to smoke to become a man and the kid who is also his nephew tells him that he won’t smoke like him to look stupid an become a bad man like him but he insists on letting the boy pull out a stick of the cigarette but Ana Perla arrives to warn Manuel not to teach the kid his bad habit or else she will report to their grandfather but Manuel still insists that those are the habit he needs to teach the boy become like a man.
Martin brings a bouquet to veronica and just when they were about to kiss Mr. Jorge interrupts and asks martin that his visit is overcoming indescribable since he never sought his concern because all he sees in him is deceit towards her precious niece but martin quickly jumps in to tell Jorge that, if only veronica is willing to accept him at that moment he is willing to marry her formally. Jorge then thinks that it seems a bit nonsense of martin to ask her hand in marriage when they barely know each other therefore he is asking martin not step his foot into his house again after hearing how he is rushing into things to talk about marriage.
After Jorge told Salma that veronica rejected Emiliano’s proposal, she goes to inform Virginia about it and advised her to seize the chance to draw closer to Emiliano and right that minute Virginia goes to check on him at his study room to have a chart with him and as usual starts destroying veronica’s image to him that she will forever be fast with men but she (Virginia) is not like that.
Veronica tells martin that there was a time that she felt so afraid of his attacks in fencing and it felt like he hated her and martin asks her if she indeed can give a reason why he should hate her and veronica says she sensed it at first but not anymore since she now realized that he cannot be capable of hurting her and martin becomes nervous.
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