"My Woman, My Everything" Episode 5 – :where are you going at this time of the night?


“I will reply when all this is over” She said.
Fii didn’t expect to get that answer from her especially with all the things that happened
Later that night, As Mr. Edward was well dressed waiting for Adobea’s call. His wife knew that her husband was up to something as his behavior was suspicious.
Already, Mr. Edwards wife had heard rumors about him being involved with campus girls. There have been misunderstanding between them for this same reason, but since Mrs. Edwards had no proof of her allegation, her husband always got the upper hand.
She was just looking for the opportunity to unmask her husband. Suddenly, her husbands phone rang, it was an unknown number. When Mr. Edward answered the call, he left the presence of his wife to talk to the caller.
It was Adobea. It was obvious that it was a lady who called. Mrs. Edwards tried listening to the conversation but was to no avail.
On the other hand Mr. Edward gave Adobea location and time to meet him up. They were to meet at a hotel a bit isolated from the city were no one could see them.
Having secured the arrangement, Adobea quickly called Fii to meet her up at the same Hotel before her appointment with Mr. Edwards. The plan was to rescue her if Mr. Edwards tries to have intercourse with her.
When Adobea and Fii got to the venue, Adobea sat at the reception while Fii sat at the Hotel restaurant which was away from sight.
Meanwhile, Mr. Edward was yet to set off from his house.
Mrs Edwards :where are you going at this time of the night?
Mr. Edward: i have a meeting with my colleagues, it might take a while so don’t expect me home anytime soon.
Mrs. Edward: At this time of the night?
Mr. Edward: Yes!
The Hard look on his face prevented Mrs. Edwards from asking any further questions, but she knew what to do, she intended to secretly follow her husband to wherever he was going.
As soon as Mr. Edward drove off, she also board a cab and followed him.
Mr. Edward arrived at the hotel and saw Adobea seated at the reception. She was simply dressed in a blue skinny jeans and a white top.
Her long pony tail projected her face, she was just gorgeous and pretty. She wore a slight lip gloss that made her lips very tempting.
Upon seeing all this, Mr. Edward was pleased and imagine how the night will be so long and enjoyable.
He quickly went to counter to book a room. He then asked Adobea to follow him.
Adobea took out her phone and updated Fii who was also watching from a distance. She even gave him the room number that Mr. Edward had secured.
Just as at when they entered the room, Mrs. Edwards also arrived at the hotel with the cab.
To be continued.