"My Woman, My Everything" Episode 4 – We will meet tonight and talk about it, Mr Edward said


“Sorry Sir, we were just……” Fii tried explaining.
“Would you shut up there, are you aware this is an institution,  i will personally see to it that you suffer for your actions.”
“Sir please” Adobea pleaded  “And as for you, you amaze me, both of you should follow me to my office now”  said Mr. Edwards.
Mr. Edward was actually angry over the fact that Adobea refused to call him the previous night as they agreed, and to see her kissing with some other guy got him more furious.
However he thought this could be the perfect opportunity to get what he want from Adobea. He had an interest in her even though he was a married man.
That was usual of him, He has a way of manipulating the students into his bed.  This was the same intention he had for Adobea.
As they got to his office, he instructed Fii to wait outside living him and Adobea alone in his office.
“Adobea, you have really disappointed me, am a good person to refer this matter to the school authorities” Mr. Edward said.
“Sir please, it won’t happen again, i beg off you.” Adobea pleaded.
“Hmm, i am going to spare you, because i like you, but its going to be on a condition” Mr. Edward said.
“Condition? Asked Adobea
“Yea Condition, and its very simple” Mr.Edwards continued.
“Just give me a call tonight, we will meet somewhere and talk about it and if you don’t call, you have yourself to blame”  He warned her.
Adobea at this point kept wondering what Mr  Edward had in stock for her and felt unsafe. He then dismissed her.
She narrated what transpired at the office to Fii. He also didn’t feel comfortable upon hearing this.
“Fii, i need you to help me on this, just be there for me tonight. ” Adobea asked.
“Don’t worry dear, but how do i do that” asked Fii
“Just be available, i will call you to come over when i get to know where he wants us to meet” Adobea suggested
They exchange contact and went towards their lecture hall.
Before they entered the hall, Fill held Adobea by hand, looked into her eyes and said
“I love you”
Adobea smiled, her face brighten with her wide smile on her lips. She was happy to hear these words from Fii.
“I will reply when all this is over”
She said.
To be continued


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