Hello wondeful people, we are continuing with our new series today and today’s episode of LO IMPERDONABLE (THE UNFORGIVABLE),
Emiliano pushed veronica to tell him the truth if he is in love with martin because he really is in love with her and can’t stand to see her loving a different person like martin aside him. Veronica tells him that she really love him very much but as her cousin and brother because she is in love with martin. Martin then becomes so hurt and tells veronica that he now believes that she has been sleeping with any man that comes her way because she hardly even know martin but easily falls in love him. Veronica grows angry and slapped martin for uttering those words against her.
Virginia informs aunt Salma that after talking to Emiliano at the party she discovered that he is so much in love with veronica in such a way that there is no opportunity for her that Emiliano will have any feeling for her too in that serious manner because she doesn’t look so important to him. Salma then advise her not to mention veronica to Emiliano again anytime she gets the chance to speak with but rather should act as if veronica doesn’t exist and should also not tell him that she loves him because a woman must always make a man to desire her and with that she can be capable of winning his love.
Magdalene and her friend Botel discovers some gold that is going to make them billionaires after they sell it and they prefer selling it to martin since he will give them fare treatment than to Crescencio and they suggest the idea to the Rev. father and they give him a letter to give to martin since father Juan decided to go to the city.
Veronica tells the situation to her nanny Matilde concerning Emiliano’s love towards her and Matilde becomes worried but veronica says to her that though she (veronica) though she also feels worried for Emiliano but she can’t comfort him now since he might misinterpret her consoling in a different way. Matilde then disclose to veronica that Emiliano went for ride on his horse in such a bad mood and was riding down the slope and quickly
veronica sensing danger for Emiliano immediately goes to take her horse to go after Emiliano because he was too much drunk so anything can happen to him. Veronica manages to rescue Emiliano just at the point of riding his horse down the cliff.
Martin after having a chart with the Prado Castelo family at the party goes to his office the next day and start making analyses between the two V’s of that family on how they look, talk, react and confidence level and after searching through the internet to add more search to his already gotten results, he tells his friend that Virginia cannot be the one who can be capable of hurting even a fly but with veronica everything about her tells one that she is able to even make a man go crazy including his brother Demetrio and therefore she is the one he is going to have his revenge on.
Mr. Jorge tries to tell his wife Salma to accept the fact that veronica is their son’s happiness and therefore will prefer they get married but Salma sees it as very awful since she can’t even love veronica as a niece least to think of her becoming their in-law.
Magdalene discuss with Botel to help her find her daughter after the gold is sold because her daughter is her first priority and Botel pledges his support for her.
Emiliano arrives home to inform his father about veronica’s confession to him about being interested in martin and his father Jorge sees it as very insignificant because she hardly even know martin least to think of falling for him but Emiliano asks his father to allow it to be in that way so he will not bother her if not he might lose her company too.
Veronica tells Matilde that she feels so unusual that out of the blue everyone keeps asking her about Demetrio which she finds it so weird and though they used to be best of friends Demetrio was fond of keeping secrets from her anytime she tries to get to know from him why he sometimes looks so quiet but he never told her anything even at the last point when she saw him seriously arguing with Virginia that led to his going without returning to the fencing again.
Salma suggests to Virginia that there may be a way of allowing Emiliano forget veronica for good by allowing and pushing martin to love veronica more but Virginia thinks it’s never going to work on the other hand Salma tells her there is no harm in trying so they will definitely do just that.
Claudia (an ex-girlfriend of martin and also his secretary) after reading through martin’s papers discovers that he is going to be the owner of a gold mine and she becomes so happy for martin and congratulates him for his rich success but martin tells her that even with that lots of money still will not bring Demetrio back to life.
Emiliano gets bored and angry with his mother after saying all sorts of things against veronica that there’s he is not to love her because veronica’s father was an alcoholic and if he marries her and have children with her they are also going to be alcoholic like their grandfather. Emiliano then warns his mother that if she knows that she is never going to support him with his love for veronica then she should keep her advice to herself because he will do anything to win veronica’s love since he really do love her very much.
Veronica and martin enter into a fencing game and whiles about to start the game, Demetrio’s thought continues to run through martin’s mind and thinking of how he died due to a woman who he has concluded as being veronica, anger mounts in his heart and whiles they begin fencing, martin never sees it as a game again but takes it to the next level of trying to murder her putting everyone around into great nervousness especially Emiliano.
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