My Mysterious Girl Episode 1


Hi guys, please forgive me for the errors in this story, i dont have time to edit it since am still waiting for my mysterious new girl so we can go for lunch, this actually happened to me this morning and i want to share it with you guys, well maybe i can make i story out of it, lol
Hmmmm, i got to work this morning and i took the elevator to my office as usual, just as it was about to close i heard a voice from a far,
“please hold it for me”,
In about 17 sec a very gorgeous lady stepped into the elevator, looking at her she will be in her mid 20s, she hit the number 4 which is the same floor where my office is, she looked in my eyes and said
“Thank you”
i couldn’t open my mouth to respond, all i was doing was staring at her beautiful and gorgeous smile,  her lips,  eyes omg, her perfume, the last time i smelled that kinda perfume was when I had i date with Jackie Appiah, she pinched me playfully bringing me back from my imaginations,
“oh no problem”  i  manage to say, at this moment i just wish Mahama will tell ECG to turn my work place lights off so I can spend some quality time with her in the elevator,
As usual i was looking for a pick up line to use, ‘i like your perfume’ naaaa that will be very stupid of me, well not very but stupid, think Prince, think fast……the voices in my head was getting so intense so I said something and she was like
“excuse me?
“ I like your purse”
“ Oh really, thanks she smiled, I got it from my dad on my 24th birthday but he passed away 4 months ago, her mood suddenly dropped, I wanted to hug her as most people will do so I could feel her more but that would be weird
“So I was right” I cant believe I just said that aloud
“Right about what? She asked
I felt some sweat in my armpit
“ I noticed there was something wrong when you stepped into the elevator, but I couldn’t really tell but now I understand” I manage to voice out
“Really? Is it that obvious?
“ yeah and am really sorry about that,
” that’s ok

” were you two that close? Suddenly something came to my heard….You know what, let me not waste your time, why don’t we have lunch together this afternoon so you can tell me more about your dad, her face changed, not knowing what her responds will be the sweat became serious, (my guys will know what I mean)
“ she smiled and said, I will love that
“Yeeeeey i started jumping in my head, she knew i was up to something and started laughing,
“What? i said that with a smile, she just looked at me and said
” see you at lunch”
Within a second the elevator bell signal us that we are on the 4th floor, I walked straight to my office and she seated at the reception waiting for someone, I could see her from my office because all the offices were made of glasses, I can see her but she cant see me, she was holding a brown envelop, is either she was here for business, attachment or looking for work, I stood up and decided to go find out but I was interrupted by my phone alarm, duty call, i have to prepare for the studio
I checked the time and it was 5mins passed 9am and I have to get to the studio and produce the morning show, I couldn’t focus, I was just thinking about the new girl,
“dawn, how come I didn’t ask of her name”
I sound slap landed on my left cheek by my boss Nana Yaw Sarfo host of the morning show Ghana beyie yie, led by Dr frank brefo fuckenberg, Aduanaba Hackman, Teddy Mawuni, and Nana Opong, big ups to the rest of the team, I cant mention you all, lol
The show was finally over, and i walked into my office, my boss join in later
“Prince, are you ok, you look distracted today” he asked
” If you know what am thinking today you would definitely let me go, i looked up after that thinking i said that aloud, he was just staring at me
“Yeah am just not feeling well”
” i can see that, please take the rest of the day off he said
“Really? i jumped in excitement and he was shocked, Oh really, i repeated it on a low tone coughing
” jut get the hell out of here, make sure you are better before you come tomorrow
“Thank you boss” i said and started packing my staff, at the same time looking around thinking i will see my mysterious new girl, i walked to the receptionist and ask if she has seen any lady in my description around and she said no, my temperature started rising again, this time i was about to fall really sick, i felt disappointed for not taking her number in the first place,
“What the hell were you thinking, so how are you gonna get her again, the voice in my head started again, i stepped into the elevator, punch number 1 as if its fighting with me, i closed my eyes praying for a miracle, suddenly i could smile a familiar perfume, it melted my heart, it was like i was soooo much in love with the perfume, or could it be the one wearing it?
I opened my eyes and there she was, my mysterious girl, i felt like hugging her, kissing her, hold her tight in my arms till Thy Kindom comes but i kept cool like boodidwo,
Guys, have to go, i dont want her to feel bored by me typing on my phone, i will update you when am back from my date,
Come to think of it, i have only 5gh cedis on me, my transport is included, how am i gonna manage am, hmmmmmm
Any suggestions please?


  1. The art of falling in love story is really keeping long de next episode is not out ? Hmmmmm anyway nice story.

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