My Everything" Episode 8 – Adobea reached into Fii's trousers


Its was now flesh to flesh, body to body, lips to lips, tongue to tongue.
With the deep kissing, they felt each others breath. Their eyes were closed completely allowing their bodies and hands to read each other.
Adobea reached into Fii’s trousers, held his penis and rub it gently in her hands. Fii couldn’t hold on anymore. He wanted to be in control now. While kissing he slowly manipulated Adobea to lie  on the sofa.
Fii came on top of her, this time around he stopped kissing her and began licking her neck down to her chest, in between her breast further to her naval and the finally on her nipples.
Adobea began moaning. Her soft moaning voice gingered and triggered Fii to do more. She held Fii’s head as she was enjoying every bit of his movements.
Adobea: ” Fii…..stop” she said in a soft voice.
Fii paused and looked her to hear what she got to say.
Adobea: ” I love you”
The magic words came out of her finally.
Fii: “i love you Adobea”
Adobea: “I know you do my love, just look into my eyes”
She manage to steal the gaze of Fii while he was lying on top of her. She gently held his hard penis again and slowly pushed it into her
Their eyes kept gazing at each other while Adobea did this. Fii felt the warmth in her and began to thrust her deep. It was a sensational moment for them and before they knew it, they both reached their point of ecstasy at the same time.
It was a long night and enjoyable night for them, a moment they can’t forget, a moment they were consumed with lust and love.
Right after the love making, they both cuddled each other to bed naked.
Soon it was morning, of cause it was lazy for them to get out of bed but they had to because they needed to keep their eyes on Mr. Edward.
Adobea was the first to wake up, she woke her boyfriend up with a kiss and they both went to shower together. Even though they were not really prepared for lectures, they set of quickly.
Mr. Edward had arrived on campus that morning very early, hoping to get an audience with Adobea and Fii before they decide to circulate the pictures. He impatiently waited for them at his office.
Adobea and Fii got to campus but to their surprise they saw huge number of students in their class. It looked as if they now have all the new students now reporting to school.
While there were looking for a seat to sit on a lady kept calling Fii from behind. Adobea and Fii both turned to see who it was.
Fii recognized her immediately.  It was his ex, Nana Ama. Apparently, she was part of the new students who had reported late.
To be continued.
The story just began.