"My Woman, My Everything" Episode 18 – "Sam, i want you to do something for me"


Fii saw her from distance and tried calling but it was too late. An unknown vehicle out of no were came and knocked Adobea down.
She fell hard on the road and remained motionless. Mr Wilson and Nana Ama came out of the pub and saw the scene.
Fii ran to Adobea but when he got there the Driver had already fled leaving Adobea there on the road.
Fii cried Adobea’s name out but still appeared lifeless. Mr Wilson drove his car to the scene and together with Fii and Nana Ama  rushed her to the hospital.
Upon arriving, Nurses quickly rushed Adobea to the emergency ward and attended to her together with a Doctor.
Mr. Wilson, Nana Ama and Fii waited at the OPD, that was when Fii realized that it was Adobea’s Father who had drove them to the hospital.
Before he could think any further, Mr Wilson was already standing in front of him with Nana Ama.
“Young Man, how do you know my daughter? Asked Mr. Wilson
“Sir, we are in the same School” Fii answered.
Mr. Wilson: “Anyway, thank you very much for your efforts, i appreciate it, what’s your name”
Fii: “Am Fiifi Sir”
Nana Ama realized that Mr. Wilson was being too nice with Fii, she needed to do something quickly to destroy the bond they were establishing. There and then the Doctor came out. This same Doctor was the  Sam guy who was secretly admiring Nana Ama back in High school.
Nana Ama and Him had already scheduled the date for them to meet.
“What a coincidence Nana Ama, are you with the lady that was  brought in? Doc. Sam asked.
She recognized him instantly and answered the question
“Yes, and that’s his father” said Nana Ama
Mr. Wilson: “Doc. how is my daughter?
Doc. Sam: “She is responding to Treatment, we are yet to see the extent to the damage, but for now she is doing well”
Mr Wilson: “Thank you Doctor, can i see her now”
Doc Sam: “unfortunately no, you can only see her in the next two hours, for now i think she needs rest.”
Mr Wilson: “Thank you so much Doc, thank you so much, we will wait for her.”
Doc Sam: “Who is Fii?
Fii: “Am the one”
Doc Sam:”kindly follow me to my office, (he turned and looked at Nana Ama) and Nana Ama i will call you soon”
Fii then followed him to the office.
Mr. Wilson was a bit surprise when the Doctor asked of Fii but he felt that the Doctor knows best when it comes to his field.
Mr Wilson: “I see you know the Doctor” He asked Nana Ama
Nana Ama:” Yeah, he was my mate back at high school”
Meanwhile at the Doctors office.
Doc Sam: “It appears that the patient is eager to see you. Your name was on her lips when she woke up, so am giving you the opportunity to see her but only for brief. This will help her medically.”
Fii was so happy of what the Doctor said and thanked him for that. The Doctor called a nurse to take Fii to Adobea’s ward.
Right after Fii left, the doctor called Nana Ama to come to his office. In no time, she arrived.
“Good to see you earlier than we expected” Doctor Sam said upon seeing her.
“Yeah, i must admit you have grown very handsome than way back in school, you know i couldn’t make you out when you called the other time.”
Doc Sam: ” yeah i know that, you know i was the timid type and very hard to be noticed”
Nana Ama: “i notice you now Sam”
Nana Ama knew that Sam had an interest in her. She wanted to use that as an advantage to get back at Adobea.
When she said that, the office was then filled with awkward silent. Nana Ama came closer to Sam, and surprisingly landed a deep kiss on his lips.
The Doctor was amazed by this but enjoyed it while it lasted.
They kissed for a couple of minutes and when they were done he asked
Doc Sam: ” wow, what was that for, i was not expecting that”
Nana Ama who by then had gone back to her seat answered.
Nana Ama:” there is more of that where it came from,  besides i like you too”
The Doctor felt his dreams of looking for a wife had come true until Nana Ama came out with an offer.
Nana Ama: “Sam, i want you to do something for me”
To be continued.