"My Woman, My Everything" Episode 17 – your daughter going out with some of the lectures


Mr. Wilson came from the meeting and met Nana Ama at the reception and quickly ushered her into his main office.
After some few minutes of discussion Nana Ama quickly changed the subject.
Nana Ama:”Sir my apologies, is not like am trying to be Nosy, but just a little curious, where is the lady on your wallpaper, she is really pretty?
Mr. Wilson: “You mean my daughter?
Nana Ama: “Daughter? Who is your daughter? You are not getting me, the lady you were with in your picture. The one on your laptop wallpaper that the whole class saw.”
Mr. Wilson: “yeah, she is my daughter, she is in UK now”
Nana Ama: “You mean Adobea is your daughter”
Mr.Wilson: ” yeah, that’s her name, do you two know each other? How did you know her name”
Nana Ama hated Adobea the more but she quickly capitalize the moment.
Nana Ama: ” Your daughter is not in UK, she is in my school. I get it now, thats why she was hiding away from you”
Mr.Wilson: “Hold on lady, you must be mistaking someone for my daughter. My daughter had been in abroad for the past 8 years, am sure this is a mistake.”
Nana Ama: ” am sorry sir, i know your daughter very well. Her attitude on campus have made her very famous”
Mr. Wilson: ” You seem so sure that is the same person we are talking about here. And what attitude are you talking about. ”
Nana Ama quickly reached out into her handbag and brought out Mr Edward and Adobea picture which looked very intimate. She showed them to Adobea’s father.
Mr. Wilson was really shocked when he saw the pictures
Mr. Wilson : ” this can’t be my daughter, omg, what is this, Adobea has been lying to me all this while”
Nana Ama: “your daughter has been in our school for the past four weeks and already she has been going out with some of the lectures. She also has a guy who she is dating on campus. Am even meeting her this evening to talk to her about her attitude as a good friend.”
Mr. Wilson: ” do you know where she is now, take me to her place now”
Nana Ama: “no sir, like i said she will be meeting me this evening, maybe you can come along”
Mr.Wilson: “thats a good idea. Call me when the time is due. I will be there”
Nana Ama left the office in a hurry so she could prepare for tonights meeting. She didn’t expect this, but in any case things just got better for her.
Soon it was time for the meeting, Mr. Wilson and Nana Ama had gotten to the venue an hour earlier.
Adobea and Fii on the other hand were preparing to set off. Fii wanted to go with her but she insisted on going alone. She wanted a girl to girl talk with Nana Ama.
Eventually Fii agreed and Adobea left. But Fii couldn’t trust Nana Ama alone with Adobea so he  followed Adobea without letting her know.
Adobea called Nana Ama on phone when she got to the entrance. She came to pick her and ushered her to a table.
Upon reaching the Table, there she met her father. Their eyes met.
Mr. Wilson: “Adobea”
She couldn’t hold it anymore. This is not how she planned on meeting her father. She ran off from the pub and headed to the road side.
Fii saw her from distance and tried calling but it was too late. An unknown vehicle out of no where came to knocked Adobea down.
To be continued.


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