Virginia takes Demetrio’s letter after reading it and taking a look at their picture, memories bounds back to her and she begins shedding tears asking herself why Demetrio failed to make the money quickly as she asked him to and now she doesn’t have him nor Emiliano’s money because Emiliano doesn’t even pay attention to her.
Jorge tells Emiliano that he refused to accept martin’s gold because it will compromises the relationship of the family with him but Emiliano asks him to accept since it will help solve the problem at hand. And also he did that so that Emiliano will win seize the time to win veronica over and martin tells his father that he is no longer interested in veronica again because she is a fake and a liar and his father tells him that he perfectly understand that he is hurt for veronica to turn him down but he will not allow him to describe veronica in that manner. Emiliano then brings up the issue of Virginia telling him about how she caught Demetrio and veronica sleeping in the house and Jorge just got angry and jut when he is about going to see Virginia to enquire, she enters and after she is asked to speak out, she shed tears in pretense to frame up the lie again that she caught veronica sleeping with Demetrio in their house and also seduces any man she wants and after earning what she needed, she breaks up with the person. But with all of this made up stories Jorge still will never believe. All these while martin stood to eavesdrops their conversation and right there he believed all Virginia said.
Salma enters and after hearing all what Virginia said about veronica and also how her husband finds it difficult believing, she suggests that Jorge and her accepts to give away veronica to martin to marry since she is really in love with him so that she can move away from the house and Jorge then accepts to do so since he feels so disappointed in her. Veronica enters unexpectedly and seeing the written on their face she could tell something is wrong but no one wills to tell her anything and with all the confusing in her mind, Jorge just asks her to tell martin to see him officially so they can prepare towards their wedding.
Magdalena gets so furious at Botel for humiliating her in front of Manuel after he drunk and disclosed to him that the two of them are unmarried and also how she run away with him and left his daughter and husband behind and Botel realized that he’s been so stupid.
Manuel disclose the secret of Magdalena’s life which he heard from Botel to his grandfather Crescencio and he becomes really shocked with Magdalena’s behavior and thinks that she is so wicked of a woman to abandoned her own child and husband to just be with someone else. Crescencio therefore calls Ana Perla to warn her not to speak to Magdalena’s ever again because she is an unjust person.
Pablo bumps into Ana Perla and once again their eyes fail to get off each other and Ana Perla grows so happy seeing Pablo again since the last time his grandfather and Manuel interrupted. She runs home to happily tell Blanca about pablo.
Salma still having some doubt about Virginia’s confessing about veronica and Demetrio, she goes to see Virginia to ask if that is the truth she said but Virginia always very cunning was able to make Salma believe her and she then states that, she still prefers Virginia for Emiliano than veronica.
Veronica confronts Virginia to disclose to her what she told their uncle that made him seem so aggressive towards her and Virginia tells her it was all about her wedding plans with martin that brought about all of the anger in Jorge since Emiliano couldn’t stand hearing that as he feels so much in love with her but veronica find it so weird and tells Virginia that she knows her real character as to deceive, lie and pretend to get whatever she wants. These drags into huge argument and Virginia tries to insult veronica that, she is only but a daughter of a drunkard who only slept with prostitute and one of these prostitute was her mother. Veronica feeling so sentimental about this couldn’t hold back her feelings and hit her severally and Uncle Jorge arrives to separate them and asking veronica if she is mad to attack a sick person.
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