"My Woman My Everything" Episode 16 – "Meet me up tomorrow evening at "Tarvan pub"


Text message:
“i have lost you, you can have Adobea now. But you will crawl back begging me to come back to you”
Meanwhile, at Fii’s apartment, as much as he was completely surprise about Adobea’s pregnancy, he was very delighted and happy. He jumped off the bed which h was lying on and hugged Adobea. When she saw how happy Fii was, she was relieved.
Their happy moment was interrupted by a phone call. Its was Nana Ama again, she called Adobea’s phone.
“Its Nana Ama, how did she get my number” She asked herself.
Fii: “what at all does that girl want from you. She sent me text message saying all kinds of things. Don’t answer it.”
Adobea: “Baby, you know thats not my thing, let me listen to what she has to say”
Having said this she answered the call.
Adobea : hello, how can i help you?
Nana Ama: Help me? (She laughed when Adobea said that) by the time we are done talking, you will be the one needing my help. Anyway, there is a saying that nothing can be hidden beneath this sun. I know what you and Fii did to Mr. Edward, i have the pictures with me and i intend to share it if only you don’t comply with my conditions.
Adobea: “And whats your conditions if i may ask”
Nana Ama: “Meet me up tomorrow evening at “Tarvan pub” , 7:00pm. Come alone and don’t try to play smart”
She hanged up the call when she was done talking to Adobea.
She informed Fii about what Nana Ama said.
Fii: “Adobea, you are not going anywhere, let her do her worst.”
Adobea: “I understand you my love, you and i only know what happened at the hotel, its better i go so that we can come to a compromise done for her to do anything unexpected”
Fii eventually agreed that Adobea should go and see Nana Ama.
Nana Ama was not done with her phone calls,  she had one more person to call and that was the Resource Person who happens to be Adobea’s Father.
She acted as the cause rep of their class and arranged a meeting with him at his office.
The following morning Nana Ama went to Adobea’s Father office as they had scheduled.
The bases of the meeting was to get very detailed input on the topic he treated earlier that week back on campus.
All this was a camouflage, Nana Ama had different intention of going to the office.
She was warmly welcomed and was given a wonderful treat before she could meet Mr. Wilson who was at a meeting when Nana Ama arrived.
Mr. Wilson came from the meeting and met Nana Ama at the reception and quickly ushered her into his main office.
To be continued.