"My Woman, My Everything" Episode 12 – Adobea saw Fii and Nana Ama in bed together.


Fii: “i can’t hold on for that long, its either now or never, i can’t believe this, are you into sugar daddies too? That man is old enough to be your Father for Christ sake”
Adobea: “And what if he is?
Fii : “Then i will lose the trust i have in you cos i will not know what to believe”
Adobea: “Fii there is more to it than you think, he is my Father”
Fii: “what? Look Adobea, i can’t take this anymore, i need sometime alone, at least until you are ready to tell me the truth”
Fii walked out on her as everything was too much for him to handle.
Nana Ama was still watching from distance as Fii walked out Adobea.
“Awww what a pity their so called relationship is tearing apart now” Nana Ama mocked and said to herself.
“This is the best time to set in”
She secretly followed Fii to where he was going. The pains was too much and unbearable for him. He had found happiness in Adobea, he felt very comfortable around her and loved her to the maximum but with what was happening, he felt love was being unfair to him. He was so much in love with Nana Ama, who also broke up with him for no reason and now Adobea. what he could think of now is Alcohol.
He went straight into a road side pub to clear his mind. After some few drinks of hard liquor, he decided to leave until Nana Ama who was following him all along decided to join his table.
Nana Ama: “Fii, what are you doing here, drinking all these alcohol. This is not you Fii, whats wrong ?
Fii who was a bit tipsy responded with a question.
Fii: “what are you also doing here, is this not what you wanted”
Nana Ama: “Fii you must be out of your mind, now i can see you have really gotten yourself drunk, are you doing this to get over Adobea?
Fii: ” She is all i have Nana, i love her so much”
Nana Ama noticed that Fii was over reacting and was really getting drunk because of the excessive intake of alcohol. She quickly came up with a plan and pretended to be caring and concern.
Nana Ama: “Fii, what ever is going on with you and Adobea, i think you should talk it over. Take your phone and give her a call, let her come over to your place now so you guys can talk”
Fii : ” Are you sure about this”
Nana Ama: “why not, i want to see you Happy Fii”
Fii thought it was a great idea, he quickly reached his pocket and called Adobea.
Adobea who was at home  wondering what she would do to convince Fii was amazed when she saw Fii calling her phone. She quickly answered the call
Adobea: “Fii, Fii, my love”
Fii :” yeah, can you meet me at my place now. Lets talk about this once and for all.”
Adobea: “really, am coming over now.”
She quickly hanged up and got herself dressed up.
Nana Ama requested for another drink before Fii leaves but He declined. She insisted until she finally succeeded in convincing Fii to drink.
After the drink Fii was completely drunk. It was even hard to get on his feet.
Nana Ama :”let me take you to your place, you can’t go in this condition, if not Adobea will meet your absence”
Fii tried to resist the offer but was to no avail. She took him to his apartment immediately. Adobea had not gotten there yet. It was the perfect moment for Nana Ama to execute her plan.
She took Fii’s shirt of and helped him to his bed. She also removed her top leaving her bra which had hipped her breast.
She went on Fii who in no time had fallen asleep and cuddled him. She left the door unlocked waiting patiently for Adobea to come and find them in that state.
In no time she heard footsteps approaching towards the door from outside.
“This must be Adobea.” She told herself.
She was right, it was Adobea. She knocked several times on the door but no answer. She went ahead to open the door, upon which she saw Fii and Nana Ama in bed together.
To be Continued.


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