"My Woman, My Everything" Episode 11 – "Baby i know how you are feeling, i can explain"


“This can’t be real” She said to herself.
It was her Dad.
All along her father thought she was still in UK taking a vacation after her academic achievement.
Having seen her Father, she quickly sat down to avoid been seen. Her luck was that the class was full with students so it was easy for her to hide her face.
Nana Ama brought Mr. Edwards briefcase to him and went back to her seat. She appeared very cheerful as she sat down.
The Course Lecturer introduced the Resource Person and immediately he began with his input.
Adobea kept her head down so that she won’t be seen by her Dad. Fii noticed this and asked
“Is everything alright my love”
Adobea : “yeah am ok, don’t worry”
Nana Ama noticed the strange attitude of Adobea, and wondered what was going on.
Now, before Adobea’s Father began with the input, he connected his laptop to the class projector. He had prepared his inputs on “PowerPoint Slides”.
Unfortunately for Adobea her Dad had used a picture they had taken together as his Desktop wallpaper and that was the first image the whole class saw before he proceeded to the PowerPoint slide.
Mr. Edwards, Nana Ama, Fii, The Course Lecturer including Adobea and the rest of the class saw this image. They were able to recognize her immediately as the picture was so clear.
The whole class began murmuring.
Adobea’s Father noticed that the noise the class made was because of the wallpaper.
“I guess you all excited seeing that picture, don’t worry class, the lady you see here is a special gift from God to me and i cherish her so much. Lets me quickly begin with our topic to for today”
The class didn’t get the message right, everyone thought Adobea and the Resource Person were going out.
Nana Ama was so happy with everything that was going on.
“This is the best day of my entire life” she said to herself.
Fii didn’t react but you could see the disappointment on his face. His heart was broken entirely. Adobea who still kept her head down saw the look on Fii’s face, she gently placed her hand on his thigh beneath the desk and said
“Baby i know how you are feeling,  i can explain”
Fii was so hurt that he took Adobea’s hand off his thigh.
Time went so fast and soon the presentation came to an end. There was no room for questions since the time was due for The Resource person to go.
However he left his email address and his personal contact number for the class to contact him in case of any further inquiries. He was very down to earth so this action was not difficult for him.
Nana Ama quickly wrote the number down not for academic purpose but for her own personal plans against Adobea and Fii.
As soon as Adobea’s Father left, the class was dismissed. All hands pointed to Adobea and Fii. This gave the whole class something to talk about. Fii realizing this, didn’t want to make it obvious that he was hurt, he quickly took Adobea by hand and went out of the class together.
Nana Ama as usual monitored and followed them from a distance. When they were far away from campus Fii asked
“Adobea, are you going to explain what happened in there?
Adobea : “Fii calm down, we can’t talk about this here. Lets get to my place first, please”
Fii: ” i can’t hold on for that long, its either now or never, i can’t believe this, are you into sugar daddies too? That man is old enough to be your Father for Christ sake”
Adobea: “And what if he is?
To be continued.