"My Woman, My Everything" Episode 10 – Nana Ama found the pictures of Adobea and Mr. Edwards.


Nana Ama: “I think we have something in common here”
Adobea: “Really, what is it?
Nana Ama: “its Fii”
Adobea: “I don’t understand you”
Nana Ama: “Don’t be so dumb girl, we are in love with the same guy here and one of us must back out”
Adobea: “interesting”
Nana Ama: “Fii  and i have been dating each other for over 2 years now, i had to leave because i needed some space but now am back and you must be on your way out”
Adobea laughed, as much as this issue was a serious one, she found it funny to be hearing such things from her.
Nana Ama: ” and whats funny about this?
Adobea: “look lady, was this why you called me here. Now listen and listen carefully. I know Fii and not you. I don’t know whatever went on with you two and honestly speaking i don’t want to know. Fii and i have something going on and so far as am concerned, he has already made his choice. He should be the one you should talk to and not me. If you may excuse me, i have something important to do.”
Adobea walked out on her and went straight home. This sparked up the dark side of Nana Ama.
“Wow, did she just showed me that attitude? She must be joking. This is just the beginning. I will get my man back. I certainly will.” Nana Ama told herself and also left the scene.
She was going to coil back, study things and strike again from the weakest point.
Days passed by, Adobea and Fii got along very well with no interruption from Mr. Edward or Nana Ama. Their love grew stronger. They did everything together, come to school together, eat together, study together and spend time together. All the students got to know their dating because their relationship was public one. This enhanced the trust and transparency in the relationship.
Nana Ama made allies on campus, she monitored every movement Adobea and Fii made. She was just waiting for the right time to strike.
Soon it was time for the long awaited lectures that the students had been preparing for. They were made aware that there will be an external resource person to take them through entrepreneurship.
All the students arrived early that morning including Adobea, Fii and Nana Ama. They were all neatly dressed in a cooperate outfit.
Their course lecturer also arrived on time but he had invited other lecturers to be present at this special occasion of which Mr. Edwards was part.
Before the resource person came, Mr. Edward had left his briefcase at his office. Randomly, he called Nana Ama to pick it up him.
Nana Ama got to his office, saw the briefcase and picked it up but she didn’t leave the office instantly. As curious as She is, she decided to go explore the office looking for nothing in particular. She noticed a particular brown envelope which has been isolated from the other office stuff.
She quickly took it and realized that the envelope was unsealed. She opened it and found the pictures of Adobea and Mr. Edwards. These Pictures were copies of the original pictures Fii took.
Nana Ama was shocked when she saw the pictures but she smiled at them. Horrible thoughts was just running through her mind. She realized what she could do with these pictures.
Meanwhile the long awaited resource person had arrived in a latex model of Range Rover. The course lecturer went to meet him at the car park so that he can usher him into the class.
He looked tall and handsome. He wore a suit that made him looked elegant. He was just a rich courteous gentleman.
As they entered the class from the back door, the class stood up to welcome him.
Adobea who was as usual sitting with Fii turned to look at the man. She almost fainted when she saw him.
“This can’t be real” She said to herself.
It was Her Dad.
To be continued.