“My Wife And I …” season 2 episode 15 Final


Daniel had gotten better to an extent that he had been trying to walk slowly. Though, he was still unbalance with his walking steps, but he was also giving it everything it takes through the help of Nora.
Tonia had parked her vehicle outside the gate and knocked. The newly employed gatekeeper hurried on to the gate and got it unlocked. He knew her already, she was always coming around to check on Daniel.
“Nora, dear how are you?” She opened her arms for a hug as she entered.
“I am doing well, sister. Hope everything‟s fine too?”
“Sure.” She nodded.
“How‟s Daniel?” She enquired. Nora pointed.
“That‟s him over there. He‟s getting better.” Tonia walked on to the bar side to check on Daniel who was sitting on his wheel chair there.
“Brother, how are you?” She enquired. He nodded.
“I‟m actually better.” He said slowly, so he could be heard because his speech wasn‟t clear yet.
“Good, dear. Have you now eaten?”
“Help me thank Nora, my sister.. She has been.. been taking ca..re of .. of me..” He finally landed.
“That‟s nothing. If she doesn‟t take care of you, who will? You‟re her husband and she‟s doing her part. That‟s what love actually means.” Daniel smiled.
“Your husband?”
“He is fine. He sent his greetings, he had to go for our landlords‟ meeting.”
** ** **
Two Months Later.
It was in the morning, 8 am when Daniel heard a loud scream from the Kitchen. He was just lying down on the couch in the living room when he was overwhelmed by the noise. He sat up as quick as he could and walked to the Kitchen. He could already walk on his own and his speech had gotten a whole better. All thanks to God and Nora who had been helping him exercise himself and always speaking to him so he could be replying and getting better day by day.
“What is it, Nora.” She was already in labour.
“Daniel..” She cried out, holding on to the cabinet.
“Sorry, Nora.” He crossed her hand over his neck and they began to walk to the
car slowly till he got her into the car.
“Will you be the one to drive?” she wondered.
“Sure, I have gotten well to that extent, even if not, I am expecting my child, nothing can happen.” He assured himself. He walked inside the house briskly to get the bag of the baby. He could notice everything was changing even more, about him. He could walk better already.
“I am back, stop this noise, all is well, Nora.” He said plainly. Nora who was in labour pain, glimpsed at him to really confirm if he was the one who really spoke without skipping. He wasn‟t so perfect before, but he could speak well now!
“Dan, can you drive?” She quickly asked again, her face had turned sour already.
“Sure, Nora.” He hopped into the vehicle and drove off.
** ** **
Gloria was excited. She didn‟t know if she should just put a call across to David or she should go and meet him. She had prayed as much as she could, fast as much as she wanted and had the unchanging feeling that she wasn‟t treading on the wrong path. She knew if David was a wrong man, she would have seen several signs pointing against the two of them, but lines had been falling in pleasant places for the past two months. She was convinced enough to reply him, at least she had taken two months to pray because of all she had heard about choosing life partners. It is a life contract and sin to come out of it.
“Dave?” She said as she was sure he had picked up his call. How are you doing?” She enquired, sipping from the cup of drink before her in the living room.
“I am just good. I have been swimming since morning, but now getting prepared for this evening‟s meeting in Church.” He replied her.
“I am calling just to reply what you asked me.. two months back.” She paused for a while. David‟s heart skipped a beat.
“I‟m giving you.. a yes!” She finally let out. David screamed.
“I am coming over right now, Gloria!” He shouted on. Gloria wiped the tears that had formed in her eyes and grinned.
“Thank you, Lord.
” ** ** **
Daniel had already called his parents and Tonia to come over to the hospital he had dropped Nora. He hardly took his seat since Nora was taken into the labour room. He had been praying and had been walking to and fro. Daniel‟s heartbeat had been racing for a while now. It was already thirty minutes in the labour room, when would he hear what he really wanted to hear? When!
As he turned his head towards the door, he saw his parents and Tonia.
“Welcome.” He walked to them briskly.
“Wow! Daniel, are you really the one? You can now walk normally?” Tonia was shocked. She was still at his place a week before. Though, he could walk, but it wasn‟t as perfect as it had turned out to be.
“I am the one.”
“Where is she?” His father asked, walking to a seat.
“She‟s already inside the..”
“Mr. Daniel.” He heard from behind. Alas! It was the Doctor.
“Doctor..” He hurried on, shivering.
“Sorry, we took too late. Why didn‟t she come for ante natal care?” The Doctor enquired.
“She was busy with me, I was shot by my head and it really caused a lot of havoc.” He explained. The Doctor smiled.
“If she had come for it, we would have known that she would be giving birth to a set of twins. Congratulations.” He stretched forth his hand for a handshake. Daniel screamed. Tonia who had been hearing all of that also screamed aloud, happiness filled everywhere. Even nurses were smiling.
“Twins?” He asked again, gripping the Doctor.
“Can I see my wife and my children now?”
“No. The nurses will tell you when you can do that. They are busy cleaning them up.” He explained.
“The Doc!” He shouted for joy. He could see his parents also laughing happily. He couldn‟t help but demonstrate how happy he was by grinning around the hospital. Soon, he was called to go in and see his wife. He saw Nora and their two baby boys, smiling to him.
“At last, MY WIFE AND I and my two kids!” He exclaimed. Joy overflowed.
** ** **
David had rushed over to Gloria‟s place within a twinkle of an eye. He was smiling broadly as he approached Gloria inside the house.
“Good morning.. sorry, good evening.” He held on to her hand.
“Welcome. Good morning, Dave.”
“I got your call, but it seemed I didn‟t hear you well, that‟s why I have come. Gloria, do you really mean this?” Gloria smiled faintly.
“Just go and dress up.. we‟ve got to go out and catch some fun.” He said, very excited.
“Where do we go now?” Just then, her phone beeped. As she reached for it, it was Tonia who called to break to her- the good news.
“What! Which hospital?” She quickly enquired. David was already scared as he heard the name of the hospital.
“I am coming over now!”
“What‟s happening, Gloria?” He quickly asked.
“I finally found the best place for us to go.”
“Where?” David asked.
“Hospital.” She rushed in to change her clothing.
** ** **
Dave and Gloria walked into the hospital slowly as they requested to see Nora who just delivered. The nurse described the way to the ward for them and they walked on. They entered and saw the reality itself.
“Wow!” Gloria exclaimed.
“I am really wowed!”
“Gloria.” Nora called out, grinning.
“Congratulations!” She moved closer and gave her a hug. Daniel was happy to see her around again. She also did come to check on him when he was still on the sick
“Thanks, Gloria.”
“Congratulations, Daniel.” She stretched forth her hand for a handshake.
“At least, there is brotherly and sisterly hug..” He chuckled as he drew her closer and just hugged her.
“Thanks so much for your help towards my family. My God will bless you!” He said.
“You‟re welcome, Daniel.”
“Gloria! Mr. David, welcome.” Tonia greeted.
“Ooh.. Mr Dave, thanks for coming around. Sorry I hugged Gloria, that was just a brotherly hug.” They all laughed.
“Wow.. Now my wife and I!” Daniel went beside Nora again, just looking into her eyes.
“My wife and I too.” David stepped forward as he gripped Gloria‟s hand.
“Here‟s my own wife too, don‟t spite us.” Daniel‟s father laughed as he grabbed his own wife too.
“Where‟s my own husband now?” Tonia said as they all burst into laughter.
“You can rent my boys till your husband is back.” Daniel teased her.
“Thanks, how much do we pay?” She teased him.
“Absolutely free.” They all laughed again.
** ** **
Communication is the life of a relationship, Prayer is the key to read God’s heart, Marriage is a life contract, once signed only death can separate because divorce is a sin unto God, unless the spouse should venture into adultery. So, think twice and prepare!
Whenever you miss it, you can go back to God for the forgiveness of your sins!
Dedicated to Dear Future Wife, God bless you ma’am.
Credit to Temitope Daniel
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