“Pills N Potions” season 2 episode 2


“Helena, say hi to Ismael for me. I pray he doesn’t take after his father’s character.” Ama said and walked out.
All along she was sitting right on their attire on the bed. Appiah called Helena out and quickly, they got dressed up.
“How can you be so dumb, why didn’t you lock the door” Helena said looking upset.
“You don’t have to blame me, didn’t you like what happened in the shower” Appiah said.
“And did I hear her call you her man? Appiah who is that girl? One of your concubines? Helena asked looking really pissed.
Appiah tried to play smart by trying to kiss her in her anger. “Cut that crap boy. Am not falling for that, I should be with my husband now” She said and walked out on him.
“Hold on, don’t go, what about the rest of the money” Appiah asked.
“Such effrontery, you so annoying you know that. As far as am concerned you used that money to shut somebody up. Have a nice day ok“. Helena said and finally left him at the hotel room.
Danny decided to go back to his marital home and hope that things will be better. He knew that the best way to deal with his problem is by not running away from it but by facing it.
Somehow he took his inspiration from Dede. It’s his marriage, he has to face it and fix it. That is his cross; he had no option than to carry it to the end of the road.
He got home and found his son already asleep in his room. He gave him a goodnight kiss on his forehead. Surprisingly, upon reaching his bedroom, he realized that his wife was nowhere to be found. It appeared that he had been away for some couple of hours leaving her son at home all by himself risking his safety.
He picked up his phone and begun calling his wife. Before the phone call could go through, he heard footsteps coming down from the hallway.
“That must be her” he thought.
Danny came out of the bedroom to meet her up across the hallway. Helena was surprised to see Danny back from wherever he was for the past two days.
“Where have you been, Helena” Danny asked.
Without even answering him, Helena just came onto Danny with a hot and intense kiss.
“Hey, what has come over you dear? Danny asked. As much as he liked what just happened, he had no idea why Helena will do such a thing. He doesn’t even remember the last time they both kissed not to talk of having sex.
“Shut up husband, will be in the bedroom” Helena said and went into the bedroom to wait for him.
Danny felt that finally God is beginning to answer his prayers. His wife has never acted like this in a very long time. He just knew that for now he has his wife back and he was so happy about it.
He quickly rushed into the bedroom and saw his wife, already dressed in a transparent yet silk “nighty” which exposed her firm breast. Rush of blood went through Danny’s veins.
He joined his wife in bed. He came on top of her, and begun kissing her lips passionately. His hands run across her breast and nipples. Helena suddenly took over; she turned him around and came on top of him instead.
While She was on top, Danny thrust her from below while Helena did her own thing by rocking him like a cow girl. Soon they got to a point of ecstasy. They were both climaxing together and that was a good thing however out of nowhere Danny moan the name of Dede while reaching at his peak.
“What” Helena asked “Who the hell is Dede, Danny?
To Be Continued Tonight.