“My Wife And I …” season 1 episode 8


I marched on to the room immediately after the call, crying profusely. I never thought this would happen to me, I never knew Daniel has been so desperate not to talk to me that she even gave a whore the mobile phone to speak to me. Why’s he going after a whore when I am inside the house already? Why is he after another woman when I am married to him already! Or was that the lady we saw that day? No! Daniel has gotten his way to find this lady, right? He’s spitting me with her, right? Oh no! I rolled on the mattress, crying out uncontrollably. I was already out of the universe with my thoughts.
At first, it looked like a pipe dream, but it’s now developing into the reality! Don’t tell me Daniel has been looking for that woman again. So I’m the useless one, right? If this is not true, why hasn’t he called back? Why hasn’t he called to explain the situation of things to me? I definitely know he wouldn’t like me anymore, not when he met the lady already. I was only trying to summon courage to at least speak to him when I don’t know his mind. I was down, thinking that he might have been trying to talk to me too and maybe he’s been facing the same challenge I’m into, but now I really know Daniel has been avoiding me and all the dishes I have prepared because of a woman.
** ** **
Gloria was getting frustrated of Alex. Why would someone doubt God in that manner? He didn’t believe in his existence, not even to an inch! She had been thinking of what she could use to convince him but not even an idea was forthcoming. She hissed and just picked up her bag.
“If Alex is an atheist, I better break up with him now. I can’t marry a person who doesn’t believe in God.” She said and walked out of the house, going to meet Alex. She had been praying to God to show himself to the great Alex as he as said. She knew it was only if God proofs his existence that an unbeliever would believe him completely. She had been trying to hold herself back because he would just say  she has done that just because of Daniel. She even wished she could see Daniel again. She wished everything that happened didn’t happen to them. How sweet would it have been? She darted out.
** ** **
Daniel was now without focus. He failed to pick up Martins calls already, thinking within himself that what would they be discussing when his crush just destroyed him? He was already miserable as he kept driving without knowing his destination. He didn’t know what would happen if he went home and felt driving around would waste much of the time so that he would sneak into the house by night. But, would that solve all his problems? He had wondered as his car screeched to halt at the front of King’s Bar. If his life would really be miserable, he felt he should balance the equation by drinking. He was already a frustrated man and didn’t know how he’d straighten his bent paths. He walked inside and took his seat, smiling to the bartender.
“Give me two bottles of Romeo.” He said. The bright lady turned around to get the bottles of Romeo and soon, Daniel started drinking.
** ** **
to be continued