“My Wife And I …” season 1 episode 7


Martins and Daniel walked inside the house. Daniel took off his shoes as he held on to Martins for support.
“Baba, hope we no go enter yawa here?” He asked Martins.
“No issue, Dan.” Martins smiled as they knocked at the main door of the house. Some seconds after, a young lady came to get the door.
“Ooh.. Good afternoon.” She smiled at Daniel as she saw him.
“We came together.” Martins quickly said. The lady hissed as she gave Daniel a more welcoming atmosphere.
“Come in.” She smiled. Daniel and Martins came inside and picked their seats.
“We came for something important.” Daniel smiled.
“Really?” The lady grinned as she left her seat and motioned near Daniel.
“Please, may I know your name?” He enquired.
“I’m Stephanie.” She grinned.
“Martins is a very good friend and has…”
“Don’t tell me you are here to talk to me about him. I have told him I don’t like him.” She interrupted. Daniel chuckled.
“I came because of him, Stephanie.”
“I’m really serious. I have another guy, so why is he disturbing himself?”
“Stephanie, that’s a lie.” Martins chimed in.
“Yes. I already have and that’s your friend that’s on seat.”
“Huh?” Daniel’s eyes popped more open. Just then, his phone buzzed and he reached for it. It was Nora’s call.
** ** **
Daniel thought he was just dreaming when he saw the call. Would Nora really call his mobile phone? He wondered as he reached for it slowly and stared at it continuously. This is a lie! He had muttered as he stared at it, wondering if he was really seeing what was right or that as just an illusion. The call ended when he was in absolute shock and couldn’t pick it due to his doubts. He just put the phone on his laps and swooshed out a long breath from his nostrils, narrowing his eyes and wondering what was going on.
Mhen! I should have picked up that call! Why am I being stupid? He hit himself suddenly, forgetting Martins and Stephanie were on seat. He just became conscious of himself again and adjusted.
“I’m sorry, was just having..” and his mobile phone buzzed again. He got it quickly to check if it was Nora and she really was the one again. He smiled and stroke his beard.
“Nora even loves me, why has she been pretending?” He muttered with a grin only to be shocked as Stephanie grabbed the mobile phone from him and picked up the call.
“What!” He hastened to his feet in quest of getting his mobile phone quickly. What on earth would Nora think of then a lady picks up the call again? At least she had mixed with Daniel’s sisters very well and would decode the voice on the mobile phone, if it was really any of his sisters.
“Are you alright? Let me have that!” He screamed.
“No..” Steph rushed inside the room.
“Hello.” She said to Nora. Nora who was expecting herself to hear Daniel’s voice froze as she heard the female voice. She already knew it was none of his sisters, who could the lady be? She tried to get off the feeling, thinking it might be a close friend who wished to speak to his wife. She smiled and cleared her throat as she replied.
“Good evening.”
“I don’t think anything is good about this evening, lady. Why do you keep disturbing him when he’s not ready to pick up your call? Please get off the line.” She said and ended the call.
To Stephanie, she was wondering if someone was disturbing Daniel already. On setting her eyes on him as he got into her house, she had already liked him so much that she felt she wouldn’t control herself because of it. On her seat, she had been uncomfortable, thinking in herself of who would be disturbing her new crush? She probably haven’t looked at him well to see the ring in his fourth finger and probably didn’t check the caller to know the mobile number wasn’t saved with just ‘Nora’ but ‘My Life.’ She cloistered to the living room, smiling and making herself attractive again.
“Daniel, the lady won’t disturb you again.” She said as she handed his phone over to him.
“What? I think you’re mad already! Are you out of your mind? Have you seen this?” He raised his hand to show off his wedding ring.
“Wow! Though I haven’t seen it, but, married men are really the best because they have handled courtship before.”
“Steph! This is my own friend for God’s sake, why are you doing this? I never knew you were this kind of person, if I had known I wouldn’t have brought my friend here at all!” Martins hissed as he whisked to his feet and tapped Daniel.
“Please, Dan. Let us go.” He said.
“Are you angry already? Was it your wife that called?” Stephanie quickly asked.
“No! Who else? Why do you keep asking useless questions? I’m sorry I have been disturbing you, but let me tell you, today will be the last day I’ll visit you!” Martins exclaimed. Stephanie chuckled.
“That’s exactly what I want, Martins. I have told you earlier, your friend is all I need.” She laughed. Daniel just looked at her angrily and walked out of the house as he quickly dried the tear that had filled his eyes already. He didn’t even wait for Martins before he got into his car and started driving away.
** ** **
to be continued