"My Wife And I …" season 1 episode 6


Daniel parked his car at the front of the Church and came down. He adjusted his blazer and pressed his lips together. His eyes caught that of Nora who had been waiting for him out there for some minutes. He had gone to get something to eat. One thing he really hated was playing with his stomach. He preferred eating to any other thing apart from his life. He would always say when there’s no food, there’s no life.
Why did he take his eyes off now? He doesn’t want to see me right? Nora had thought as she motioned inside the church. She just neglected me, she’s leaving angrily. Daniel heaved a sigh before he walked inside the Church too.
** ** **
Daniel was glad everything went well in Church. The thoughts had been a burden to him earlier, brewing if the Church wouldn’t know of the problem he had gotten himself into. He had stepped out of the room and met another served food on the dining set. He just stared at it and didn’t know if it’d be a problem once eaten. He didn’t want what would crush his marriage early, but this problem was a great factor that could ruin his marriage. As he thudded down the sofa in the living room and tuned the television set, his phone buzzed and he reached for it.
“Mart my man, how far now?” He said with a smile.
“Really? King’s Place? On my way.” He grinned as he sprung up to his feet. Nora rushed out of the room. She just remembered that she had to see a movie by 4pm. She halted as she saw Daniel and looked as if she just saw a ghost, surprised and shocked. Daniel didn’t even look at her before he rushed to the room to make a change of clothing and rushed to meet his friend- Martins at King’s Place.
** ** **
Martins stroke his beard. He looked his left and saw Daniel as he walked inside the eatery. He stood up and both exchanged hands, greeting each other.
“Come on, oko iyawo sit down and enjoy your moment.” Martins said. Daniel chuckled.
“Guy, how far now?” He took his seat.
“I’ve been good, Dan. Wow! Congratulations concerning your wedding, boy.”
“Who’s your boy?” Daniel laughed. Martins shrugged with a grin.
“You have forgotten that you’re my boy, right? Anyways, I called you here for something important.” Martins narrowed his eyes.
“Really?” Daniel adjusted his seat as he listened.
“Sure, Dan. I just knew there’s no other person who can help me but you.”
“What’s the issue, Martins?” He enquired.
“I need you to help me talk to a lady, Dan. I don’t know, I just don’t know why she’s been taciturn to me.” Daniel laughed.
“Don’t tell me you’ve called me here to help you talk to a lady, Martins.” Martins smiled.
“This isn’t funny, Dan. Please, will you help me?” Daniel continued laughing.
“Why will a gentle guy like me come here to greet you and ordinary water can’t be offered by you.” Martins laughed.
“Abeg, Daniel. Let’s solve this problem first, please.”
“Who’s this girl and why’s she not answering you?” He questioned.
“Maybe because I’m not handsome, you know you are. If she sees someone good beside me, I’m sure she’ll give in.”
“You simply want me to speak with her on your behalf, right?”
“Sure.” Martins nodded.
“Where she dey na?” He asked, turning his head around like a pencil turned with a compass.
“We have to visit her, Daniel.” Martins said. Daniel swooshed out a long breath as he sprung to his feet.
“May we?” Martins grinned.
“Thanks so much, Daniel.” He stood up and both walked out.
** ** **
to be continued