"My Wife And I …" season 1 episode 5


I don’t know what I have gotten myself into, I really don’t know why everything has turned out to be like this? Why’s Nora this way? Why’s she treating me like this? Oh God! At least, you know all things, I’m too sure that you’ve known all this would happen from the scratch, why did you take Gloria away from me! Why! At least if I had known everything would turn out this way, i would have adopted celibacy. I would! Why did she sleep in another room? There’s no honeymoon, nothing, just nothing! I repeat, nothing! What will I do? Will this marriage continue this way, lord? Will it?
** ** **
Daniel, only God knows what else that I have done to him. I know I ought not to hug Alex, but, he hugged another lady too now. Daniel actually did! Why am I facing the music now? Why? I was afraid of sleeping beside him the night of our wedding, what if he woke up and sent me out of the room? Honestly, I can’t just comprehend this. Why is he not talking to me? He’s been taciturn as if we’ve been in this issue for years. This is his car following mine, I know he didn’t eat that food, he didn’t ask me why I couldn’t sleep beside him. Daniel, why?
** ** **
“Surprise!” Tonia grinned as she sighted Nora. Nora was shocked. She took a close look before he beam turned to a sudden grin and rushed toward Tonia.
“Sister Tonia.” She hugged her tight with smiles all over her face.
“How are you dear?” Tonia grinned as she pulled her cheeks.
“I’m doing good, ma.” She continued grinning.
“I’m sure you’re good. I’m sure my brother would have given you a nice treat enough for you to forget your name.” Her grin turned to a faint smile and she nodded.
“You never told me you’d come here for church service, Sis.”
“Don’t mind us. I even came with Mum and Daniel’s younger brother.” She said.
“Really?” Nora smiled.
“Where’s Mum?” She enquired.
“She’s inside the auditorium, just to surprise you, dear.” She pulled her cheeks again.
“Thanks so much, sister.” Nora said.
“But where’s your husband? Why didn’t you two come together in the same car?”
“Urgh… your brother?” Nora chuckled.
“He said would come in his own car, don’t mind him.” She smiled.
“Hmmn… Alright, he shouldn’t come late because the other couple that wants to have their thanksgiving are already in church and the service starts soon.” Tonia said. Nora nodded and smiled.
“Alright, would call him.” She said.
“Good. Come inside soon.” Tonia tapped her shoulder and walked inside the church. As soon as she walked inside, Nora looked around why is he not yet here? She wondered and sighed.
** ** **
to be continued