In today’s episode,
Veronica still insists that Martin tells her the truth about Demetrio and what Virginia said to them concerning her relationship with Demetrio but all Martin continues to say is for her to forgive him for not trusting in her but rather in third parties and there is no need of talking about the past and should try giving him a second chance. So, Veronica assures him she is going to do that if only he will be willing to change for the best.
Pablo goes to see Raymunda to ask her if she’s been able to convince Crescencio to allow him date Ana Perla but she tells him that her father is sometimes difficult but will try to do so for him.
Martin goes to the mine and upon his return, he brings Veronica a gold they found and she tells him she is going to make a necklace out of it so that anytime Martin sees it around her neck, he wouldn’t think twice to listen to her alone and no one else.
Immediately, Nanciyaga arrives to tell Martin that another lady came to the house and she’s also a bad woman and Martin tries to ask her if Virginia seems so familiar to her and also if Virginia is the lady in the picture Demetrio showed her but Nanciyaga only tells him that she only sees her as an evil woman.
Veronica arrives to ask Martin about what Nanciyaga said to him and Martin tells her she was saying something about Virginia being an evil woman. He therefore asks veronica if indeed Virginia is an evil woman and she answers Martin that of course Nanciyaga is right this time since she is indeed a schemer and a pretender who always proves to be an angel before people but within her lies great evil.
Virginia upon all the drink Emiliano has had, continues to add more to make him look very helpless and says to herself that this time around, he is never going to escape from her. So with the help of Dussage, Virginia is able to take Emiliano to his hotel room and since he feels so drunk, Virginia is able to convince him to make love to her pretending to be Veronica. 
Nanciyaga goes to speak with father Juan that she doesn’t want to work for Veronica again not because she is an evil woman but she just doesn’t like her. Father Juan then advices her that Martin is a married man and therefore should not think of loving him and though it hurts so much but she has to put aside her feelings for Martin and carry on with her life.
Emiliano wakes up from sleep and tells Virginia that it shouldn’t have happened but Virginia sees nothing wrong with it. In that same vein, Claudia seeing that Martin wants to pay more attention to Veronica, decides to also pay more attention to Emiliano so she decides to go see Emiliano in his room unfortunately for her, she bumps into the two of them and Virginia becomes very angry at her for entering without knocking.
Pablo wishes to see Ana Perla but Crescencio and Manuel continue to lock her up in her room anytime they go out. Therefore Pablo goes to plead with Father Juan to help speak to Crescencio for him to allow him to be closer to his granddaughter since he feels so much love for her but if he is still going to lock her up and is not going to allow him see her, the little chance he gets, he will run away with her.
Pablo goes through the back window of Ana Perla‘s room to speak with her as usual but unfortunately and unknowingly to him, she as not locked up in her room rather in her grandfathers room, after several knocks without responds, he decides to jump down from the iron gate but unfortunately for him, Manuel arrives from the bar and questions him on his presence there and after he tells him that he is after his sister, Manuel pulls out his knife to pick a fight with him.