“My Wife And I …” season 1 episode 14


It was thirty minutes after, Daniel was still on the mattress, wondering what could have happened. Who knows if that’s the reason she didn’t reply my message on Whatsapp? He wondered as he dimmed his eyes and breathed heavily consistently. She didn’t deny, she couldn’t come after me, she must have really invited him! He muttered. He rolled to the other side of the mattress and something dropped in his mind. “Who changed this bed cover?” He had been on it for a while but didn’t even notice it had been changed.
“Nora changed it, no one else.” He swooshed out a long breath as he stood up from the mattress to get his shirt off himself. He walked to the wardrobe and noticed some of his dirty clothes had been taken away, probably for laundry. “Nora?”
He wondered. Suddenly, he heard a noise. It was from the gate. He motioned to the curtains and pulled it to a side, he could see Nora with the gatekeeper. He began to listen to their conversations.
“I said you are sacked!” She shouted.
“Please, I don’t know what I have done.”
“You won’t know what you have done, Mr man, you won’t!”
“Please, Madam. Please.”
“Why did you open the gate for that man? Why? You have caused confusion in my house, just leave!” She screamed again, her voice began to break as if she would cry. Daniel could feel the voice. It seemed she was caught unawares.
“Please Madam. He said you work together with him in the same company and you instructed him to come.”
“To come where? To my own husband’s house? He doesn’t work in my company, he just used that as a trick! He saw me today and must have traced me down to my house here, I didn’t ask him to come! You’re sacked!”
“Madam, please. I never knew, I thought he was real.”
“You thought he was real? Then sacking you too is real! Leave this house!” She exclaimed.
Daniel began to link events together. Alex must have followed her, why did he lie? Why couldn’t she oppose him before me? Why didn’t she come after me to tell me what the truth was?
“Madam, I beg of you. Who will be opening the gate for you and Oga?”
“I can be my husband’s gatekeeper, is it your business? Leave!”
Daniel knew the truth already. He picked up his shirt and stormed downstairs. As he got to the living room, he met a key on the floor, exactly where Alex stood when he entered into the house.
“Whose key?” He wondered as he picked it up. This doesn’t matter right now.” He muttered as he put it in his pocket. He got outside and walked slowly.
“Don’t let me lose my temper, just leave!” She had started crying.
“Please Madam, I won’t do it again. I wanted to ask, I thought he was real.” The man too was on his kneels already.
“Will you..” As she raised up her hand to dismiss the gatekeeper, she felt that a hand held her hand and another crossed her neck. Daniel was already behind her, crossing his right hand on her neck as he held her firmly.
“My love.” He said. Nora felt it was just a dream. No! Nothing but a dream! It can’t be Daniel! Dan what? Daniel? It can’t… she just kept muttering. It is impossible! She kept wondering.
“You may go inside your own duty post.” Daniel said to the gatekeeper as he took off his hand and held Nora by her two hands.
“I called you my love, but you haven’t replied me, Sweetheart.” He added. Nora just felt she was in another world already. She didn’t know what was happening anymore. She opened her mouth slightly but didn’t know the actual word to come out of it. She was just dumbfounded.
“Da… Daniel?” She stuttered as she still wondered if she was seeing the right human being. Daniel chuckled.
“So, are you shocked or what exactly should this be called?”
“Daniel?” She repeated, this time pointing her index finger at him.
“Nora, let’s just go inside. I have a lot to discuss with you.” He smiled faintly.
Nora was still in shock. That was the least thing she could ever expect! Daniel? She kept muttering. They took just two steps, on their way inside the living room when the gate was knocked slightly. The two of them halted as they watched the security man rush out of his place to get the gate.
“What! You are not wanted here!” The man exclaimed as he peeped through the gate and saw Alex.
“I want to pick up my key, I forgot the key to my house here.”
“Who cares? You lied the other time, what are you doing here? Please, leave.”
“Let me pick up my keys, man!” Alex bashed the gate with pressure. Daniel crossed his hand over Nora’s neck again, then, he smiled.
“Get the gate opened.” The security man paused as he heard that. He wondered if it wouldn’t be a crime after opening the gate for the unwanted again.
“Sir?” He widened his eyes.
“Sure, open it.” Daniel deliberately crossed his hand over Nora for Alex to know he was already fine with his wife. As he stood, he was even boiling because he had caused pandemonium in his house again.
“Nonsense!” Alex hissed at the gatekeeper and walked in slowly. Raising his head, he saw Daniel and Nora. He halted instantly. He was shocked, but could he say it? How would it sound to hearing to ask why the couple was standing in that manner? Daniel was already indignant as he saw him. He had thought in himself earlier that if he had the chance of seeing him again, he would definitely beat the heaven out of him. He took off his hand from Nora and took steps forward. He was smiling, but deep inside him, he was boiling in anger.
“Any problem?” He enquired.
“I only forgot my keys.” Alex stuttered as he replied. He was definitely shocked to meet both of them that way, he never knew the two wouldn’t quarrel after his departure. Daniel took another step and turned his fist as he blew Alex mouth angrily. Alex fell down instantly, rolling on the floor. Daniel was still not satisfied, he took some paces near him again and knelt, keeping Alex in between his knees, he continued punching him till Nora quickly came and held him, hugging him from behind. Daniel calmed down instantly, breathing heavily.
Thank God he could fulfill his thoughts, he said happily as he dipped his hand into his pocket and threw Alex’s key at him.
“Lock that gate immediately you throw him out!” Daniel told the gatekeeper as he walked inside the house with Nora. His hands were already stained with blood
** ** **
to be continued