“My Wife And I …” season 1 episode 15


Daniel and Nora sat down gently, both staring at each other. Nora grabbed Daniel’s hand and pulled him to the basin to wash his stained hands.
“You shouldn’t have beaten him, Daniel.” Daniel chuckled.
“Don’t you have any adjective you can use to qualify my noun?” Nora squinted her face. She didn’t understand what Daniel was saying. She shrugged.
“What do you mean?”
“Must you call me Daniel? We have several adjectives, waiting to be used. For example, why do we have sweetheart, honey, love, baby, mine, my life and many more.” The two laughed. Nora felt that day was one happiest day of her life so far.
“Okay honey, you shouldn’t have beaten him!” She held him by his shoulder. Daniel smiled.
“Now you are talking.” He smiled turned into a sudden grin.
“If I didn’t beat him, next time he sees you on the way, he will still wait to say hi, but now, he will run, even his shadow will know there’s a problem.” Nora burst into laughter.
“Daniel… oh.. Sweetheart!” They both laughed again.
“Anyways, I have always wondered and pondered on something, baby.” Daniel cleared his throat as he picked up the hand towel and mopped his hand.
“What, dear?” “Why have we kept each other in dark for so long? Why?”
“I don’t know. You’re the one I’m meant to ask because you were the one annoyed with me.” Nora replied.
“I wasn’t! Why would I? At least, we made the same mistake, I wouldn’t be angry with you!”
“But why didn’t you talk to me? And, if I cook, you won’t eat part of it not to talk of all, likewise.” Daniel chortled.
“Honestly, I was always thinking that you were the one annoyed! Why didn’t you talk to me too? I always visited the food but scared of eating, I always thought you were angry and the food wasn’t meant for me.” Nora smiled.
“Okay, that’s the first problem. The second one, Daniel. Who was the lady that picked my call that day?” Daniel laughed. His laughter was prolonged for seconds before he brought himself back to normal.
“I was.. I was just flexing that day.” He laughed again.
“Flexing? You really went to meet her?”
“I’m just joking. Wasn’t it that foolish and I repeat, foolish Martins that called me and told me he had a crush on a lady, he had talked to the lady but she didn’t give in. So, he begged me to follow him, maybe if the lady could see a good person with him, she would change her mind.”
“So?” Daniel shrugged.
“Everything turned upside down. The lady started falling for me. When you called, I was surprised to see your mobile number, so, I was afraid to pick. The second time you called, she snatched the phone and ran away to pick up the call.”
“Hmmn… Really?” She dimmed her eyes. Daniel smiled.
“Okay, that’s all.”
“That’s all? I thought you would ask me one last question, or maybe I’m the one to ask the question.”
“What?” Nora enquired.
“That yesterday night, how did you make your way beside me? Didn’t you know you slept with a guy?” Nora laughed.
“I don’t know I got there too. By the way, is the guy not my husband?” Daniel grinned.
“Okay, I understand.” He chuckled.
“Let me go and prepare dinner, you must be hungry.” Nora said.
“No.. no.” Daniel held her back.
“You can’t be cooking alone, love. Why are we two? By the way, I’ve got something we will eat before that idiot tried to spoil the day.” Nora chuckled.
“What is the thing?”
“Let’s go.” He pulled her hand as they went upstairs.
** ** **
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