“My Wife And I …” season 1 episode 13


Nora drove into the compound. She never for once knew Alex had been after her, she didn’t even know his type of car; she would have at least suspected. As she waved at the gatekeeper, she walked into the house. Just as she entered, Alex came down from his parked vehicle and knocked at the gate slightly.
“I’ve been following her, she said I should follow her. I have to get some documents from the office.” He told the gatekeeper. The security man too never doubted what he said because he looked serious and real.
“Okay.” He let him into the house. Nora is enjoying mehn! He smiled as he walked to the main door and knocked slightly.
“Just come inside.” He heard Nora’s soft voice and pushed the door open.
“Don’t be mad at me..” he quickly said before she would stand up and throw him out.
“What’s the meaning of this rubbish? So you followed me, Alex?” She was infuriated already.
“Just calm down, Nora.” How do you expect me to calm down when we hugged the other day and my husband knows you. If he finds you inside this house, what do you want me to do? You finally want to destroy my home, right?”
“Just for a while, I just want to discuss some personal issues with you, Nora. At least I know you are married now and wouldn’t do anything to destroy your marriage.”
“You are doing it already! You are!” He took some steps closer to her.
“You have to calm down, Nora. Let me speak.” He said.
“Sure, speak on. Say whatever you want to say and leave as quick as you can!” She shouted. Just then, Daniel had driven into the house. Her noise had not been able to let her hear Dan’s honks at the gate and didn’t make her know Dan’s car was just driven in. Alex placed his hand on Nora’s head as he wiped down her long hair, calming her down.
“I wouldn’t want anything to destroy you marriage, you know how much I care about you.” Just then, Daniel entered into the house.
** ** **
Daniel looked straight as he entered and met Alex’s hand on Nora’s head. What’s this? He widened his eyes as he stepped inside. Nora quickly pushed Alex’s hand away from her head and took some steps backward.
“Ooh.. Good evening, Sir.” Alex stretched his hand to exchange handshake with Daniel. Daniel pocketed his hand as he gave him a long look.
“Who invited you here?”
“I just stretched my hand and I expect you to shake me, Sir.” Alex replied with a question.
“You haven’t replied my question, Mr.” Daniel said. Alex shrugged.
“Neither have you answered mine, Sir.” Daniel chuckled as he stretched his hand forward and shook him.
“So, who brought you here?” He questioned. Nora just stood by a side, her heart was beating fast as she wondered what would happen.
“Actually, Nora told me to come along. She told me she would like me to know her house…” He smiled. Daniel gave a faint smile as he nodded.
“Really?” He teased.
“Sure, that’s it.”
“Ooh.. that’s great already. You know here now, can you please leave?” He still smiled.
“Really? I.. I was just about taking my leave when you arrived.” He stuttered.
“You may take it for real, now.” He smiled. Alex walked out slowly. Daniel heaved a sigh. Is this true or what? She didn’t even deny it. It automatically means it is the truth! He had thought as he took some steps and began to walk inside the house.
Nora was just short of words, she didn’t know the actual thing to do because she was scared already. Should I call him? She thought within herself but found out she had no courage to. She dropped down on the tiled floor and began to cry.
** ** **
to be continued


  1. I’m in suspense…..i really want the couple to settle their issues amicably…bigups to the writer

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