My Rich Wife Episode 14


After sometime, maggots started coming out of my wound. The knife Jocelyn used to stab me was not ordinary knife, it was a knife prepared for those warriors in their place. Warriors in their place have their machetes, arrows, guns and other instruments of war soaked in a special traditional water to make it poisonous against their opponents. When all treatments failed, major surgeries were performed on the arm twice, but instead, it grew worse.

Medically I was referred to the US or India for another surgery, but where on earth will I get such amount of money required. Jocelyn’s father could afford N12 million for my medical bill but he will not. I took to faith and fate as I remained in Nigerian hospital where it was managed for eight months. The worst happened when the specialists managing the arm suggested we amputate the entire hand to avoid further damage to other parts of the body. The maggots had eaten deep into my flesh and bone. I began to wonder, having given my life to Christ why will he not show me mercy and let this cup pass over me? The pain was unbearable. Jocelyn moved my things outside my room to a shop attached to the boys quarter when she could no longer endure the fowl odour from my wound.

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My parents persuaded me to come home to seek the help of a traditional medicine man but I can’t go back to my vomit again. I will never go to Egypt to seek for help, I better get the hand amputated rather than going fetish. It was useless carrying out my plan of divorce again. My calamity was beyond what I could bear, hence I began to pray to God to take my life.

In all my predicaments, Pastor Lanre was with me. He stood by me like a true father. If any pastor was Christ-like it was pastor Lanre. He paid most of my hospital bills. Eventually my hand was amputated. I was a liability to the church for one whole year. My church members also rallied round me in my trying times. The next time you see anyone trying to marry a rich woman to evade the stink of poverty please share my story with them.

It is better to be poor than stay in an abusive marriage.

Where there is no love wealth can not cure poverty in marriage.

Don’t go into marriage if you see signs of future abuse. I saw the signs but I ignored them.

Don’t ever force or encourage your children to marry anyone because of their wealth.

Bad marriage is the best way to test run hell fire.

In all that happened to me God was still faithful. Read how my story changed in episode fifteen (the final saga).