My Rich Wife Episode 13

If you are nursing a plan to marry a rich woman for the sake of elevating your poverty, I beg you to drop that ambition today. Those who see me outside with fine dresses may not know the pains and agony those dresses are covering. Many people don’t know why I was always wearing long sleeve shirts. I have a wound around my upper arm, an injury inflicted on me by Jocelyn because I broke a glass cup. I wear long sleeve shirts to hide the wound that have refused to heal. It was infected badly that sometimes it brings out pulse and stinks like spoiled egg. I have been to hospital severally to get rid of the wound all to no avail.
It doesn’t take anything for Jocelyn to hit me, I get slapped almost everyday. Unfortunately for me I can’t retaliate or over defend myself, it will be termed as domestic violence against her. I reported my predicaments to pastor Lanre but he kept encouraging me, bro Patrick it shall be well. My life became miserable more than it was before I went to prison. I really desire to go to heaven and no amount of oppression will make me turn back. Nothing again shall separate me from the love of Christ, not Jocelyn nor the things she did to me, I vowed.
All my attempts to replace my credentials were futile. Getting a police report was a big problem. They wanted me to give them bride before the report could be issued. But I am a new person now, I can’t give bribe anymore. All my years of labour in school were burnt in minutes by a woman I called my wife, just to get back at me. Well, I can’t blame God, I was only swallowing what I chewe d.

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Many things I suffered in the hands of Jocelyn were unthinkable and cruel. Some I have never shared with anyone before. How can I tell people my wife was beating me? How can I tell people my wife denied me sex for 365 days of a year? How well can I explain my emotional pains and my secret groaning? My marriage was resemblance of hell fire. Many times I have thought of suicide but that will hinder me from seeing God on the last day. I can’t endure these sufferings here on earth and still end up in hell.
To further frustrate me, Jocelyn started bringing different men into the house I should have referred to as our matrimonial home. I will serve her and also serve her numerous boyfriends who treated me like a houseboy. They do a lot of things in my presence yet I mustn’t react. She hugged, kissed and romanced them right in my presence. At night i would hear their moans, during sex but I had to keep mute. I will clean up their mess without partaking in it. I wanted to marry a rich woman, a rich woman I got.
When the suffering was too much and was becoming unbearable I told pastor I want a divorce. I was ready to live all my life without marriage. Pastor Lanre tried to discourage me from seeking for a divorce but my life was at stake and my Christianity was not guaranteed with Jocelyn. Divorce was better than what I called marriage. I would have been ordained as a minister in the church but my marriage was the setback.