My Rich Wife Episode 15 Final


I became a one-handed man. My wife treated like a plaque.

Then one day, Jocelyn became sick, and was admitted into the hospital. Her family refused to reveal to us what was wrong with Jocelyn but she was drying up like a HIV patient. I stood by her all through. I prayed for her. For crying out loud she is my wife I was only suffering from emotional trauma.

I didn’t pay evil for evil during her sickness, I was not afraid of contacting her unknown sickness. I only prayed for her to encounter Jesus, I desire a second chance for her. God make the sickness to turn her to you Oh Lord that was my prayer.The sickness grew worse and she was flown abroad for further treatment. Six weeks later, she died.

This was suppose to be sad news, but it was the death that set me free from my bondage. I didn’t wish her dead, but her death brought me out of the prison of marriage and slavery.

My case became like “In the year that king uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple”

The death of Jocelyn opened another chapter of my life. Before she died she had written a will willing all her properties, savings and investments to me because according to her despite her actions toward me, I was with her throughout her ailment . I brush her teeth, feed her, cleaned and washed her clothes in the hospital. When the lawyer came to read the will, I couldn’t control my tears. Jocelyn was worth over N100 million in property, savings and investments, everything was willed to me.

“Those who wait on the Lord will never be put to shame”, I quoted.

Six months after the death of Jocelyn I was joined in holy matrimony with sister Eunice. I was ordained as a pastor in my church and God had been using me tremendously in his vineyard.

My story had changed from slavery to rulership.

I went to bed a very poor and wretched man but woke up a millionaire. It pays to serve Jesus and hold unto him even at the face of painful trials.

God blessed my new marriage with a lovely boy whom we named Bamaiyi-Sa-Allah.

I am happy again. My wife Eunice is a praying woman and a lovely wife.

Please wife submit to your husband no matter the position you may be holding.

Don’t be carried away by affluence, Pray before venturing into marriage.

There is need to turn over a new leaf to those who stave their husband sex, is it food? Yes , give it to him.

Pray for your husband.

A woman that refuses to sumbit to her husband and decide to use him as a domestic servant is only digging her grave, such cannot eat the fruits of their labour.

God will heal every home suffering from emotional trauma.

You as a wife can change the destiny of your husband for the better.


In case you are right in the web of deep waters of life and you want to call it quite, please hold on to God.

Jesus is Lord.

the end

Story by Precious Whyte

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