My Response To “THE APOLOGY” By Aisha Williams



Following this poem is my written response (to the poem) as requested by some friends via social media.

I do NOT know the author or illustrator of this piece. This response is in no way a direct pillory towards either party. This is simply my response to this beautiful piece that was shared with me. Enjoy!

Peace & Love! M.A.B.

My Response

After slavery we worked to re-establish the traditional family in the black community.

Our new struggle was not one of fighting for freedom but a fight for equality.

We fought for the rights to vote, the rights to eat, live, go to school & use public transportation with whites.

During this fight for equality we lost sight of our own communities. It was more important for us to be accepted by others than it was for us to govern our own affairs.

I watched you join alongside white women in the women’s liberation movements of the 1960’s….a fight which was the white woman’s fight against her oppression not yours!

I watched them turn you against me, I’ve watched you come to believe that I somehow (the nigga that was enslaved right alongside you) oppressed you…

I watched you for the last 60+ years try your best to use artificial enhancements (fake hair, fake nails, & fake body parts) to look like any & everyone but YOURSELF, all while demanding men be “Real Men”.

I’ve watched you replace love, marriage & fidelity with government assistance, single motherhood & overt misandry (hatred for men).

I’ve listened to you tell me you don’t need me.

I’ve listened to you tell me I ain’t shit.

I’ve listened to you tell me I’m nothing without you.

And now, you come to me with this bullshit apology?

As much as I would like to accept this I cannot.

You made this mess, now you clean it up.

There are no benefits to marriage, when I cannot compete with what your favorite socialist politicians have to offer you.

Subsidized housing

Child support with no obligation on your behalf to care for the children accordingly.

Rewarding single motherhood which is ABSOLUTELY counterproductive to raising functional children in a traditional household.

Countless women’s empowerment programs (none of which have male equivalents)

No-Fault Divorce Laws

Bias against me in family court

Bias against me in criminal court

Bias against me in the workforce environments

Bias against me in the education environments

These are gynocentric social conventions you’ve helped contribute to DECADES after slavery in America…and you’re apologizing for being a bitch towards me over slavery?

I do not accept your apology. Now woman up & fix this mess you made or continue your “Independence” because after all

“I’m not shit & you don’t need me” remember?




THE APOLOGY – By Aisha Williams (Artwork By Joseph Kendy | Chevelin illustrations)

They beat me and I called you to save me … but you couldn’t.. so I secretly resented you.
They took our babies and sold them, I begged you to save us.. but you couldn’t .. so I secretly blamed you..
They raped me, and I cried out for you to protect me… but you couldn’t…..So I stopped trusting you…
You were supposed to be my man.. my provider.. my protector but when I needed you.. you couldn’t be there… so I hated you…
How could I let you tell me what to do.
When massa could protect me more than you..
How could I submit to you when you are forced to submit to massa?
So to protect myself I submitted to the one who could protect me and our children.
I stopped trusting you..
I stopped loving you..
I stopped honoring you..
I stopped valuing you and in turn I became valueless to you.

I didn’t see the frustration in your eyes when our children were sold..
I didn’t hear your silent cries when I was beaten.
I didn’t see your anger when I was being ravished..
I didn’t understand that you held your emotions to be strong for me..
I thought you didn’t care.. but you wanted to be there…you wanted to protect me.. you wanted to ….
but massa made it so you couldn’t so I would trust him more than you.
I didn’t see the hidden hands shaping our destiny..
all I saw was my pain.. and the feeling that you neglected me..

For all the times I blamed you, I’m sorry
For the resentment and distrust I’ve held against you for centuries.. I’m sorry
For the times I’ve let you down
For all the times I’ve broken your spirit with my words and my actions.
For the times I openly rejected you.. and tried to control you .. because I thought less of you.. I’m sorry..
Massa had a plan.. that he said would work for 400 years.. 400 years is over now.

My eyes are wide open… ..
I see the king in you…
Please forgive my wrongs and see your queen in me.

POETRY By KhaYah (Aisha Williams)

What’s your say?

Mr Pobs


  1. I could not reach you by any other source,, since you blocked
    But left my husband open,,
    You win,,, is not respecting my wishes and continuing in relation with my husband is your goal,, go for what u think…..
    This type of behavior and actions does not bring unity among women.,,, but that doesn’t seem to be your concern.,,
    Peace and blessings to you.. After all we have to pray for our enemies.,,,