The Unknown Season 4 Episode 12


Previously On The Unknown

Credit Temitope Daniel.

“We found a donor already!”

Victoria whisked to her feet as soon as she heard that. “Donor?”

“Please, Sir. May I know the donor?”

“Huh?” The Doctor gazed at her. “Em.. you can’t know him.” He replied almost immediately.

“He? A guy? Please, Sir, I just want to know who he is, that’s all.”


“Harry, do you have the staff with you?”


“Which other staff is in the palace? Which other one? Where is it?” He accused him.

Harry chuckled. “How come you are facing me? How will I steal the staff when I am not the King? What do I want to use it for? Your Highness, I am with no staff.” He stated and sat down as he continued drinking.

“So all you are not with it, right? You all know the implications, don’t you? Guards!” He exclaimed.

“Your Highness,” they echoed as many guards came out of their various points.

“I won’t spare anyone because I have already asked everyone. I swear by the throne of this Kingdom, anyone found with the staff will be banished from this Kingdom. I don’t want to know who he or she is! Get all the belongings in each room outside and start searching.” He commanded.

They all went into various rooms and the work began.

** ** **

“Now that is happening, what do we do? There’s much to talk about, The Unknown.” Stella winked at him.

Nicholas grinned. “Stella, please don’t put me into trouble.”

“No trouble anywhere, boy. At least an officer is here with us.” She laughed.

“So, what’s up? How was the blood donation?” Doris asked as she took her seat beside Nicholas.

“Cast all cares upon him, ‘cause he cares for you. Have you forgotten? Nick, I can help you concerning that Idiot you wish to finish tomorrow. That is if you’ll involve me… you don’t even have a choice.”

Nick laughed again.

“As a matter of fact, I am on two weeks leave presently and I think this is the best way you can use to finish them. If you want to finish a powerful man, you either use money or a lady.” Stella said.

“Hmmn…” Nicholas sighed. “So?”

“I have a plan.” Stella drifted forward. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.



A knock?

The three threw their gazes at the door immediately they heard the knock. Could that be Craig or who? That wouldn’t be any other person! They all thought as they were getting impatient and everywhere became as quiet a graveyard.

“Stella, are you home?” They heard as the person at the door knocked again.

That’s Ramsey. Stella remembered she dropped the key to the house with him because he had told her he would come and pick her at home for them to go out. At least, since he proposed to Stella in the office that day, they haven’t had so much time to themselves to go out and catch fun. The leave was an opportunity for the two to get closer than they had been.

“It’s Ramsey, guys.” She announced as she stood up and walked to the door. She opened the door and smiled as she saw him. “Welcome, Ramsey.” She had said as Ramsey walked inside the house.

“How are you, dear?” He smiled too and looked straight at the living room. “Wow, I never knew you guys were here. I was wondering too, I have been hearing voices that’s why I didn’t come inside directly.” He grinned as he approached Doris and Nicholas.

“Nick, how are you doing?” He enquired.

This time, Nicholas was just getting relieved of the shock. “They are fine.” He responded.

“They? Who are they?” Ramsey stared at him.

“Ooh.. I was off balance. I am fine.” He shook him with a grin.

Doris burst into laughter. She knew the knock had really gotten Nicholas that he thought it was Craig that was at the door. “Don’t mind him, it seems his girlfriend just left him.” Doris tried to change the atmosphere of the living room.

They all laughed.

“Doris, it’s been a while. How are you?” He enquired.

Doris winked at Nicholas and smiled. “I am doing fine. I never knew you’ve been given the keys to the house.” She showed Stella some funny facial attitudes as he addressed Ramsey.

Ramsey chuckled. “She gave me for easy entrance. I just didn’t want to barge in because I could hear more than a voice inside the house. So,  how’s everything? Work and our uncle?”

“Which uncle?” They all burst into laughter again.

“Shall we?” Stella who was standing by the door hollered.

Ramsey raised his head and looked at her with a smile. “Sure dear.” He replied and faced Doris back. “We’ll be right back. You can as well tell our uncle to take you out too, if you’re jealous.”

“I don’t even know the uncle you are talking about. I really don’t.”

Ramsey marched to the door, beside Stella and held on to her. “I’ll be back soon, guys.” She said to Doris and Nicholas as she waved.

As soon as they left, Nicholas rushed out to lock the gate and the door necessary to be locked.

** ** **


The guards were already blinking, sweating profusely as they have checked as many bags as they could but the staff of authority was still yet to be found. King Dennis was seated, still umbrageous where he was staring at the guards searching.

He had sent some guards to get his cabinet members for him because if he didn’t find it before the numbers of the appointed days, trouble would loom into the Kingdom. The Chiefs were just coming into thhe palace as he was staring at the guards doing their work.

“Your highness.” They chorused as they greeted him and had their seats.

“I have sworn by the throne of my forefathers that whosoever the staff of authority is found with, would be banished from this Kingdom, if not killed.” He stated without even replying their greetings.

“Your Highness, you are looking for the staff? How come? Who could have taken it?” One of them stood up, surprised at what he just heard.

“As a matter of fact, I have sent my guards to your various houses to search, once it is found there, know you’re a living dead!”

“We found it, your Royal Highness!” A guard shouted as he brought out the staff from inside the Queen’s bag.

“What? Is that not my wife’s bag?” He sprung to his feet immediately.

“Yes, your highness.”

“No!” He screamed.

Harry who had gone inside the room to avoid suspicion ran out as he heard the shout. “What has happened again!”

“We found it already, in the Queen’s bag.”

“What!” He exclaimed with great pretense. “That can’t be.”

“King, what do we do now? You have already sworn by the throne and you know the implications.” One of the Chiefs spoke.

“No!” He exclaimed again.

** ** **

“Nicholas, it is not up to that, is it?” Doris laughed at Nicholas as he hurried inside after locking up the doors.

“Doris, you won’t understand. It’s really up to that. My thoughts went wild the other time. What if it were to be the person everyone thought, what would we have done?”

Doris laughed. “Anyways, Stella who wants to offer a helping hand has gone out now. The only thing I know is that you have to be very careful. Now that we are connected, you have to be calling me to tell me when there’s problem and when you need me to step in.”

“Doris, I have said it earlier. It is a very dangerous game for you. I think what Stella will help us do tomorrow is for her to go and plant the bugs in the man’s office as I usually do.”

Doris was scared. “Isn’t that risky? What if she’s caught?”

“She just have to be extraordinarily careful. I have done it severally but if I go there tomorrow, that useless Nancy will just destroy the plan, Doris. You know she knows my secrets now and she’s ready to expose me anyhow that she can.”

“So, tell me more about Vivian.”

** ** **

Victoria stood up as she thought of the easiest way to know who donated the blood for Vivian. “Henry? He can’t be.” She had been doubting in her mind for a while now and took Anthony with her as she went to the nurse at the reception, smiling broadly.

“Well done, Nurse.”

“My sister, thanks. How’s the health of your friend now? Is she getting better?” She asked.

“Sure, she’s just left with blood transfusion, if I am right.”

“God will heal her completely.” She prayed.

“Amen. Please, did you notice the person who came to donate the blood?

She looked away for a while before she spoke. “I think it was the guy that your friend came with.”

“My friend? I don’t get you.”

“That guy that has been coming, now. He came with one guy and I think the guy held on to his arm with a cotton wool as they left. If you really wish to know, just go to the laboratory, they’ll tell you the person there.” She told them.

“Really?” She smiled. “Let’s go, Anthony.” She hurried on to the lab.

Soon, she made her way to seeing a nurse in the laboratory.

“If you are talking about the guy that came to donate, his name wasn’t left with us. The Doctor said anonymous should be registered because he didn’t want his name to be let out.”

“Nurse, why are you doing this to me? I just need to clarify some things, that’s all. There’s someone we have been looking for, he might be the one who came in form of anonymous, please help me.”

“Hmmn.. Let me tell you the truth. The Doctor has his name on the form that he filled and the form is inside the laboratory, but it is risky to check, you know now.”

Victoria laughed as she dipped her hand into her wallet and brought some money. “Please, help me with it.” She handed the money over to the nurse.

The nurse grinned and collected the money. “I’ll be right back to tell you who the donor is.” She said and hurried inside the lab.

….story continues…

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