My Personal Life Experience Season 1 Episode 8


Previously On My Personal Life Experience
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I nearly broke down in tears when i saw Nana Yaa in that mood.

“i have been in the house on vacation closed to two weeks now and you have bothered not to call me. .

‘if you don’t want me to leave please stand up and eat the food.’

She reluctantly stood up and sat beside me. I looked straight into her eyes and told her ‘i love her’ she smiled.

She ate the food with a renewed energy.

Her mum gave me a very strong warning telling me not to let what has happened happen again because  Nana Yaa is all they’ve got. Please take good care of your sister or else you will lose a lot of things in the nearby future.

Her parents never knew we were dating. They thought we were best friends. But for them, she was my little sister.

I told her how sorry i was and that it wont happen again. I pleaded with her mum to let her spend the weekend with me and my mum.

Nana Yaa picked a few stuff. Her mum gave us money and she asked the driver to drop us in my home.

How long can i keep on lying to Nana Yaa. Don’t you guys think i was being wicked?



When Nana Yaa joined me on the mattress, she told me she was not convinced at all with all that i told her mum. She asked

‘how come you didnt received any of my letters. You said you were in class anytime i called, what happened to the missed calls.. Why didnt you for a single day call back. Please tell me the truth’

I told her the issue has been solved and im sorry for all those times. I told her to forget the past and focus on the future. I tried to kiss her but she pushed my head away.

I told her she wouldn’t miss me again so she shouldn’t worry. I told her i love her so much. She looked into my eyes as if to search for the truth.

She told me she has forgiven me and kissed me. I kissed her back. She wanted more but i told her not to forget what i told her sometime ago. ‘no sex till you are out of high school’ She shyly smiled and covered herself with the cover cloth.

Sundays were special days for me because  i used to help the Children ministry in my church.  Because it was a Sunday morning, we woke up early and prepared for church service.

The New Apostolic missions at Odorkor is where we fellowship. My mum prepared toasted bread and milo for breakfast. We had breakfast and went to church. I decided to ignore Sunday school and be in the auditorium with Nana Yaa just to make her happy.

Her mum was already in church because  she was a deaconess in the church. We had a powerful service. After the service, we had a chit chat with a few of our church pals and later went to see Nana Yaa’s mum.

Her mum told us she will have a meeting before going home. She asked if we needed money.  We answered in a negative way.

She had a chat with her daughter and then we left the church premises to my house. Nana Yaa helped my mum prepare fufu and groundnut soup. I was shocked at the way the two of them got along.

They can talk about everything. I joined them in the kitchen to help.. not really to help but to join the conversation. They tried to send me away but i was unmovable.

After the preparation, we all ate together as one family. After meals we cleaned up the kitchen and went for a stroll in the hood. All eyes were on us. Poor boy rich lady friendship… I guess that’s what they were saying behind us.

We went back home and relaxed. I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door only to see Nana Yaa’s driver. He told me he was coming to pick us. I was confused because we didnt plan any outing.

Nana Yaa came out to tell me to go and get dressed because its a surprise. We all dressed up and joined the driver in the four wheel drive.

She told the driver we were going to East Legon but he should stop at Accra Mall so we can buy a few items. When we got to the mall. She bought a gift and a few party stuffs. I asked her whether we were going for a party.

She told me it was a surprise.  At east legon, we stopped in front of a very porsche house decorated beautifully.

There was music buzzing in the house. I thought the presidents daughter was having a party. She told me that was her school mothers house and that today is her birthday.

According to Nana Yaa, her school mother asked her to make it a surprise to me. When we entered, there were decorations all over. Beautiful chairs and tables were arranged and everybody there was enjoying.

When her school mother spotted us she screamed in ecstasy and came running towards us. She hugged us and took us to the high table.

She was looking very sexy. I looked around the house and realized she was also from a very wealthy home.

Most of her dorm mates were there and all around me. We were having real fun. In the course of the party i was dancing with one of Nana Yaa’s mate when Dorcas (her school mother) came to grab me by the hand and took me to one of the rooms.

She asked me how i saw the house and I told her its beautiful. She took me from room to room and took me to one room which i guessed was her bedroom.

She locked it and came close to me. She told me she fell in love with me the very first day she saw me in their school. She told me how much she has longed for me. I was dumbfounded and speechless she kissed me.

It was as if i was in a trance as she was kissing me, i felt her hand reaching for my manhood… I was falling slowly…..

Do you trust your best friends…. Do you think i can stop my self from enjoying this sweet moment?